10 Sexy Back Tattoo Designs For Women To Turn Up The Heat

10 Sexy Back Tattoo Designs For Women To Turn Up The Heat

There are few things as appealing on a woman as a smoking hot tattoo across the back. It is a sure-shot way to turn up the temperature and draw all the eyes to you as and when you walk into a room!

Anyways, getting a tattoo is always a crucial decision since it will be a permanent fixture on your body. You could spend days or weeks trying to pick a suitable or ferocious design that would be suitable for you. Hence, to help you out with it, we made a list for you of 10 back tattoo designs for women to turn up the heat.

Full back quote

The spine is one of the hardest and most painful places to get inked on. But hey, no pains, no gains, right?! It will stir up some trouble, but the look and vibe this beautiful tattoo will create will be worth it. So pick up that quote which you love and go for this tattoo!

Foreign language




Tattoos are a great idea to spark curiosity in people. And even in that, tattoos done in a foreign language top the list. They are sure to pique people’s interest and consequently are great conversation starters.

Watercolour art




If art or abstracts are something you love and feel drawn to, then this gorgeous abstract tattoo resembling a watercolour painting would be our pick for you. This one should also be on your list of choices if you like tattoos with colour.

Ribbon knot




This is a unique one that can be interpreted in two ways- this could either be your idea of a gift to someone or signify that you are God’s gift to this world! Whichever explanation you choose, this knot tattoo resembling the bow on a present is a killer one.

Queen of hearts


Time to have some confidence in yourself, ladies. This queen of hearts tattoo at the top of your back neck would be an ultimate declaration to the world that the Queen has arrived! Also, the intricate detailing in this design makes it sophisticated and beautiful. It is definitely a must-add design to every woman’s small tattoos cute list.

Dream catcher


Do we even need to say anything about this one?! Dream catchers are the legends in the world of beautiful yet meaningful objects. This design, made of multiple dream catchers and adorned with feathers, is perfect for a back tattoo women.

Angel wings




How about this angel wings tattoo? A tattoo that says both cute as well as fiery at the same time. If you believe in your inner goodness and your faith, this will be most suited to you.





An artistically drawn hummingbird tattoo to signify that you are swift and difficult to catch? Hell yeah! This one could also mean that nicer things come in smaller packages or that the value of something does not depend on its size. You can get this design inked as hand tattoos as well as thigh tattoos for women.




This compass tattoo would be our recommendation to you if you like symmetrical and straightforward designs. It can also be seen as a symbol of natural balance, direction and the urge to travel.

Sun and Moon 


We kept a dramatic and genuinely creative one for the last. This sun and moon tattoo is a different take on the yin and yang theme; it is a mixed rendition of sun and moon drawn in such a way that both look distinct yet together at the same time, like the juncture of day and night.

We do hope you enjoyed going through our list of suggestions and will totally love it if any of these help you solve your tattoo dilemmas.

Happy inking!

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