5 Methods to Fix a Damaged Adobe PDF File

5 Methods to Fix a Damaged Adobe PDF File
Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the globally widely recognized and used file formats. A PDF is a file format that preserves the original document's graphics, layout, and fonts written on various apps and systems. However, your PDF file can get corrupted, causing data loss.

Luckily, you can resolve this issue with suitable approaches and instruments.

This article will discuss the reasons for damaged PDF files and how you can fix and recover damaged ones. Read on to learn more about repairing PDFs.

Reasons for Damaged PDF Files
Several factors can cause corrupted PDF files. Let's discuss some of them in detail.

  • Poor internet quality. If your internet connection is unstable when downloading a PDF, there is a likelihood that it may result in an incomplete download or PDF links not working. Therefore, the file structure of the incomplete download is damaged, causing corruption. Due to the damaged structure, you may not access the PDF file.
  • Faulty computer system. A malfunctioning computer system can affect your PDF files if its operating system or any other software is acting up or unresponsive. If your PDF files are also on the corrupted USB device, hard drive, or infected social media, they can be corrupted.
  • Abrupt power interruption. You may encounter a sudden power shutdown when working on your PC or laptop, especially when sharing or transferring files. The shutdown may be due to an internal system malfunction or power outage. Nevertheless, unexpected system shutdowns tend to increase the risk of corrupt PDFs and other files.
  • Virus infection. A virus or malicious attack on your USB drive or hard drive can corrupt or damage your PDF files and other documents.
  • Incompatible applications. Using incompatible programs or applications to open a PDF file increases the chances of corrupting or damaging the file.

How to Fix a Damaged Adobe PDF File
If your PDF file has been corrupted or damaged for the above reasons, you can use the appropriate tools and procedures to repair it. The process is relatively straightforward, and we'll take you through the available options.

1. Use different PDF reader tools
If you're experiencing issues reading your PDF files, first assess whether the problem lies with the PDF file itself or the PDF reader before determining the solution to fix the file. If your Adobe Reader fails to open your PDF file, it is likely the file is not damaged or corrupted, but the application you're using to open the file is malfunctioning.

You should open the PDF file with an alternative document reader to determine where the problem lies. If the file fails to open even with other PDF readers, it means the file itself has a problem. If the other PDF readers open the file typically, there is a problem with your Adobe PDF reader.
Popular PDF software in the market includes Adobe Illustrator, Sumatra PDF, and Foxit Reader.

2. Repair your Adobe Acrobat Reader
Regarding accessing PDF files, Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most popular tool. But what if there is a problem with the software that damages PDF files? If you repair your Adobe Acrobat Reader and restore your genuine PDF files. Here's how you can fix the application.

  • First, ensure you're using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Installing the newest version of the software is highly effective because the updates solve various issues in the application. Please ensure you only use the official version to minimize the risk of bugs. To successfully do so, initiate the application and go to Help>Check for Updates. You'll be presented with any updates applicable to your computer.
  • Once you're using the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to Help>Repair Installation. This option enables the program to scan all core files and automatically repair every corrupted or damaged file. Even if Adobe Acrobat Reader doesn't respond, the Repair Acrobat tool can handle the pending fixes.

3. Restore the previous file version

If your PDF worked earlier but has since become damaged or corrupted, and repairing Adobe Acrobat Reader hasn't been fruitful, you can employ a different option. This procedure will restore your PDF file to its earlier version as Windows has an in-built mechanism to record previous versions of files in case the user requires them later.

To do so, right-click on the damaged PDF file and choose Properties". Head to the section labeled "Previous Versions" and restore the earlier version of the file.

4. Use an online PDF recovery solution

If the abovementioned options don't work, it is time to consider using an online PDF recovery tool. These tools have handy features that help return your PDF file to its original format, thus reversing the damage caused. These online tools may require you to upload a copy of the corrupted PDF and then work on it to revert it to its default format.

Final Thoughts

PDF files saved on your computer, USB, or other storage media can be corrupted or damaged anytime. Many factors contribute to data corruption, but recovering the lost files is relatively straightforward. We have covered how to fix your damaged PDF file using multiple ways. If these techniques don’t deliver the desired results, please consider using an online PDF file recovery tool. Use this guide when fixing your damaged Adobe PDF file to increase your chances of success.

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