Content a key to rank top in google search

Content is always the king and is used in various ways to boost a website. Most of the companies which do not have much budget to invest in paid ads make use of their content team at the fullest to get at the top. The websites which show up at the top organically are strong enough to stay at the top for years.

It is always important to make use of your content development team at the best to get unique results in search engine optimization. There are companies that do not have a proper idea about search engine optimization in detail but the content on their website has always helped them to compete in the market and gain trust from all their clients. In digital marketing, the most important thing is to make use of keywords to the fullest.

Below are some of the ideal tips a company can make use of with the help of content marketing if at all they don’t have much budget to invest in paid Activities.

• The most important is to create a google account and pull out the list of keywords that are important for your business from keyword planner. It will give you a set of keywords that are searched by most of the people on the search engine pages. Pull down all the high and medium searched keywords in an excel sheet and divide the keywords in such a manner that each page has four to five keywords hidden inside the content.

• Now start working on the web content. Go page wise and see to it that the group of keywords that you have made in the excel sheet is utilized in an effective way. Each keyword can be used maximum twice or thrice throughout the page. So, see it that you follow the rules and accordingly fit in your keywords inside the content properly.

• Always try to create unique content rather than copying or reframing content from other websites. Quality and creative content are always given priority by Google. So, when Google crawls your website it will help your webpage get maximum visibility.

• Once you are all done with the main pages of your website keep a separate section for media coverage where you can keep posting blogs, articles and press releases on a regular basis. Again, when you create any new blog try to make use of the keywords you want to mainly target for your industry. Share your landing page, blogs, and articles on various third-party platforms and even social media. Sharing on social media business pages and making your followers share your piece of content will surely help in getting a huge amount of coverage. Indirectly the landing page will be your website. This will help you in getting traffic to your website within no time.

• Keep it a habit of consulting a company like The Watchtower or individual who offers SEO service in Dubai who can guide on how effective content can be made used to get your website organically on top.

• One of the best ways to get maximum traffic to your website is to create postings on social media platforms regularly and link it to landing pages of your website.

• Make the titles of your blogs and articles unique and attractive. This will automatically make people click on the topic and read through the content.

These are some various basic ideas that can be used to pull in traffic to your website and gradually reach the top ranking in google. Though it is not an easy task, but once you reach the top ranking in google through unique and effective content no one can compete with you. So, make use of your content development team and stay at the top in google search engine pages within months.



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