Internet Marketing Services,, But Why ??

Written by Watchtower, 09/07/2020

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Promoting businesses via Internet Marketing Services has been observed to take a giant leap by achieving an exponential growth. But the question raises is why? This question may be answered by some of the statistics
• Around 4.5 Billion people (approx. 59% of the global population) are the active internet users. (Source: Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet).
• An average human being spends around 6hrs and 30 minutes online every day. (Source: Bond Cap, 2019)
• 91% of the internet users visit online stores.
• 84% carry out online searches for a product or service to purchase.
• SEO has a conversion rate of approx. 14.6% as compared to 1.7% of traditional outbound method i.e. nearly 8.6 times. (Searthitlocal)
The above facts are more than enough to define the importance of the internet in the marketing services. With such kind of gigantic customer base, internet marketing services are witnessing an exponential growth because internet now has become the most favourable place to advertise. The evolution of plethora of the internet marketing agencies providing online marketing services is the proof for this leap. Among all of them, The Watchtower stands strong with its premium quality of services and highly experienced professionals. Apart from the tonnes of positive statistics, the internet marketing services do have lots of advantages over the traditional marketing methods.



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