5-letter Words with Most Consonants

5-letter Words with Most Consonants

We got easily comfortable with vowels; I mean they were easy to recite, and remember and they least stressed us as kids back in the day. But consonants? A long list!

The consonants are composed of a list of 21 alphabets that you need to pause before you recite them while your eyes are rolling up, trying to look them up from your brain. Don’t mind me, but you get my point, they are longer than vowels.

In this post, you will learn the 5 letter words with more consonants than you ever imagined. Before we proceed, I must regard The Watchtower for making this platform possible to share my article.


What are consonants?

According to Wikipedia, a consonant is a speech sound that is produced with the vocal tract closed completely or partially, according to articulatory phonetics. 

Examples include the letters "p" and "b," which are pronounced with the lips, "t" and "d," which are pronounced with the front of the tongue, "k" and "g," which are pronounced with the back of the tongue, "h," which is pronounced in the throat, "f," "v," and "s," which are pronounced by forcing air through a narrow channel, and "m" and "n," which are pronounced with air flowing through the nose (nasals). 


What are the consonants in the alphabet?

Just as there are 5 Vowels in the alphabet, there are 21 consonants in the alphabet, namely: B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V, W, X, Y, and Z. 

While this is not a general parameter, Y sometimes functions as a vowel (as in myth [/mɪθ/] or dry [/draɪ/]), which makes it often referred to as a semivowel.


What makes consonants differ?

Aside from the visible alphabets which you can tell just by separating the vowels from the 26 alphabets, consonants differ in sound, from how they are pronounced to how they are heard.

Another easy way to identify a consonant remains the narrowing constriction observed in the vocal tract at some locations than it usually is. Which consonant you choose to pronounce depends on where in the vocal tract the constriction is and how narrow it is. 

It also depends on a few other things, such as whether the vocal folds vibrate and air flows through the nose.  


What are 5 letter words with the most consonants?

Compared to the vowels, these words may be distant to you, especially if you are not an ardent reader or explorer of insightful sources of information. 

Choosing 5-letter words to appear is almost easy to fetch, until you are told they must include not just consonants, but have most of them in a 5-letter word.

Upon extensive review, we have been able to come up with these words for your knowledge and to edge your game when playing Scrabble, Wordle, and perhaps some form of competition. 

Glyph, Tryst, Myrrh, Sylph, Gwynn, Psych, Crypt, Lynch, Lymph.



Words are usually comprised of vowels and consonants, although some stand only by themselves and still have full meaning, most sentences have a fusion of both. Vowels are vital, likewise consonants, as they complete the length of words that makes up our sentences, paragraphs, and an endless list of sound as well.

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