5 Reasons Why Video is a Must for your Business
5 Reasons Why Video is a Must for your Business

Let me ask you this –

What would you prefer; watching a video or reading something that’s plainly written?

I’m sure, the answer is the former. Since its advent with the silent movies to what it is today, video has enticed us all and continues to do so. Video has become an integral part of our lives since its inception.

After the revolutionary rise of video, if there’s one thing that has touched the same level of mass penetration, then that’s the internet. What was once accessible to a select few, is today, available to all.

The ease of access to the internet has given a significant boost to the rise in the number of people in the digital space today. It’s reflected in the huge numbers that we see.

About 4.2 billion users actively the internet on a daily basis today. That’s more than half of the world population today. This infographic by Statista aptly explains the digital population in detail:

Global Digital Population as of October 2018

This boom in numbers has resulted in the internet becoming a lucrative marketing tool. Digital marketing is definitely the word of the day, given its substantial role in generating comprehensive revenue for small- and medium-businesses.

Digital marketing provides you with innumerable channels to promote your business. Over the years, lots of marketers have used the same old hacks which have led to a need for evolution of those strategies which are long overdue.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to try something that’s different and effective in the current times. Video offers you that opportunity, by leveraging various channels such as YouTube, Facebook Watch, and Vimeo to mention a few.

The problem?

Since Video Promotion is an uncharted territory for most, they are hesitant to try it.

One thing you can be clear about is that video is a Boon and not a Bane. Here’s why:

Traffic, Leads & Sales

A 157% increase in organic traffic – surprising right! Such stats in the real world lead to a staggering increase in revenue, akin to a goose that lays the golden eggs.

There was a time when video was considered the future. Looking at the stats below, it’s safe to say, that the future is knocking on the door:

Video Traffic Forecast

Well, then why do people prefer videos over other mediums of digital marketing?

For starters, it’s practical. Take yourself for example, would you prefer reading through the prose when looking for information or would rather watch a video regarding the same?

The answer of course is video, it’s much more interactive, informative and immersive. You’ll process a video much more effectively compared to reading.

A video expertly captures the subject and gives the audience something they can base their trust on. It does so by allowing your brand to have a face or personality, which gives the prospect or existing consumers something to resonate with it.

That trust in turn persuades them into being positive towards your businesses and act on that trust. These statistics that drive the point home:

Video Accelerates Your Deal Cycle

The best part about video is the variety it offers in terms of all the possibilities it offers.

Want to educate your audience about something? Then explainer is the video for you.

Or how about reassuring them of your commitment and credibility? Then corporate and testimonial video is the way to go.

Like that there are other video types such as, animated videos, social videos and more to help you in your pursuit of success.

Here are 5 quick reasons why Video marketing is vital in today’s era:

The benefits of Video Marketing for SEO

The advantages of video to SEO is common knowledge. SEO has achieved better ROI compared to paid form of marketing. But with time, Google has gotten a lot smarter.

Research shows that Google can now understand and interpret graphical media with pin point accuracy. It’s evident from the kinds of results it gets you for your query. Like here:

How To Develop

The search query of “How to develop” brings up video results more prominently than the text based results as seen above. Google knows that when I’m searching for a “How to” video, I’m looking for a quick and practical solution, which, the video will provide me better than text.

If you embed a video on your website, you ensure that the user stays engaged for long helping you increase the ‘dwell time’. We all know Google takes dwell time into consideration in ranking of pages.

This increases your chances of ranking better and becoming relevant to the search engines. So having videos on your website and YouTube channel (If you have one, if not, make one), can do wonders for your digital marketing.

How Video builds Trust

Our emotions play an important part in all aspects of our life. It is an essential factor in the decision to trust someone or something.

In fact, trust is one of the most important factors in conversion and sales. You can’t expect to turn a prospect into a consumer without gaining their trust. Video marketing plays a crucial role in that.

Video appeals to the audience and expertly evokes emotional response. Depending on the type of video, elements such as narration, images, facial expressions, music, and the overall tone of the video help, in this simulation of emotions. This plays an important role in building trust and pays dividends on multiple levels.

There may be some who get influenced by it in the first go and instantly take to you. But there will be majority, who will be influenced by it more subtly. They will subconsciously consider you before making their final decision.

Word-of-mouth plays a major role in not only in traditional marketing but also in digital marketing. It develops a relationship based on trust, enabling you to build a loyal customer base.

According to the article on Think with Google:

‘Forging emotional connections with consumers has long been at the heart of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing.’

Videos helps you do just that.

Video – The ultimate Mobile Friendly Media

Majority of the population on the digital space today comprises of millennials. They love consuming media on their smartphones.

That’s not just an educated guess, but a fact that’s backed by statistics such as this:

The Way We Live

Mobile is the present and the future. Videos will make sure that you can tap into this and boost your growth. Your video needs to be unique and optimized for the mobile platform. The fact that - 9 out of 10 mobile users share a video if they like it, should be enough to convince you of the platform’s potential.

Being able to impress this audience will do wonders for your business.

In a world increasingly moving towards mobile technology, video lets you transition into it effortlessly. Combining the power of video with mobile will yield unprecedented ROI for all your marketing efforts and will boost your business substantially.

The Incredible combination of Video & Social Media

Today’s era, dominated by social media savvy millennials has made it something you can’t overlook anymore. People use social media 24/7 in the bid to constantly stay updated.

The adoption of videos on social media has been staggering too. When was the last time you actually read a text or image update? Seems forever right?

The rise of video is visible by the fact that social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allow live videos now, as compared to just uploading them, when videos were initially implemented on them.

People on social media love videos and are sure to engage with you much more compared to other forms of social media content. These stats prove the same:

Videos Watched on You Tube Everyday

It’s a two birds with one stone scenario. By leveraging the power of social media and video you can create a marketing strategy that is bound to work. And don’t forget the potential to go ‘viral’.

Here’s a fine example of a viral video:

Dollar Shave Club

As you can see, this promotional video by Dollar Shave Club went viral and has been watched over 25 million times on YouTube.

That’s the power of a unique video going viral on a social media platform. Hence, implementing video in your strategy will ensure your success on social media.

Key to attract Lasting Consumer Attention

Consumer Attention - one thing that every business aspires for. Considering the fickle attention of the consumers today, it is a tough task to attract them. The logic is simple, if you don’t have their attention, you will be overlooked.

Video marketing helps you stand out and do something unique to attract and hold that attention. 65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video. That’s a lot more when compared to them reading prose or going through images.

People look up to business-related videos before making any buying decisions:

Internet Users

This phrase from the article on Think with Google aptly nails why you need to be unique rather than perfect:

Move Your Audience

The best way to grab consumer attention today is by creating an appealing video that they can relate to. Be different and you’ll definitely find yourself at the center of their attention.


Video marketing is already giving fantastic results right now and doesn’t show signs of stopping. If you’re still having second thoughts, then take a look at what your consumers expect from you:

For Brands, video content is preferred

The preceding image shows that the masses prefer video over all other channels. Hence, it’s time you finally caught on and gave your marketing a much needed boost.

You also have to optimize the video based on the different channels you plan to implement it. This informative chart from Harvard Business Review should help you out:

Optimize Video Advertising for Your Audience Attention Level

Video marketing is a vital cog in the wheel for a modern digital marketing strategy. If you miss out on it, you’ll be left in the dust.

And that’s not all, all the forecasts for how big video will get in the future point to one thing - that video is ‘Here to Stay’.


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