10 Words That Make Your Website Visitors Roll Their Eyes And Why You Should Remove Them From Your Lexicon Today!

10 Words That Make Your Website Visitors Roll Their Eyes And Why You Should Remove Them From Your Lexicon Today!
You can comfortably picture that kind of copy, right? The kind that makes you roll your eyes, hurts your teeth, and generally has you scoffing in disbelief or considering sending both a dictionary and a thesaurus to the writer of the piece in question.

Far too often, content and copy writers use words that either don’t mean what they think, or that lose all meaning through overuse and the context they are put into. Read on to discover the 10 words you should delete from your website today…


Now, unless you are working in a very specific field or have pretty unusual expectations or experiences of the world, your website, product or services aren’t actually likely to be revolutionary. There may indeed be a time where your new life-saving drug is revolutionary, for example, but your toaster or trainers are unlikely to be so.


Unique quite literally means one-of-a-kind, so you have to ask yourself how unique your product really is. You may be the best SEO company in Sydney but you aren’t the only SEO company there, and therefore the word unique is hardly appropriate. This is one that really needs to be expelled from websites all over. An ironically over-used term with an individual meaning.




Again, you have to really consider what game it is you are involved in, and whether or not it has truly been changed. Did you really alter something, create something new or rather make a mild improvement on an existing ‘game’?


You should consider whether you are actually going to transform someone’s life with your product or services, or whether you will actually just add a little value or solve an annoying issue.


This one gets a lot of heat, as what business isn’t focused on their customers? Saying that you are customer-focused can almost seem like you are overcompensating for the fact that you aren’t that focused on customers. Instead why not prove that you are through your product and reviews?


This can be tricky as sometimes it is worth pointing out that you are an expert in a certain field, but generally if you have to tell people that, you haven’t proved it enough elsewhere. Demonstrate that you have expert content without having to use the word.


Everything that you say and do should have value for your customer, and saying that you have a value-added product is often a waste of space. Instead explain all of the benefits that they get as per the norm with your company since you are working for them.




Some products and sites may indeed be cutting-edge, but far too many use this to explain technology that has actually been around and used for years. Some businesses may be on the cutting-edge of their field, but the term has no real place in a lot of copy unless you are talking about a bagel slicer.


Pretty much everything has a precedent, and if you say that something has never been known or done before, you had better mean it. Words have meaning, and if you throw around words that you don’t actually mean, or are hyperbolic, your customers may feel that any brilliance or value you claim to have is exaggerated too.


Finally, one of the best words that should be banned from your lexicon is unbelievable. If it is so unbelievable, why are you trying to get people to buy into it? You should be boasting about how much your customers will believe their eyes as well as your customer reviews when they click on your product.

There are so many pitfalls and pratfalls that you can make when selecting the right content for your website. So if you are looking for game-changing and revolutionary unique content that is unprecedented and unbelievable – you probably won’t find it. If, on the other hand, you are looking for authentic, engaging and trustworthy content, you can find it with the right SEO company today.
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