10 Best Ideas of Creative Website Design

10 Best Ideas of Creative Website Design

Have you ever come across a website or a web design company that catches your attention instantly and you get mesmerized by the way of presentation? Website is the face of your brand in the online world. It defines how people will interact and make a deal with your brand. Everyone wants to reach the maximum extent of customer base to boost their sales and profit. But for that one needs to create a highly eye-catching, intriguing and business-focused website.

If you are thinking to give your website such a look but not sure how and what to do, then do not worry, this blog of our will help you create one of the best websites that will be loved by your targeted audiences.


1. Websites need to be very precise and business-centric

Today, users want to have maximum of information by spending minimum possible time. So, it is important to design the entire website in such a way that it gives the best presentation of your brand and your products and services in least possible words. For such thing, websites can be loaded with infographics, silent videos, animated contents and many such contents.

Example: - If you are a restaurant business then instead of providing the menu normally, you can add some images of mouth-watering delicacies. Also, you can use some vibrant animations to take your users to the menu segment.


2. Make sure to match Fonts with the Website Design

Fonts, one of the least discussed things while setting up the website but is one of the most important factors to make a long-lasting impact of the website on the user. It needs to be in well sync with the website design template. Canva Font Combinations provide a clear demonstration of any font that you are thinking to plant on your website.

For a clear demonstration you can visit the page Glow Graphics, where you will be able to see that how proper selection of fonts betters the overall website look. It also makes the website to be highly user-friendly as users will be able to go to their targeted page easily.


3. Ready to be colourful for your website

Colours are regarded as the most eye-catching parameter for the human eyes. Integrating proper colours that is in sync with your brand and website will bring more and more traffic.

One such example is White Rhino, while scrolling through this website you will come across many images and hovering those will make them turn is a colourful background with some text. This combination of website design, images and proper utilization of images will give this an edge over other websites.


4. Always be updated with the current trends in website designing

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends will help you be the boss of the website design. As per a blog titled Top Web Design Trends for 2021 by Christopher Lara, this coming year will be the year of the dark mode of website with mixed media content and 3D elements on the forefront of the website designing. Along with that this coming year, the website designing will be more focussed on page loading speed and effective use experience.

With keeping a close eye on the changing trends in the website designing, one needs to be very creative, innovative and highly imaginative while creating the website. It is rightly said that Toppers never do anything different, instead they do things differently. So, one need to understand the current trends but important is how to use those wisely to become the winner.


5. Learn from the racers of your race

Always be ready to learn from your competitors and try to take down the best things that can be inferred from them. By taking a close look of the aces of your business, you can get better understanding and key points to look through before designing your website. By taking a close look at the blog shared by Christine Austine titled “21 Award-Winning Website Designs & What They Did Right”, one can take a closer look on some of the highly anticipated websites and also get benefitted from her observations regarding the best things done by those websites.


6. Make it highly User-Friendly

It is highly recommended to use best suited content that complements your website along with eye-catching and self-explanatory infographics. Also try to add some animations as well which will make user understand about the processes your follow and services that you offer. Apart from that try to speak more in less words. Instead of reading longer paragraphs, today, users want to get the information by spending shortest possible time.


7. Make efficient use of CTAs

CTAs need to be incorporated in the website at the correct places so that the users can get it wherever these are needed. These will be important to tell your users very clearly and fast about the services that your brand offers.

While scrolling through the website of Freshbooks, one can easily get to know that the brand is providing invoicing and accounting solutions for the small businesses. The perfect use of taking up user’s email id for providing more information, or giving users the opportunity to use its service for free and also providing the Covid-19 related guidelines can be witnessed by this. It shows one of the perfect usages of the CTAs on the homepage.


8. Parallax Scrolling is gaining the momentum

Parallax scrolling is a method in which the website changes as the users scroll through the website. Such method makes the visitor to have a truly memorable experience while scrolling your website. One of the best example is Niika, which makes the perfect utilization of this effect and also make some innovative changes as well which makes it fall in the category of the bests.


9. Mouseover Texts are replacing the conventional use of images

Using the mouseover texts instead of the normal images make an appealing effect on the scrolling behaviour of the visitors. It will just an image but when you will bring your mouse on it then it will show texts that will tell more about the things that are associated with the images. One of the best examples of the website using this effect is TrainRobber. Its eye-catching effect on the homepage is quite intriguing and make the user fall for this effect.


10. Proper Calibration and Utilization of methods

By incorporating better methods and techniques for designing your website, you need to make sure that these techniques are in sync with each other because with the proper calibration the best result can be achieved. Knowledge of tools, processes and latest trend will help your website be the ace of rookies of this race.

So, creative website designing entirely depends on the type of the business you want to promote, the products & services that your brand offers along with the resources that you have for the website design. It is true that innovation, imagination and integration will give you the best website so be focussed on what and how you want to promote. A clear picture of your objective will help you achieve the excellent result in the end.

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