5 Product Photography Tips to Increase Revenue for Your Custom T-Shirt Design Business

5 Product Photography Tips to Increase Revenue for Your Custom T-Shirt Design Business
The process of purchasing online is entirely visual. The best impression a customer can make is the first one. According to studies, the brain receives 90% of its information visually. Within 50 milliseconds, people form their initial impression.

Product photos are all you have since nobody will read a product's description in under 50 milliseconds. Therefore, it is down to your product photos to persuade potential consumers that the product is something they should buy.

The ability to turn casual website visitors into purchasers lies in great product images. Your product description page will convince buyers with better product photography; this shows the significant influence an image can have on e-commerce. 

As someone running an online t-shirt business, using professional apparel photo techniques can increase the conversion of viewers to buyers by enhancing picture quality and presenting your wares from different angles. 

In this piece, we will discuss tips you could apply to significantly increase revenue from your online t-shirt business. Keep reading to see the ways you could present your custom t-shirts in the best possible light.

1. Include many images of the customized T-Shirt designs

Including as many photographs of your custom t-shirts as possible is the most straightforward strategy to boost sales in your online store. The more photos there are, the merrier customers will be. Consider it this way: the more photographs you have of your t-shirts, the higher your website traffic and click-through rate will be.

Images are the key ingredient to increasing sales, income, and traffic. IRCE reports that 75% of respondents ranked the quality of products' photographs as the most crucial aspect when making an online purchase. This was followed by providing alternate product perspectives (66%) and zoom (61%). The adage “an image is worth a thousand words” is a crucial rule in running an online business.

Due to the low image resolution, the absence of photos prevents many consumers from buying the preferred t-shirt designs online. Viewers can skim information much more quickly with the aid of images. Good apparel pictures will encourage customers to stay for the specifics because very few people read the pages.

2. Always Use High-Quality Images

Presenting high-quality photos of your custom t-shirts will keep your customers more engaged because no one will like to buy a t-shirt that doesn't look appealing to their eyes.
Customers will want to zoom in to take a closer look at the t-shirt designs just because the image quality is not good. In order to avoid such a kind of user experience, you will have to use high-quality images to increase the engagement of the customers on the t-shirts.
At the very least, provide your consumers access to a high-quality zooming function to have a closer look at your t-shirt design template.

3. Use Different Angles to Showcase your Product

In real-life stores, customers may physically browse every inch of your goods, pick them up, and spin them in their hands. On websites, they are limited to the few views you offer them. Providing them with images of the products from different perspectives helps to simulate the immersive real-life experience.

Your angles should answer your clients' queries regarding your items. Look at goods on Amazon that are similar to your own. Consumers on Amazon can access a tool where they may question others who have bought the product. From your investigation, you should find the most frequently asked questions regarding the items you sell, and use your product images to respond.

You can do better by giving customers a 3D version of your apparel photo. This not only offers customers a better view; it also makes you stand out amid the competition. Your branding will play a huge role in how your customers perceive your product. Do this in a way that your brand is perceived as “one to have.”

4. Make the images focus on the customers and not yourself.

Learn the art of selecting product photos if you want a greater conversion rate. Your potential customers care about themselves; they are not interested in your brand or business. What your t-shirts can accomplish for them should be the key selling point. Affirm their direction by demonstrating it to your guests; make them feel relaxed. Allow people to experience using your t-shirts for themselves. Do this to encourage more people to like you and patronize your business. 

To increase audience engagement, embrace the narrative. Let the photographs of your t-shirts speak for them. Photograph the t-shirts in use, and let the customers see how well they fit. Hit them with your feelings. Keep in mind that emotions have a role in purchasing decisions. Therefore, let your product photographs provide customers with a complete picture of it.

5. Make sure you get a good setup for your picture.

In product apparel photography, getting the picture session right is half the battle. Set up a white photographic sweep, which is simply a white background that flows smoothly from the horizontal to the vertical surface, for the most remarkable effects. 

Any white material will work for this, even sheets of paper, although the shinier, the better (pure white wrapping paper is ideal for this!). Your product's natural color will be captured thanks to the glossy surface's ability to reflect light. It is necessary for the sweep to be bigger than the item and, preferably, to occupy the full camera frame.


Product photography is ideal in our visual world, and it is a factor you must invest in for improved success in your sale of physical products online. Doing this appeals to the potential buyer’s senses, as humans are visual beings.

You already know how important it is to feature good photography in apparel images to increase revenue. Apply the above tips to your online t-shirt business and you will increase your sales dramatically.
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