Virtual Digital Assistants – The Future of Digital Marketing
Google Voice Assistant

Does talking to your phone to ‘call a contact’ ring a bell? And how about, telling your smart speaker to ‘play your favorite song’ or asking it – ‘How’s the weather goingto be in the next hour?’If yes, then you’re not alone. Voice search is big now. So big that:

By 2020, 50% of searches will be done using voice. 30% without a screen. All the favoured assistant’s such as, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Echo etc. are digital assistants and already in mass use.The facts back it too as by 2021, at least 1.8 billion people are expected to become regular digital assistant users. And that’s just the beginning.

And that is big, especially for the field of digital marketing where, new and innovative technology is always incorporated in order to optimize the user experience and make their life easier.

The technology is changing and so is the consumer. Find out more about Virtual Digital Assistants and strategize how you can utilize it in digital marketing to be future ready.

Virtual Digital Assistant Usage - Statistics and Trends
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