5 major reasons the printing press is still relevant in 2022

5 major reasons the printing press is still relevant in 2022
The world has always relied on communication as a golden tool to convey information. This process, no matter how formal or informal it is, requires two active players to complete the cycle. For a communication cycle to be complete, a sender and a receiver are required, as is the channel through which the information is conveyed. 

One of the routes of communication to a large audience has been through the vehicle of the printing press. Although, considering the time and age we live in, it is almost impossible to think everyone is in the digital space and, therefore, there is no need to utilize the traditional mode of processing information. 

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In this post, I shall be providing five major reasons why the printing press is still relevant in 2022. 

What is a printing press? 
The printing press is the body of a highly qualified team of skilled individuals with the working tools and materials to help create and recreate textual and graphical or some combination to convey information to a third party. 

The printing press has seen the transition from its first day of invention up until now, when it still has relevance. Below are five reasons why the printing press is still relevant in 2022. 

1. Advert placement 
Yes, I know almost everything, if not all, is digital now. And even though there are different platforms for advertisement placement using digital platforms and video graphics, there is still a market for analog advertisement placements on journals and newspapers, indoor and outdoor banners, and large format banners that are installed to either create awareness or convey information. 

The printing press can help ads placed through print media and the like get to the audience as intended without loss of information. 

2. Gift presentation 
As we know, ceremonies are usually graced with people, food, drinks, all shades of merry, and some type of gift to either the celebrants or the audience. 

Most of the time, the audience/well-wishers do not include branding in their gifts since it is just a pair of couples. However, the celebrants usually share branded gifts with the audience. This act is another area where the printing press has continually gathered strength in service delivery. 

3. Corporate branding. 
At a place where every detail matters, the printing press has been intentional about capturing corporate business with the service of company brochures, receipts, invoices, signage, and more. In some other instances, things like souvenirs like diaries, calendars, etc. are easy to spot.

4. Clothing and textiles 
The fashion business is one sector that cannot be held back from the printing press since they work in hand. There are graphics that are carefully designed by web designers and are asked to be printed on the fabric. Depending on the type of design and fabric, the job will run on the fabric just as it has been seen in the graphical form. 

5. Labels/Manuals. 
Have you picked up medicine in recent times at a pharmacy and opened the pack to read the dosage, side effects, and who not to use? Or you have gotten yourself a brand-new television or the latest PS5 by Sony, and while you have to unpack, you observe a manual that guides you on how to operate your device. The printing press has been a key ingredient to complement the use of these devices and medications.
Labels have also shown similar weight in pointing out extra details of what the item of purchase is and what the subject can do. This is not limited to just electronics, medicine, and consumables. 

In conclusion, the digital media might be broad and have penetrated many sectors of our human life, but the printing press still holds a significant position in our present life. 

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