Off-Page SEO – An introduction

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Welcome to the second part of our SEO techniques blog.

Before we proceed, I recommend that you read the first blog that gives you an in-depth insight into On-Page Search Engine Optimization in UAE, if you haven’t already:

On-Page SEO Tips & Tacks to jump-start your Google rankings in 2018-2019

Let’s continue then…

So, in the last blog, we talked about the “WHAT” and the “HOW” of On-Page SEO.

This time, we are doing the same, EXCECPT, it’s all about Off-Page SEO.

Now, if you’re new to Off-Page SEO, you must be having several questions such as:

“What is Off-Page SEO?”

“What is Link Building or Backlinking?”

Well, for starters, Off-page SEO or link building is everything that you do outside of your website to generate referral traffic and to climb the ladder in the search engine SERPs.

To give you a basic idea, off-page is more about the perception surrounding your site – it includes both, the user and search engine.

BACKLINKS lie at the heart of Off-Page SEO. Creating Quality and relevant backlinks is the most important part to achieve organic ranking in SERPs.

Search engine algorithms are becoming smarter by the day. What is it that you can do Off-Page that’ll help you make an impact in the ranking of your website by the search engines?

Worry not,

All your questions and queries regarding Off-Page SEO and link building will be answered but before we begin, let’s take a quick look at what BACKLINKS are:

Backlinks are nothing but a link back form one website to another website. It’s an external link pointing to your website. For example, if you find an article or a blog that you find interesting and informative, then you’re bound to share it. By sharing or linking that article on your website, you provide that website a backlink.

This sharing is what can be termed as Backlinking.

It’s better explained by this image from Moz:

Backlinks are also known as inbound or incoming links. Backlinks are in a way an indication for Search Engines that the site is genuinely useful to the users. It’s a vote of trust.

But manipulation of Backlinking using Black Hat SEO practices such as buying backlinks became a problem. So, Google countered this with the introduction of the algorithm called Penguin in April 2014.

Now, the quality of the link matters over the quantity of the link. It means having links that are from websites that have high domain authority, are relevant and related to your site, respected backlinks etc. The bottom line remains –

“Quality trumps Quantity”

Now that we’ve discussed what Backlinking is, we are summing you must be clear about the importance of the link building or off page SEO.

Now, in the next post we will discuss about the different ways you can create backlinks for your website. So, stay tuned with “The Watchtower Blog”.


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