4 facts about obtaining a bachelor's degree in the United Arab Emirates

4 facts about obtaining a bachelor's degree in the United Arab Emirates
Every year, thousands of international students from the Middle East and North Africa study in the UAE.

The UAE has established a reputation as a world-class travel destination. However, it also stands out as an appealing destination for international students, attracting a steady stream of international students to its universities spread across seven emirates 

1. Scholarships are available at universities in a variety of forms
The ability to study in the UAE on scholarship is a big draw for students. Yazeed Sharaiha, a Jordanian national, is studying applied foreign languages at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, a branch campus of a French university, and has received a scholarship covering 25% of his tuition fees. Scholarships and housing assistance are only available to undergrads at Sorbonne, with the latter covering between 20% and 80% of the cost.

2. International students can take advantage of the country's favourable job market
The job market appears to be improving. According to the Monster Employment Index, which was released earlier this month, the UAE has had the highest year-on-year increase in employment opportunities when compared to neighbouring countries, with the health care industry being the largest generator of employment opportunities.

Many of the school's students, according to Anna Dechert, director of admissions at New York University Abu Dhabi, are drawn to it because of "opportunities within the UAE for Arab expatriates across a broad range of industries."

Career counsellors at the school assist students in locating internship and job opportunities. It hosts biannual career fairs in September and February, bringing together approximately 50 organizations to recruit for volunteer opportunities, internships, and full-time positions.

3. Students have access to several branch campuses in the United Kingdom and the United States
The UAE has the most branch campuses in the world, with the majority in Dubai, ranging from Rochester Institute of Technology to Middlesex University. Degrees from these institutions are recognized all over the world. Students can choose between universities in the United Kingdom that require students to declare a major early on and universities in the United States that allow students to ease into their major of choice, among other options. One advantage of branch campuses in the United Kingdom and the United States is that they frequently allow students to study at the home campus as part of their program. Intercampus transfers are available at Heriot-Watt, allowing students to spend one semester or more at either the home campus in the United Kingdom or the Malaysian branch campus.

4. Studying in the United Arab Emirates is an international experience
 Many national and international competitions, conferences, and conventions are held in the UAE. This is consistent with the country's goal of transitioning to a knowledge-based economy and encouraging innovation, research, and development which makes the experience worth a while. Moreover, If you visit the UAE, particularly Dubai, you will be surrounded by a diverse range of nationalities, cultures, languages, and religions. And, beyond the classroom, you have plenty of places to find on the weekends – beaches, shopping centres, clubs, and giant skyscrapers

Academic admission to universities in the UAE is held to a high standard. Students must have high grades in all of their courses to be admitted. As a result, if you study there, you'll be surrounded by serious, intelligent students from all over the world. Not only this, The UAE has an endless list of adrenaline-pumping activities that will have your heart racing in no time. Sky diving to dune bashing, camel riding to desert safaris, kayaking to surfing all of this and more await you while living and studying in the UAE.

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