4 T-Shirt Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

4 T-Shirt Design Trends To Watch Out For In 2023
A new year approaching is one of the most exciting times in the fashion and apparel industries, as it brings new style trends and changes to the forefront. One of the most notable garments influenced by new ideas and popular culture is the T-shirt. 

This is because they’re a staple clothing item that acts as a canvas to express personal style, interests, and individuality. Furthermore, they can match with any outfit in a closet, making them comfortable and versatile. Therefore, there are several T-shirt variations and modernizations provided by apparel brands to anticipate in the coming year. 

Here are four t-shirt design trends to watch out for in 2023: 

1. Custom 

The rise of online retailers as small businesses and accessible T-shirt printing will make room for more custom-made T-shirts in 2023. This is where consumers will get to design their own shirts using an online blank template or mockup. Furthermore, they’ll get to choose from a preset list of designs on the website or upload their own and choose the size, position, and font of the print on the shirts. 

Through customization, fashionistas can create T-shirts and personalize them with a small dtf printer that represent their interests and personalities. Just as importantly, having a third party involved, such as a print-on-demand supplier for shops, makes it easier for online merchants to process custom orders and ship them to customers quicker and more efficiently, thereby supporting business growth. In addition, it will allow more new businesses to create affordable branded T-shirts for their marketing in the upcoming year. 

2. Retro Prints 

The ever-popular retro print t-shirts will most likely never go out of style because of their classic and nostalgic designs that suit every type of casual outfit. However, in 2023, the retro prints could get a slight adjustment in their design with the use of brighter colors or more minimalist illustration graphics. 

While you’re still likely to see faded tones and vintage images that pay homage to the 70s and 80s, this time, the logos and graphics could be smaller and positioned on one corner or the lower back instead of taking up the whole front shirt. Additionally, many t-shirts will be oversized for women and feature animation or cartoon-style graphics that’s become popular with streetwear fashion among youths. 

3. Sustainable 

With consumers' increasing awareness of the fashion and apparel industry’s impact on the environment and garment workers' rights, you can expect to see clothing brands expand their product lines to include sustainable t-shirt brands. These are shirts designed to be long-lasting to minimize fast fashion practices. Furthermore, many t-shirts will be created using fair trade deals with improved and transparent supply chain standards. 

This can ensure buyers that the raw materials for their shirts are sourced ethically and sustainably and adhere to corporate social responsibility. Thus, many eco-friendly t-shirts will be designed with fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and recycled polyester. They will consist of casual and smart-casual T-shirts colored with natural dyes. These are plant-based dyes that don’t involve chemicals or excessive water processing and are non-toxic. Natural dyes such as indigo, turmeric, and cochineal will help keep sustainable t-shirts vibrant. 

4. Band T-shirts

Now that the world has opened up to international events and entertainment, you can expect to see modern-day band t-shirts make a comeback. Many of these shirts are designed as part of the touring artist’s merchandise to commemorate their live performances so that fans can fondly reminisce on when they wear them. 

Most of the shirts will feature the musician or band’s face or logo in the same style, font, and colors as one of their albums or the name of the tour on the front and each city stop on the tour and dates on the back. The best thing about t-shirt merchandise is how one-of-a-kind the designs are, as none are the same as those of other bands, and each shirt is made uniquely for a specific music tour. Furthermore, the shirts will likely become more accessible as they’re sold in official, centralized retail stores to accompany their online availability. 


The biggest T-shirt design trends to watch out for in 2023 consist of updated style classics, such as retro shirts, with a more minimalist design and increased effort towards eco-conscious clothing with sustainable T-shirt lines. 

On top of that, you can expect a rise in customization as more online merchants with access grow their businesses by allowing customers and corporations to make their own designs for branding, marketing, and expressing their personal style. 

Finally, with musicians free to go on world tours again, musician-based T-shirts as merchandise are expected to rise in popularity again. These are just a few of the established trends to keep an out for in the coming new year. 
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