Acquiring Convertible leads ORGANICALLY through the Power of Social Media
Social Media Marketing

Are you a digital marketer or business owner in the UAE?

Do you also have a social media account for the same, on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn?

If you do, then for what purpose? Was the account created with the intent of acquiring audience and business?

Or you just followed a trend because EVERY business in the UAE is on Social Media today?

Whatever your motives had been for joining the vast world of social media for business, it’s an undeniable fact that social media is one of the best digital marketing mediums out there today.

Social media is not only an excellent marketing tool but also acts as a terrific brand builder.


Simple – The sheer number of People.

It’s made up of people from all walks of life. And that always includes your target audience as well as potential audiences.

Here are some facts regarding the Social Media that will assure you of the power it holds for marketers:

The growth social media users from 2010 to 2021 – courtesy: Statista

The growth social media users from 2010 to 2021

Strategic Planning for social media

Planning is something you won’t get far without, no matter the field you’re dealing in. You always require planning before starting something new.

It’s the same for business. One of the core purposes of running a business is revenue, which of course, comes through sales.

And how do you make sales happen?

By converting the leads that you get.

Thing is, social media is so vast that it can overwhelm you with the choices it offers in terms of marketing your products and services. And that too for FREE (Organically).

It’s an ideal deal for everyone, right from small and medium to the large enterprises.

Compare it to the traditional forms of marketing and it becomes even sweeter.

Social Media Marketing becomes even more alluring when you consider this stat from Post Planner:

Compared To Outbound Marketing

In a world where nothing is assured, having ‘100% higher chance’ of lead closure is something every marketer would jump at.

How do you make sure to get that 100%? How do you plan and strategize in order to grab that lead organically?

Here’s how:

Set Realistic Goals

Obviously, we want it all. But practically, that’s near impossible.

There are always elements and factors that aren’t in our control or we miss to take into consideration.

Setting lofty goals only serves to increase that problem.

So what do we do? What can be done to avoid a problem that seems to haunt every ambitious marketer?

Simple answer – Set Realistic Goals.

Yes, it’s good to have the bigger picture in mind, but to reach that bigger picture, you need to take numerous small steps first.

These numerous steps finally culminate in you achieving your ultimate goal.

You need to break down your tasks and set milestones to measure your achievements on a constant basis in order to realize your realistic goals in the grand scheme of things.

Identify your Industry & User Persona

The saying – “Keep your friends close and enemies closer” stands true in the field of marketing.

You constantly find yourself studying and analysing your competitors and trying to dissect their strategies in order to gain an edge over them.

Knowing your industry is key, especially for the up and coming players as well as anybody that’s trying to break into social media marketing in the UAE.

There’s a constant need to monitor your industry and use that knowledge in shaping your lead generating strategy.

Once you’re well acquainted with your industry and how it works, the next logical step is to identify the persona of your user/target.

Marketing without understanding and segregating your demographics is like trying to fill water in a leaking container, you’re never going to achieve your goal and it’ll be a waste of precious resources.

It’s immensely important that your message reaches the right people at the right time. And for that, having an idea of your audience is of utmost importance.

This detailed article by Sprout Social on figuring out your ideal demographic should help you do exactly that.

It’s certainly no easy task, but it’s no rocket science either. A little effort in your organic social media marketing research will go a long way in making your campaign the success you want it to be.

What makes Products/Services Stand Out?

Stand Out from the Crowd

See the above picture?

What do you see?

To some it may be just one bulb working out of the others. But in this context, it’s a metaphor of what you need to do in today’s business scenario – Stand Out from the Crowd.

It’s true and you know it. If you wanted to buy a Television, and had the choice between buying from the brand that you’ve used before and trust or a brand that’s just started out, which one would you choose?

The answer is a no-brainer. One of the reason for the obvious answer is the fact that other brand didn’t do anything out of the ordinary or ‘Stood Out’ to gain your attention and consideration.

It’s exactly the same in the landscape of social media marketing in the UAE as well.

Unless your business/service is truly unique, it’ll have a hard time standing out and will face tough competition from the already established players in the market.

One of the ways to stand out is to solve problems that the audience has. And I’m not only talking about your targeted audience.

Sure, you’ll know what your target audience needs, but to acquire new leads and convert them, you need to cater to the audience that has needs similar to what your business/services has to offer.

If you can tap in to that audience, then you’re sure to see and receive a boost in your engagement in the form of leads and eventual conversions.

Standing out from your competition is a necessity in today’s ever-changing and competitive social media advertising scenario.

The Perfect Platform

This is more about what suits your needs rather than choice. You can create the best social media strategy to generate leads for your business but it won’t matter.


Because maybe the social media platform you’re using isn’t right for your business.

It sounds strange, but that’s the way it is. While social media platforms claim that they’re good for every business/service, it’s far from the truth.

A lot of your success rides on deciding, which social media platform is the best for your business, rather than going after the biggest one.

You may post 10 times a day on the most popular site, but might see little to underwhelming engagement on it.

At the same time, if you’re publishing on the relevant social media, then even a single post you publish is bound to see more engagement than the 10 you posted on a site that doesn’t suit your niche.

However, it’s tough to figure out which social media channel will be the best for you. Hence, I’m going to talk about the Big 4 – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, in order to clear your doubts regarding them and give you a better idea of which out of the four, is better for your niche.



Facebook needs no introduction. The largest and the most popular social media of them all, Facebook can be seen as an ideal choice for any and every business and service.

And it is true to an extent, but, there’s other side to that story too.

Just take a look at the types of advertisement you see on Facebook:

Ubisoft Sale


Dollar Shave Club


Notice a pattern? All the ads on Facebook are suitable for e-commerce.

All the four talk about a product/service and include subtle call-to-actions for the consumer to act upon.

If your brand is something that can be marketed the e-commerce way, then Facebook is definitely a must for you.



Twitter = Trends. The earlier you can accept that fact, the better your chances of acing Twitter marketing.

News, Politics, Sports, Social Trends are just some examples of the latest trends that you can find on Twitter.

It’s also one of the best platform to build hype for your next launch. People are on Twitter 24/7 given its nature.

Let’s assume you have an upcoming product/service launch or a teaser of your next show or basically anything that’s new or is in trend, then it will definitely see success when marketed on Twitter.

Also make sure that the product/service you’re advertising on Twitter is memorable and sticks with the audience.

You can use Twitter to give out as much information about your business/service as possible given its nature and also use it to engage with the customer efficiently.

But take note - trends on Twitter start and disappear in a flash on Twitter, so make sure to ‘Stand Out’.



What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see someone taking a picture of food, themselves, the landscape or any picture on their mobile phones?

Social Media. And which is the most famous social media platform for pictures?

That’s right – Instagram.

Instagram has seen steady growth since the start and has blew up in the last few years in terms of users and its popularity.

Everyone is obsessed with it. People share any and every picture with their friends, family, peers and the world on Instagram.

The key here is Visuals.

Instagram is all about visuals. ‘Seeing is Believing’ is apt to describe Instagram.

So if your business or service is something that can be summed up perfectly using visuals such as images and videos, then Instagram is an ideal social media marketing tool for you.



The B2B social network, LinkedIn is where you can actually promote yourself. If you do outright promotion on other social media channels, then chances are you’ll be ignored.

But that’s not the case on LinkedIn. While it is good to be subtle with promoting yourself, LinkedIn mostly consists of professionals, from your industry and others.

It’s for building professional connections that’ll help you today and down the line.

Socializing on LinkedIn will make sure that you’re always updated with the latest insights regarding your industry and more importantly your competitors.

This only serves to help you in devising strategies to outsmart competition, get a better grip over the market and generate genuine leads.

Generating Leads – ORGANICALLY through –


Arguably the biggest Social Networking site around the world, Facebook continues to be on the top spot as the no. 1 social media site in terms of active user base.

Don’t believe me? These statistics from Statista should convince you otherwise:

Number of Monthly Active Facebook Users worldwide as of 2nd Quater 2018

More precisely, Facebook has 2.23 Billion Monthly Active Users as of the second quarter of 2018. And there are no signs of it slowing down.

There were talks of Facebook not being popular amongst the younger audience - teens and young adults, but that doesn’t seem to be the case when you look at the metrics.

You know how things work on Facebook – It’s all about Likes, Comments & Shares.

Given the sheer size of the user base, it didn’t take long for digital marketers to realize the potential of Facebook Marketing.

Facebook now offers a plethora of marketing options for businesses.

Facebook Business

As you can see, It gives you various options highlighted on the top left of the screen. The option to – Create an Ad & Create a Page, highlighted on the right.

But that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to discuss organic ways we can use Facebook to advertise and promote your business in the UAE.

So let’s talk about that, as 2.23 billion is a number you simply can’t overlook.

There are a number of organic ways you can generate leads from Facebook.

Some of the most effective among them are:

SECRET Community Building Hack

Well, there’s an easy way to build a budding community around your business and its niche on Facebook.

You must be wondering, if it’s easy, then why is it a ‘Secret’?

And you’re right, it’s not really a secret in the traditional sense. The only reason I call it so is because it’s so common, that people often give it a miss.

But it plays an important role in something as important as community building nonetheless.

The secret hack is – Being Responsive.

That’s right, not such a secret, is it? But most don’t follow it and it hurts their business and services.

Most businesses start their business page with enthusiasm, but lose steam as time goes by, and become unresponsive to their existing audience as well as potential ones.

There are several ways to be responsive and communicate with your audience effectively.

One -

A proven way to acquire new consumers is to target your competitor’s consumers.

Go to their pages and see what their consumers are talking about and the issues they face.

Interact with them and see how you can solve their problems and deliver the solution.

Once done, it’ll not only build goodwill towards your business/service but also make their consumers take note of you and prefer you over the competitor the next time.

Two –


That’s right. interacting with the consumers, yours or competitor’s is one thing, but promoting your self is important as well.

You can do so by sharing what your post on your business/services page to other groups and pages that are relevant to your industry and niche.

This will put you out there, for the users to see and will also grab you the attention of users you hadn’t targeted before.

Create Custom Page Tabs

If you don’t know what Page Tabs are then you’re not alone. Most business/service pages don’t really know about it, unless they start going deep into the menu Facebook provides.

Page Tabs are basically adding tabs to your Facebook page. It’s like adding a page on your website.

Here’s how Facebook describes Page Tabs:

Using Page Tabs

And here are Page Tabs in action:

Red Bull Racing Facebook Page

The Page Tabs of Red Bull Racing are highlighted in the red box on the left.

There are your usual tabs – Home, Shop, About, Photos and Videos. And then there are custom page tabs for their social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter & Google+.

They work pretty flawless, a hover over the ‘Follow’ button for Twitter highlighted in red on the right will give you the option to follow them directly through Facebook.

So, how do you create custom tabs for your page?

This detailed article from HubSpot on ‘How to Create Custom Tabs for Your Facebook Business Page’ will guide you in exactly that.

You can also use Pagemodo to ease you in the process. Pagemodo is an easy-to-use tool that’ll specifically help you in making and integrating custom tabs on your business page.

Facebook Custom Tab

Other’s Appealing Content & Credits

Ever found a post that you seemed fun, interesting or even something relatable to yourself or your business/services.

Wanted to post and share it with your audience? Then you’re not alone.

Sharing is one of the core parts of every social media.

While posting anything on Facebook, it’s a good idea to divide your content into original, that’s created by you and curated (shared from other sources).

An important thing to remember is to give due credit to the source you’re sharing the content from. Like Film District here have done:

Facebook Film District Page

As you can see, they’ve given due credit to ‘Navatics MITO Technology’ after they shared their video.

Credit is a must, first, it helps you avoid any copyright issues. Secondly, it also reaffirms your business ethics.

Nobody likes their hard work to be passed off as someone else’s work. It’s straight-up deceitful.

You do not want that, as it only serves to tarnish your brand/service image.

So go ahead and share content from others that you know your audiences will find appealing and also credit and acknowledge each creator & source for their hard work.

Run Contests

Contest, a word I’m sure you must’ve heard all your life.

Contests have the power to incite excitement. It’s competitive and one always tries to ‘WIN’ it.

Social media contests help you achieve multiple objectives at the same time. It helps you gain new followers/subscribers, boosts organic reach, and keeps existing followers engaged.

So it comes as no surprise that contests are now commonplace on social media, especially Facebook.

A variety of contests can be run on Facebook, namely, captions, voting, Facebook Live contests, Fill in the blank contests, Like/Comment/Share contests etc.

Here are some examples of some successful contests that ran on Facebook:

Dove came up with a Fill-in-the-blank contest called – ‘Real beauty should be shared’. It was an instant hit with their audiences.

Real Beauty Should be Shared

Gryphon Hockey created a ‘Comment to Win’ contest:

Gryphon Hockey

And finally,

TAUCK ran a ‘Caption This’ contest where the funniest and original caption would win a Canon Digital Camera.

Tauck Facebook Page

Facebook Live

Live streaming is all the rage today. It’s everywhere.

Product tease & reveals, Red Carpets, Shows, Sporting events, and possibly other events you can think of.

Heck, even normal users use Live Streaming with considerable joy and ease.

It’s no wonder that live streaming is bigger than ever now.

Interactivity is one of the factors that makes live streaming one of the most loved and used features of Facebook.

Facebook Live gives brands and services a faster way to engage with their audience.

It gives you an opportunity to show your consumers unique and something ‘behind-the-scenes’ that they don’t usually see.

Secondly it creates excitement amongst the users and also helps in driving engagement to your page and eventually to the website.

Finding the PERFECT time

So you’ve posted the best and relevant content on Facebook. You’re waiting for your users to see it and that valuable engagement to come in.

But the response that comes in is – Lukewarm.

It hurts, especially when you put your heart and hard work into making your Facebook business page a success. One of the most decisive factors in making your post a hit or miss is – Time.

In Facebook, posts update lightning fast and people often miss most posts. Couple that with numerous other pages and people your consumer might follow, and the chances of getting noticed become even slimmer.

Hence, it becomes mandatory that you know when your user base is active on Facebook.

So how do you find the perfect time to post and reach your target audience?

Facebook provides the insight options to page owners to check various insights such as engagements, likes on the page and many more.

Within these options, you also get the option to analyse the time your audiences are most active. Here:

Fans Are Online

As you can see, the ‘posts’ option on the left gives you access to the time graph to analyse the best times to publish your posts.

The time graph keeps on updating every week on the basis of time activities of that week.

So Insights truly is your best friend to find the perfect time you can post on your page to reach the majority of your audience and see maximum engagement.



Comments are conversations that keep your community going. Thoughts, ideas, criticisms, you name it, everything can be posted in comments.

While it’s fun to reply and engage your audience in a conversation, there are times when you will miss out on them.

Several reasons such as being in a different time zone from your audience or whether it’s the size of the page that’s making it impossible, you can’t go through and reply to every single one of them.

So, what can you do about it?

There are many automation tools available that allow you to create bots that automatically reply to new comments on your published post.

One such tool is Chatfuel.


Chatfuel helps you create bots for numerous automation purposes. One of them is the comments section of Facebook.

Wondering how it looks in practice? Here:

Who is the Killer?

As highlighted in the red, the automation comments replies to every new comment. So you never miss out on engaging with your audiences.

Post scheduling

Another convenience that Facebook provides business pages is being able to schedule posts that you want to publish.

It’s a very handy tool and can be used when you know what content you want to post and when.

Here’s how to do it:

Step -1

After you’re ready with your post, click on the dropdown on the Publish button and select Schedule.

Facebook Post Scheduling

Step - 2

Next, you’ll see ‘Publishing Schedule’ option. Select a date and time as per your requirement and press Schedule.

Scheduled Post

Step – 3

Once done, you’ll see the Scheduled Post tab below the create post menu at the home page of your business page.

Scheduled Post Done

Step – 4

Clicking on See Post(s) will take you to the Scheduled posts page and show you all the posts that are scheduled to be published.

Scheduled Post List

Messenger Replies

Messenger replies can be automated too. And it’s very simple.

Here’s how:

Step – 1

Click on the settings option on the top right of your business page.

Facebook Top

Step – 2

When on the settings page, click on ‘Messaging’ tab.

Facebook Messaging

Step – 3

Scrolling down in the options you’ll find the Response Assistant tab and this is where you can turn on automated messenger replies.

First you turn it ON.

Second, you set the message. You can always change it using the change tab and set a custom message.

And you’re done.

Response Assistant


Known for the impactful 140 character limit, Twitter is undoubtedly in the cream of the crop in Social Media Marketing.

Its unique approach and design make it one of the simplest to use and way effective compared to other social media platforms.

The number of active users on Twitter is quite vast as well.

Take a look:

Active Users Twitter Worldwide 2nd Quater 2018

According to this infographic from Statista, Twitter has 335 million monthly active users as of the 2nd quarter of 2018.

One thing that Twitter is most associated with is being ‘Trendy’. Trends is one of the core uniqueness of Twitter.

You find the latest information on virtually anything, be it sports, entertainment, news and everything in between.

These trends are made using ‘Hashtag (#)’. Like so:

Dubai Trends Twitter

But if you’re using Hashtags, there must be a limit to it per tweet, right?

Not so, as twitter themselves explain,

Tips For Using Hashtags

According to Twitter, using 2 hashtags per tweet is the norm but you can use more if your tweet requires.

But is knowing Trends and the character limit enough to bring in leads through Twitter Marketing in the UAE?

Of course not, just like every social media platform, you’re made up of your audience, in this case – ‘Followers’.

Your efforts will be futile if you don’t build and grow an audience.

Here are some ways to do it:

Building Community

Twitter Bio:

First impressions are impactful. Our initial impression of anything shapes us our views about it thereon.

Your Twitter ‘Bio’ is your first impression on Twitter. It’s what people first see on your Twitter account and find out what you’re about.

You can spend a minute or you can spend hours to write that perfect bio. Just make sure that the bio you write is ‘Authentic’.

Have a look at the twitter bio of Johnson’s Baby:

Johnson's Baby Twitter

Johnson’s Baby have written a bio that tells their audience of their beliefs and reaffirms them. A bio like that is sure to grab the audience’s attention and earn a follow.

One thing you should definitely not do, is to ‘Promote’ in a bio. It’s a big no and is an instant deal breaker for potential new followers as well as your existing followers.

Target Competitor’s Followers:

I don’t really need to explain this to you. Targeting your competitor’s audience is fundamental to marketing. In the case of Twitter marketing, it’s the followers.

Analyze the competition and their followers thoroughly. Concentrate more on the followers that are most active on their page and keep an eye on them.

Once, they present a question or query that your competitor can’t answer convincingly or at all, that’s when you strike.

Be helpful, the last thing the follower wants is to be annoyed by yet another promotional answer.

Only answer if you know that your answer is more on the ‘helpful’ side rather than mere promotion.

If you can give your competitor’s followers something that your competitor is lacking, it will not only build goodwill but will probably attract those followers to your page as well.

To gain maximum output from this strategy, don’t just go after the known competitors but also research for further competitors you may not know about.

Planning content for Twitter:

Planning content for Twitter Advertising in the UAE and elsewhere is an absolute necessity. After all, what are you going to hook your consumer with once they land on your page?

But it’s different for every social media and the same stays true for Twitter. So what type of content should you prepare for Twitter?

This infographic should help:

How to Write for Twitter

As seen in the infographic, the best kind of content for Twitter is Images, followed by text and then finally links.

So you should definitely focus on the image first and then writing. Secondly, 103 characters is seen as the best character count.

So anywhere near it should have you set as well. But it’s not written in stone. If your content requires utilizing the maximum character count or more, then you should definitely do it.

As seen earlier in this topic, 2 hashtags remain the ideal count for using them and people don’t seem too thrilled about emoji on Twitter, so you’re better off without them.

Using relevant Hash Tags:

Hashtags are what keep Twitter running. You can click on a Hashtag to discover everything about it.

Plus, using hashtags, you can not only find tweets regarding the particular subject from the people you follow and your followers but also other accounts you don’t.

So getting involved in the relevant Hashtag is definitely a must try should try, especially if it’s popular.

Here’s an example of The Watchtower indulging in the same:

The Watchtower Twitter Page

As you can see, they’ve used the relevant hash tags in accordance with their business.

When clicking on the hash tags mentioned in the tweet, you see this:



Both the hash tags bring back Accounts and Tweets related to Digital Marketing & Dubai.

This helps in discovering new audience you can target and others you can follow in order to get better at the Twitter advertising game in Dubai.

Finding and using relevant trends work for your business is ideal. It gives you good exposure and also brings in new followers.

But there are times when you find that a trend is skyrocketing, but you can’t really use it.


Simply because it’s irrelevant to what you’re doing. But what if you could tap into the potential of that trend? What if you could make that trend relevant to your business?

Well, you most certainly can do it.

A prime example of this was when India recently struck down the ‘Section 377’, which criminalized same sex relationships.

Brands instantly took the chance to commend this landmark verdict, even the ones that were completely related to it.


CEAT is a well-known manufacturer of tyres and had nothing to do with this trend. But they managed to utilize a trend that was irrelevant to them at first, tactfully as you can see below:

Ceat Tyres Twitter

The same goes for Del Monte, the famous food and beverages brand.

Del Monte

Follow & retweet – Influencers:

Here’s a little summary by Influencer Marketing Hub that aptly defines Influencer Marketing:

What is Influencer Marketing?

In this context however, we’re not talking about the whole broad subject of influencer marketing, but rather a small part of how you can go about it organically on Twitter.

Following and retweeting from influencers is one of the key and best things about doing influencer marketing.

Retweeting their tweets not only make their followers notice you, but at times also result in the influencer themselves directly noticing and acknowledging you.

Create Contests –

Twitter is easily one of the best social media platforms to run a contest. The reason being how viral Twitter is.

You can instantly find out anything and everything, that’s happening around you and the rest of the world.

Contests on twitter accomplish the same purpose they do on other social media channels - Grows followers, aid visibility, efficiency in promoting the brand and boost in engagement.

Question is, what kind of contests can you run on Twitter?

Well, it’s similar to running contests on any other social media sites.

You can run Photo contests, Hashtag Contests, Sweepstakes etc.

While all these are common, this blog post on Twitter Contests by beeliked is sure to give you awesome ideas for your next Twitter contest.

Automation - Retweeting hashtag:

Hashtags are invaluable to Twitter. You can find everything using Hashtags.


As you can see, the #digitalmarketing hashtag brings up many results.

Going through each one of them individually to find the exact information will take a lot of time.

Automation is your best bet at this point. Automation on Twitter is using a bot.

It’s advisable to create a bot of your own and customize it accordingly to find tweets with the hashtags that you assign.

One such site is: You should definitely check it out.

One thing to remember though is that it only allows 1 FREE hashtag. If you want to create bots for others then you’ll have to buy their premium services.


Video is one of the most consumed media format on the internet today.

YouTube is the undisputed king of video. It’s a fact that nobody can deny. These stats from Hootsuite further reaffirm it:

Preferred Online Providers

A Whooping 48% viewers prefer YouTube over other video platforms. So if your business/service has videos, then you definitely need to be on YouTube.

Also, this:

Alexa Ranks

That’s correct, YouTube is ‘Second’ amongst the “top 500 sites on the web”. Imagine what socializing on such a site can do for you.

But as we all know, YouTube isn’t like other Social Media platforms. It’s a video sharing platform and hence, you require a channel in order to create and upload your own content for your viewers.

But just creating a channel isn’t enough. There are ways you can and should optimize your channel to maximize your reach and increase the views and viewers on your channel.

Let’s find out how:

Channel Creation & Design:

By default, you get to log into YouTube if you have a Google account. All you need to do is login with it.

Once done, you’ll see this –

Youtube Channel Create

As seen above, you get the chance to insert a name to create the channel with. Once done, click on Create Channel to create it.

Next comes –

Youtube Channel Page

Your channel page. This is where you can access various options of the channel.

The one we’re looking for is Customize Channel in order to customize and design the channel as per your business/service.

Clicking on the ‘Customize Channel’ option takes you to:

Youtube Channel Description

This is where it gets interesting. You can customize everything as per your liking and specifications.

Now, we step into the realm of Design.

Design your YouTube Channel homepage in such a way that it persuades the viewers to stay engaged, from top to bottom.

On the top of the page you find ‘the Banner’ or Channel art, whichever you prefer. The banner or cover picture, should speak volumes in terms of what your channel is all about.

Below is a fine example of an effective banner.

Kati Morton Youtube Channel

The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ truly applies in this situation. Hence, putting effort into the minutest detail will only add to beautify your channel.

Any company is as good as its leadership. Having said that, profile photos on YouTube Channel give a face to the company, which helps in building trust.

It makes you stand out and be easier for the people to remember.

Next, YouTube gives you an option of having ‘Channel Trailer’. If you haven’t been on the home page of a YouTube channel lately, then you can be excused for not knowing what it is.

When you click on a YouTube Channel and land on its home page, a video starts playing, it’s a usually a small video, summarizing what the channel or the creator is about.

That’s the Channel Trailer. It auto plays every time a viewer lands on the channel page.

This 1-2 minute long video is the 1st impression to the viewer and the impact it has on the viewer will determine if the viewer becomes a subscriber or not.

A video made and curated professionally can help you create a channel trailer that will definitely entice the viewer to subscribe.

Increasing Watch Time

Content is indeed king on YouTube. Once done with the channel, creating engaging content is the key. After all, what will you optimize and market if you don’t have the content?

Your audience comes to your channel for two reasons, you and the content you create.

So once you’re done creating a compelling channel and intriguing content, watch time comes next.

Watch time is very important for any YouTube creator.

But what exactly is watch time?

Social Media Examiner perfectly sums that up:

What is You Tube Watch Time?

Now that you know what watch time is and how it works, how do you increase it?

YouTube analytics provides you the perfect path to get started. Analytics can be found in the Creator Studio tab. Here’s how it looks:

You Tube Watch Now

As seen above, Analytics gives you multiple options to measure watch time. Here’s how to view it by week:

You Tube Watch Views

Watch time helps you in figuring out the best time to find out when your audience is watching you the most and lets you adjust your upload times.

Posting at the right time will increase your views, which results in increased watch times, which ultimately helps in your video ranking on YouTube and increases the chances of generating leads.

Secondly you can use Playlists, Use Cards and End Slates.

A fun fact about playlists – Once a viewer is done watching your video and they move on to the subsequent video, no matter whose video it is, the watch time will be yours.

So go ahead and curate playlists to increase your watch time and keep your audiences engaged.

YouTube Cards and End Slates are another way you can boost your watch times. First, here’s how they look:

YouTube Cards -

You Tube Video

End Slate –

You Tube Reel SEO

Credit to Social Media Examiner for an entertaining screenshot of YouTube Cards & the insightful graphic for designing the ideal end slate by REELSEO.

What you see in the center of the Card screenshot is a type of YouTube Card that’s more prominently in use.

I’m sure you must’ve seen them on numerous videos. Done correctly, cards have the power to hook and entice your viewers into watching another video.

The End slates on the other hand give the audience a way to watch your best videos and provides the option of including a Call to Action of your choosing, be it subscribing to your channel or external links.

These are some of the ways you can increase and improve the watch time on your YouTube channel to grow it further by grabbing more subscribers and generate leads.

Optimize Titles, Tags and Keywords to rank videos on YouTube

Let’s say you’re looking for Roses, but you want white roses in particular. The shop you go into only has reds. Will you consider them?

Of course not. The same can be seen in the case of Videos on YouTube. People search for specific videos, and a video that has a generic title, won’t compel them to even glance at you.

That’s why, the title that you use for your videos is of utmost importance. The title of the video is the very first thing a person sees.

So getting into the viewers’ shoes and figuring out what they might search for is ideal to decide the title that’ll get you the views.

Secondly, Tags are just as important. The reason behind that is, not only does it help the users understand what the video and its content is about, it also helps YouTube do the same.

It helps YouTube to link your video to the particular tags you provide and associated tags. It’s only helpful in bringing more traffic to your channel, ultimately helping you in the rankings.

One important factor is to do a thorough keyword research for the title, description and tags. Including keywords in all three will help you achieve good rankings for your video faster.

All of the things we’ve discussed above regarding YouTube leads to one thing only – Ranking.

The same ranking helps you Generate Leads organically from YouTube.


LinkedIn – The first question that might pop up into your mind seeing it might be –

That’s a fair point. Though LinkedIn may seem like it’s not as popular as the other social media channels, it’s still one of the most effective channels to get genuine leads organically.

LinkedIn is what we can call a niche social media site. It’s for the professionals.

For the future & already established decision makers and professionals looking to network with others in their field or outside of it.

There’s no other social media that’s anywhere near to what LinkedIn is for professional networking.

These stats should convince you why,

Linkedin Customers

So naturally, it’s a must for any business to have their profile on LinkedIn. Especially when you’re trying to get genuine links.

You must be wondering, how do you do that?

For starters,

Create Company profile & share relevant content:

No matter who you are or what you’ve done, nothing ever starts without an introduction.

You might be the most successful or proficient in what you do, but without anyone knowing about you, nobody will recognize you.

Introduction is the simplest way to solve that issue. And on LinkedIn, that part is played by your Company Profile or Company Page.

Here’s how you do it:

Step – 1

Start by clicking on the ‘Create a Company Page’ option that appears after you click on the work dropdown option in the menu.

Linkedin Create Company Page

Step – 2

It’ll then take you to the setup page, where you can enter the name of your business, agree the terms set by LinkedIn and then finally create the company page.

Linkedin Company Setup Page

Step – 3

Only creating the page isn’t enough. Visuals are equally important. Put considerable efforts and upload a brand image that truly represents your brand. Same goes for cover image.

Linkedin Company Page Logo

Step – 4

But you can’t just leave it at that. Anyone coming to the page wants to know what your company is about.

And that’s exactly what you should write in About Us. No promotion, but purely what your company is about.

Linkedin Company About Us

Step – 5

Fill out the rest of the details such as the Website URL, Company Site, Industry, location etc. to complete your Company Page. The more complete it is, the better it is for your business.

Linkedin Company Details

Once done with the Company Profile, what next?

Content. No matter how good your page is, at the end of the day people will judge you on what you have to offer them.

Content is one of the best ways to give back to the people that have put their trust in you. Especially, relevant content.

Content not just for the sake of it but for giving real value to your audience.

So share relevant content with your audience, be it your own or someone else’s.

The best part is that LinkedIn facilitates publishing and sharing content such as video, images and writing. I suggest you make the most of all.


SlideShare has been around since 2006 and was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012. If you don’t know what SlideShare is then here’s a short intro about them:

Linkedin Slideshare

And here’s how it looks like:

Linkedin Slideshare List

On SlideShare, you can share absolutely everything. From Company profiles to Strategies, Case Studies and much more.

But you have to follow one rule, it has to be in the form of a presentation.

Here’s what I mean:

Linkedin Slideshare Page

As you can see, the informative article about Artificial Intelligence, which is pretty big right now, is formatted as a presentation.

But the good thing about SlideShare is that you can include videos, links etc. for people to click on, which isn’t possible in a normal presentation.

Like here:

Linkedin Artificial Intelligence

As you can see, a YouTube video is embedded in the presentation itself. And it plays there itself, without the need of opening another tab for it.

And here’s a regular slide from the same presentation:

Linkedin Artificial Intelligence As A Threat

So, as you can see, SlideShare provides an interactive option to share your content with the world in the form of presentations.

It’s a handy tool and an excellent way to generate leads on the power of your content.

Join relevant groups & Start your own group

Groups – they’re at the core of every social media. The word Social itself explains why you’re on a particular social media.

Socialising has always been in human nature, especially in the UAE. We connect with people through our thoughts and ideas.

So it is no wonder that every social media out there gives you the options to join or create a group.

And so it is in LinkedIn as well. Here’s how a group looks like on LinkedIn, courtesy of Buffer:

Linkedin Search Engine Land

Groups are important to socialize with people, especially your target audience.

There are two ways you can utilize groups to generate leads:

One – Join a relevant group:

Simple as it may sounds, not so in reality. Before you join any group, you have to make sure that it’s relevant.

If your business or service is about the Digital Marketing industry, then joining a group that’s all about logistics won’t help you at all. Well, maybe except if you want to do digital marketing for them.

The point is, people join groups for further insights, research, to expand their horizons in the field they’re in or just in general curiosity.

And none of the above will be achieved if you join a group that’s irrelevant to what your business/service is about.

Hence search for groups that are relevant to you and join them to gain maximum out of them.

To search for a relevant group, you simply have to type your query in the search bar and go through the results:

Linkedin Digital Marketing

Then you find the group relevant to you and then request to join it:

Linkedin Digital Marketing Page

Two – Create one yourself:

This is harder than joining a group. A lot of thought process has to go into creating a group.

But the key creating any successful group is to know what your audience wants. Commonly known as a topic.

Before making a group make sure you’re crystal clear on what your group is going to be about.

Once you’ve finalised the topic and the motive, only then should you move to the creating part.

Now comes the creation part. First click on the Work tab on the top right. That should bring this option:

Linkedin Products

In the above option you select Groups

Then you move on to the Groups Page:

Linkedin Groups

On the Your Groups page, click on the ‘Create a new group’ tab on the top right.

It will take you to the group creation form:

Linkedin Group Details

In the form, you’ll find options such as uploading a picture for the group, naming it, writing an about and group rules for the same.

Fill everything, hit create and you’re done.

Do make sure that you think thoroughly and write the - About and Group Rules as they’re important to the functioning of the group.

Best time to post on LinkedIn

Finding the perfect time for publishing on social media is something even the pro-marketers have a hard time figuring out.

But LinkedIn is a bit different in this regards. You see, LinkedIn is a B2B social network where professionals network with each other.

And what’s the time majority professionals around the world work?

That’s right - Nine to Five.

This cuts down your perfect timing problem into half as you know a time range when people around the world are working and will use LinkedIn.

But as I said above, it just solves half the problem. The rest half of the problem is the different time zones.

What’s 09:00 in the morning in the United Arab Emirates will be 01:00 in the night in Washington DC, USA.

Hence, you have to find out where most of your followers are from, then schedule the post within the nine-to-five time range according to their time zones.

Another thing you can do apart from just posting in the regular work hours range is to experiment. People normally open LinkedIn right before they start working.

So a time before the regular hours has the potential to provide you engagements and leads as well.

Try these times and you should definitely see improved engagements with your posts on LinkedIn.

Planning Content for LinkedIn

By now you know that LinkedIn is all business. The more ‘on-point’ you are with your posts, the better the response.

So the question arises: How do you plan content for LinkedIn?

This infographic should answer that:

How To Write For Linkedin

As shown in the image above, Links are what work best on LinkedIn, followed by Text and then Images.

The character count of 149 words is considered best, and rightly so, it’s enough to write a catchy summary that makes the reader click on the link for more information.

And in regards to the hashtags and emojis, well, LinkedIn isn’t too high on it, so it’s better to avoid them altogether.


Instagram, owned by Facebook, is arguably one of the best social media channel to generate leads from today.

Starting out just as an image sharing platform, Instagram has gone on to become one of the most used social media platforms out there.

Here’s a proof of that:

Monthly Active Users Instagram

As you can see in the infographic above by Statista, Instagram has 1 billion active monthly user as of June 2018.

But it’s not only image sharing that has propelled Instagram to such heights.

Introductions such as videos, Instagram stories, general ease of use etc. has helped them amass such a huge and dedicated user base.

So what can you do to tap into this gold mine of user base to generate leads and make consumers out of them?

Read on to find out.

Optimize Your Instagram Business account

It’s very important to create an impression right of the bat. But for that, your business account needs to be thoroughly optimized.

An account that’s not optimized may come off as lazy or sub-par and will also affect consumer engagement.

It becomes further important on Instagram, which is a mobile first platform. People can and will leave your profile in a heartbeat.

So it becomes imperative that your profile compels your visitor to stay and follow you as well.

There are several ways you can optimize your Instagram account organically.

To get organic optimization tips that really work, check out the article on the same by Social Media Examiner.

Optimize Your Profile Instagram

How to write the text content for Instagram

Well this isn’t going to surprise anyone. In fact, take a look yourself:

How To Write on Instagram

It comes as no surprise that image posts are the preferred type of posts on Instagram. It started out as an image sharing platform after all.

But the introduction of video changed the game. Still, it lags a bit behind images. But you should try and use both forms as both are popular on Instagram.

The character count sits at 241, which is enough to write a cracking caption that entices your users.

The number best number of Hashtags sits at 11, which is funny cause 5 is considered as good but 10 just okay.

So do take the effort of including one more relevant hashtag if you do want to get in to the Best category.

And number of emoji stands at 3. People definitely seem to be fans of using emojis on Instagram.

Instagram Post Scheduling – The Truth:

We’ve all seen it. And every time, there one question that comes to mind –

Is it possible to schedule posts on Instagram from PC?

The truth is, Yes & No, at the same time. Actually it’s a bit more complicated than mere yes and no.

You see it’s about the tools. There are no free tools out there that will allow you to schedule posts for Instagram from your PC.

Tools like Hootsuite etc. are paid tools. If you use them, it defeats the whole purpose of trying to gain leads organically.

So the answer remains –

YES – there are ways to schedule posts for Instagram.

And also

NO – As no free tool will allow you the luxury of doing so.

And if you’re paying for something, then it’s simply not organic anymore.


Apart from Twitter, if there is one social media that has a STRONG Hashtag (#) game then it’s Instagram.

Instagram Page

When an organization like the FIFA gets in on it, you know it’s something big.

As explained earlier, 11 is considered to be the best number of hashtags one can use in posts, Instagram sets the limit at 30, as seen in the image below:

Instagram Use Hashtags

You can also find out other helpful in regards to best using the hashtags on Instagram in the above image.

One thing to make sure is that the hashtags you use on your posts are relevant to what you’re showing or what your business/service is about.

Here’s an example of how NOT to use hashtags on Instagram:

Instagram Post Hashtags

As you can see, the quote in the picture is more inclined towards personal wellbeing and yet, the account that posted it, used the hashtag #digitalmarketing.

This kind of spamming is not only bad for the reputation of your business but can also be damaging to the account’s credibility, and enough spam reports by the users can get you banned.

So it’s advisable to search for and use relevant hashtags and include them in your posts to see boost in engagement as well as leads.


Contest, I’m sure by now you must be like:


And rightfully so, I’ve talked about contest many times during this blog post.

So tell you what, I’m going to skip the part where I introduce it over again and directly come to the point.

Which is – The kinds of contests you can run on Instagram.

For starters, you can go for one of the popular contest formats on Instagram –

Contests are commonly known as ‘Giveaways’ on Instagram. And here are some that you can run:

ShareThis has written an informative article on the types of contests that can be run on Instagram with amazing examples. Be sure to check them out to know about the kinds of competitions you can run on Instagram.

8 Amazing Examples of Instagram Giveways

Live Streaming:

The Live Streaming scene has been and is still going strong in 2018.

Every major social media has Live Streaming services. Be it Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Instagram, all allow live streaming.

And rightly so, if you don’t keep up with the trends, then you’re bound to miss out on valuable traffic. Instagram Live has enjoyed tremendous success since its launch.

Top influencers, celebrities and common people alike, enjoy and use the feature, almost on a daily basis. Live Video gives businesses a fun and interactive way to engage with the audiences.

People are more interested in watching behind the scenes type of videos rather than normal scripted ones. Live streaming gives you the chance to do that.

But do remember that live video isn’t for promotion. Sure you can use it for promotion, but your consumers will end up resenting you for that. They already see promotion and advertising video on various mediums.

Last thing they want is the live video to do the same.

If your audiences are watching you then it’s either their loyalty, need for a solution or just the want to see you say or do something authentic or content that made them your followers in the first place.

If you can solve an issue your consumers are facing or give something of value to them in the video, then they’ll definitely stick by you.

The key is to be authentic as well as concise at the same time.


Here we are, at the conclusion of this blog. I hope the information I’ve shared with you will come in handy in your pursuit of generating organic leads through social media marketing in the UAE.

You have the knowledge, now it’s up to you to utilize it well and see your lead generation skyrocket.

To ease your job further, I advise you to check out IFTTT.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is an acronym for ‘if this, then that’, a web and mobile based application that lets your apps and devices ‘talk to each other’.

In other words it allows you to automate the services and applications you use on a daily basis. Be it the smart homes or even the way you handle social media marketing.

To know how IFTTT works in-depth check out Pocket-lint. And check out IFTTT to get started today. One final thing before you go:

Though I haven’t mentioned it anywhere in the blog, please TRY Google+.

The number one reason for that is simply that it’s a social media channel of Google and one of the fastest ways to get indexed.

Need more reasons? Check out – ‘10 Dead Simple Tips to Take Advantage of Google+ for SEO’ at MOZ.


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