5 Reasons to Start Your Day With Water

5 Reasons to Start Your Day With Water
One of the aftermaths of the pandemic has been the disruption of traditional work culture, such that remote work is the new normal. While this did come as an opportunity to stay in one’s space to work, the untold reality of how one tends to work round the clock is never told in full. You may want to ask around.

A typical example remains the sudden wake of an alarm, and the first thing to do is pull up the laptop to join a Zoom meeting, and this unarguably shapes how the day goes by, most of the time unplanned.  

Speaking of unplanned events, most people would not consider the need to have a glass of water, perhaps until after their first meal has been devoured. In this unusual post, I will be sharing with you the considerable reasons why starting your day with water gives you an edge. 

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5 reasons to start your day with water. 

Water consumption is very important for numerous biological functions. Aside from the fact that they help carry nutrition to cells, they also help control the body temperature, lubricate joints, and help the brain function properly, among other functions. 

I will highlight five interesting reasons why starting your day by drinking water is good for you. 

1. Your skin stays hydrated and shines. 
Increased water consumption may have a good impact on skin physiology, according to an older study from 2015 Trusted Source, which made evident the benefits of hydration when conducted on people who typically drank less water. 

The skin's outer layer stays more hydrated when there is an increase in water consumption. This conclusion was drawn from a 2018 review from a reliable source. 

The researchers did point out that it was not obvious whether or not elderly folks would benefit from this, however, a person may hydrate their skin by drinking water all day long. 

2. Body organs perform optimally. 
According to research, drinking enough water can assist the kidneys in removing waste from the body. 

Drinking more fluids may also help avoid urolithiasis, a condition that develops when the urinary tract contains stones. 

For the cardiovascular system to work properly, people need to drink enough water. Blood pressure control and vascular function are significantly impacted by dehydration and insufficient water intake. 

Water is a crucial component of the lubricating fluid that surrounds joints in bones and joints, which may help ease joint pain. 

3. Mood enhancement. 
Those who didn't often drink much water reported feeling happier when they did. 

The same study discovered that people who consumed large amounts of water felt more thirsty, less happy, and less calm and positive feelings when they cut back on their water consumption. 

In light of this, a person may choose to drink water continuously throughout the day to get long-lasting mood benefits. 

4. Better mental performance. 
Water has been shown to help brain cells connect, remove toxins and waste that harm brain function, and transport nutrients to your brain.  
Drinking enough water has been linked to quicker decision-making and better cognitive abilities, however, this link is broken. '

5. Possible weight loss. 
While this has been debated by a few, it has been said that drinking water before a meal in the morning can aid in weight loss. 

In a study conducted by researchers, it was seen that middle-aged and older adults lost weight when they consistently drank 500 ml of water before their meals for 12 weeks. 

While this theory may not imply that being hydrated causes weight loss, it tends to fill the stomach and reduce the pang for more food. 

Water has been considered the ideal drink you can come across. It has been a better reason to quench thirst, has no side effects, and aids digestion, among other notable benefits.  

However, the need for the extra effort in drinking a glass of water to start the day is a better reward for your entire being, and if I can summarize the above-listed five vital points, I will say starting your day with water helps your body cooperate with your daily goals and helps achieve better and faster results. 
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