5 Essential Things to Do Before You Leave Your Rental House

5 Essential Things to Do Before You Leave Your Rental House

It's better to move out of a rental home without any problems. So, what do you need to do before you leave your rental? Leaving your rental home when your things are already packed is insufficient. When you decide to move out, it doesn't end. The houses for rent become your home, maybe for years, and there are many things you have to do to move out. Check out the information below to ensure you don't forget to do anything important before leaving. These essential points are something that I have learned when I was in the process of moving from a smaller flat to a 1 bhk flat on rent in Delhi

How to Get Ready to Move Out of a Rental House?

1. Read the Rental Contract

When you started renting the property, you agreed to a set of rules. Different rental companies have different rules and terms, so keep an eye on this. You might have forgotten some things, like the rules about how to pay. If you know these things, you'll know how to get out of the deal. Write down any important information you saw in the lease dealThis will help you remember it. On the rental agreement, it will say what you need to do before you move out.

2. Give the Owner A Notice That You Are Leaving

The landlord should know when you are going to leave. Most people give a month's notice before they want to move out. It needs a written notice with information about the property, the date of move-out, and a request for the money to be returned. You must give this to your landlord at least five weeks before moving out. If you want to move out before the lease ends, you must plan ahead. You can choose between subletting or subletting to solve the problem. When you sublease a property, you let someone else apartments for rent as if it were yours.

3. Pay the Bills You Owe

Before moving, it's best to care for everything, like energy bills, taxes, service providers, and other services. That is already assumed to be your job. But some unpaid bills can be paid online, so you can still pay even after you leave. After you move out, call the service providers to turn off all the services. Before you leave, take a picture of the energy bills to have proof, especially if you are living in New Delhi.

4. Take A Look at All the Property

Most of the things in a place you house for rent do not belong to you. So, don't take anything that's not yours. Leave the flat the way it was when you moved in. You are responsible for all the costs of fixing things you broke. If things like earthquakes or weather cause damage, it is okay.

5. Don't Mess Up the Place

Before moving out from houses for rent, clean up your lease. Most property managers recommend hiring a professional, even if it's unnecessary. First, empty your residence. Never leave anything, even trash. Leave the place clean or pay extra. You must return the rental properties to their original condition.

Here Is a List of Things to Do to Clean Before You Move Out

  • Clean up the area around 

  • Fix the chairs and other things that are broken.

  • Cleaning up the bathroom

  • Curtains and other upholstery should be washed and dried.

  • Clean up the garage and other parts of the house.

  • Sweep the floor and mop it.

  • Get rid of the trash.


It's stressful to move out of a rental home. When you move out of the rental house, you should take steps to avoid bigger problems. No one would want to start a new life and think about the old one. Take care of the old one first, so you can fully enjoy what's coming. If you want to move out of your rental home, the five things above should make things easier. If you are looking for 1bhk for rent, 2bhk for rent, cheap houses for rent in Delhi, you may check verified listings on NoBroker.in 

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