4 Ways To Download Instagram Reels On Your Device

4 Ways To Download Instagram Reels On Your Device
One of the most trending digital content forms nowadays is short videos. They are highly in demand among online users on social media, including Instagram. This popular social network app gives users the platform to edit, upload, and share photos and videos. 

In 2012, Facebook (now Meta) acquired Instagram, and since then, it has gained additional features, including short-form Reels videos in 2020. 

What are Instagram Reels? 
Instagram Reels refers to a short-video-making Instagram feature that enables users to record, edit, and share fun and engaging vertical videos. These short videos last up to 60 seconds, and users can edit them using a library of user-generated Reels media and music on Instagram. 

How Can You Download Instagram Reels? 
Instagram doesn’t allow you to view other people’s accounts unless they’re your social media friends. One solution to this problem is to use Instagram viewer. The same is true when downloading the videos of other users.  

When it comes to downloading Instagram Reels on your device, it’s easy to do it if the videos are from your account. However, you’ll need to learn some techniques and use appropriate tools if you want to download other users’ short-form videos on your device. 

Continue reading to learn several ways to download Instagram Reels on your device.  

1. Download From Your Account To Your Smartphone 
If you want to download and use previously uploaded Instagram Reels to your other social media accounts or for other purposes, here’s how you can do it:  
  • Open the app and go to your Instagram account. 
  • Find and navigate to the Instagram Reels tab. 
  • Locate the video you want to save. 
  • Tap on the Reel to open the short video on a full screen. 
  • Pull up the menu by clicking the three dots in the app’s bottom right corner. 
  • Click on ‘Save to Camera Roll’ to save the video to your device automatically. 
 2. Record Your Device Screen  
As mentioned, you’ll need some workaround if you want to download other peoples’ Instagram Reels. One thing you can do is to record your device screen while playing someone else’s Reel.  
  • You can record on your iPhone device screen by doing the following: 
  • Go to your phone ‘Settings’ and find the ‘Control Center.’ 
  • Add ‘Screen Recording’ into ‘Included Controls’ to make the feature easily accessible from the control screen. The control screen pops up whenever you swipe your finger down from the home screen’s top-right corner. 
  • Launch the Instagram app and locate the short video you like to record. 
  • Play the Instagram Reel. 
  • Access the ‘Control Center’ by sliding down your finger from the top of the home screen. 
  • Click on the record button, and your phone will automatically save the video after recording.  
If you have an Android device, you may:

  • Swipe down or slide from the top of the device screen. 
  • Hit the ‘Screen Recording’ button. 
  • Find the Instagram video you want to record. 
  • Access the Reel on your device’s gallery app after recording. Go to ‘Movies’ to find the video recording.  

 3. Install And Use A Third-Party App 
Third-party applications allow you to save Instagram Reels on your iPhone or Android device quickly. Using these apps, you can: 
  • Copy the Instagram Reel or video link you want to download. 
  • Paste the link into the third-party app.  
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button. 
4. Download Instagram Reels On Your Desktop 
Are you planning to present a Reel for a sales proposal or other business purposes? If yes, then you might need to do heavy-duty video editing. You can download Instagram Reels on a desktop to edit the videos using special software. 

Like smartphones, you can record the computer screen to capture and edit the Reel. This is applicable if your computer has a built-in screen recorder. Another alternative is to install and use a third-party app to screen-record or download Instagram Reels to your personal computer. 

Instagram Reels Applications 
Many people have become citizen content creators and influencers because of the growing catalog of tools available for creating short-form videos. Aside from pure videos, users can add texts, subtitles, emojis, and music using creative video-editing tools from Instagram and other social media networks. They can share their Reels with family and friends on Instagram and other social media accounts. 

Furthermore, Instagram Reels allows brands to find and collaborate with citizen creators and influencers for sales and marketing purposes. They can create more effective social media and influencer marketing strategies to boost their online presence and amplify their brand. 

Instagram Reels sparks the creativity of social media users in making shareable vertical videos. Because there are many ways to download Instagram Reels on mobile devices, more users can enjoy recording, editing, and sharing fun and engaging short-form videos. They become citizen content creators who draw inspiration from their experiences and share their unique video content with the world through Instagram.  

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