4 Seo Errors to Avoid as a Writer

4 Seo Errors to Avoid as a Writer
At a time like this, there is a constant need to be sure about what one does and how one does it, especially if you intend to enjoy visibility on the internet, either as a business or as an individual with an image representation. 

Leveraging on SEO [search engine optimization] tools for a domain address is a necessity in this competitive age, especially when every business identity, including your competitors', makes use of one. 

In this post, I will share with you what SEO means, why everyone is conscious of it, and possible errors to avoid as a writer when creating SEO content. 

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What is SEO? 

SEO is known as "Search Engine Optimization," a conscious digital procedure that enables web content to enjoy relevance and experience the domain address to increase its ranking by enjoying visibility when any of its tail words or long tail words are entered from the search engine page. 

SEO helps increase the ranking of the web page on SERP [Search Engine Result Pages] 

Why SEO is important in digital marketing 

After the unexpected effect of the pandemic, there was a sudden increase in the use of digital tools as opposed to the traditional style of marketing. 

Businesses that have enjoyed exposure to social media and domain addresses have seen remarkable results and an increase in conversion rates, and they have intensified their efforts with SEO for their websites. 

SEO is more essential now than ever because the world is a global village, and service providers/product can expand their customer base beyond just their demographic. It also helps increase traffic on your website. 

Customers will always seek trust when considering online services, and SEO happens to help build customer trust since they get to see the domain address and the services on SERP when tail words are entered. 

4 SEO errors to avoid as a writer 

Yeah, I understand you desperately want to enjoy that visibility you so much yearn for, and you have been putting much work into the process. 
Well done fam, Kudos! Albeit, in your process of hitting the apogee, here are 4 SEO errors you must avoid as a writer. 

1. Avoid shabby content. 
You should bear in mind that your name is your signature, and in the long run, it will tell your story. It is therefore pertinent to note that you are expected to put in work for every piece of content you drop there. Invest in extensive research, state the right terms, avoid plagiarism, and if you must use anyone’s material, ensure that it is referenced. 

2. Avoid Keyword stuffing. 
In your bid to get heard and enjoy visibility, please avoid keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is the use of tail words or tags supposed to help you rank on the SERP in your content more than necessary. 

While several times people do this without knowing, it is pertinent to note that Google webmasters are smart enough to identify lazy and repeated unnecessary inclusion of tail words in your content. It will be a flop; please avoid it! 

3. Avoid manipulative backlinks. 
Backlinks are a healthy choice for writers, and if done well, they play a significant role in gaining new fans. Wikipedia defines a backlink as a link from some other website to that web resource. A web resource may be a website, web page, or web directory. 

Certain backlinks are created with the intent of just ranking without qualitative data or services. They are pure shams and must not be encouraged as writers or hosts. 

4. Avoid being unheard by your audience. 
I will try my best to make you understand this part. Writers must understand that they have a voice, and just like you have written an article or drawn up some content, people must be able to hear or at least imagine hearing your voice when they read your content. 

While you are not boxed into a type of topic or pattern, after all, creativity is essential to avoid boring your guests. But please ensure that each line of words echoes a voice so that your audience can know it's you and that you have their attention. 

Writers are storytellers and almost guarantee the conversion rate of the audience. If the content is well done, you increase the chance for ranking on SERP, otherwise, you may get flagged if not lost the credibility of your domain address already. 

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