5 must-have software applications to create amazing web designs

5 must-have software applications to create amazing web designs
Like a pair of garden scissors, rake, and wheelbarrow are essential to a gardener, just as a fitness instructor knows the best workout routine for that body goal, so are there some vitals that every web designer must understand in the course of a profession. 

Software applications are creative lines of instructions programmed to ease the process flow of a subject and ultimately get better results. In web design, for instance, web designers tend to use their creative minds and some graphical tools to achieve a result. However, these graphic tools can only be possible when you know about the tools and applications and have the skills to execute a creative idea. 

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What comes to mind when you see creativity in web design? 

Creativity is simply the art of coming up with a captivating design or worthwhile story with the use of either graphical illustrations, texts, video, infographics, or the combination or infusion of two or more for a purpose. This art is usually done with a purpose intended for a Call to Action [CTA]. 

Having understood what creative means, below are five must-have software applications to create amazing web designs. 

1. WordPress. 
If you are starting as a web designer, WordPress is a tool to take note of for a smooth journey. 

With the WordPress application, you can customize a web design software or choose to build a website from the ground up. 

WordPress comprises templates to help the designer simply drag and drop, as well as the choice to code. It also has an enormous library of plug-ins for a website to help create a worthwhile website. It has a free subscription and another with a monthly payment option. 

2. Dreamweaver 
Dreamweaver has a robust graphical tool interface that a web designer must-have. It is better to consider it because it is compatible with both the Windows and Mac operating systems. 

Dreamweaver can integrate with other popular Adobe products like Photoshop for quick and easy updating or editing of graphics. 

Website designs are previewed in the source code. Likewise, the application is considered for smart code hinting. 

3. Google Web designer 
Google Web Designer [GWD] enables you to edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly using the software. 

Unlike most design tools, Google Web Designer is a free web design tool that makes creating interactive and engaging HTML5-based designs easier.
A good reason GWD is over others is that it ensures motion graphics and static will run on any device. ]
4. Bootstrap 
Web developers consider Bootstrap software for creating websites with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Another reason for this is that it is open-source and free; another reason is that it has several design templates. 

You can also customize designs to achieve the look you want with Bootstrap software. 

5. Firefox developer 
Firefox Developer software is specifically for web developers to enjoy design tools like the Style editor and HTML [Hyper Text Markup Language] Inspector. It finds use for debugging and building/designing CSS [Cascaded Style Sheets] grids when necessary.

While there is an endless list of tools used in the web design and development process, these are recommended software design tools to get you acquainted with a creative job that stands out from the competition. 

The above-listed applications are not the only sureties for a skilled web designer, as knowing these tools [and more] is never enough. A man is only as creative as what he can do with the knowledge he possesses. 

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