5 Strategies of Field Marketing

5 Strategies of Field Marketing

If 2020 taught B2B marketers anything, it was how to be agile. Those that were slow to adapt and change their marketing techniques ran the risk of getting left behind by rivals.

This is especially true for those that rely on marketing strategies designed by SEO services and in-person conferences. In-person events had been removed from everyone's field marketing tactics because of the pandemic. However, we now have the advantage of having both online and live events.

So how does one continue to be agile? According to organic growth expert Kurt Uhlir, it's important to consider all your alternatives, as with all other parts of managing a business after the pandemic:

1. As of right now, 39% of marketers see webinars as one of the most beneficial types of influencer content.

Box saw a 112% ROI when they converted a physical event into a digital event.

3. Additionally, we discovered that 63% of respondents are open to viewing a 20–60 minute webinar.

Let's discuss our field marketing alternatives when organizing a virtual or physical event in light of this data. We'll also delve deeper into the definition of field marketing and how to create an effective field marketing plan.

To engage with a target demographic and interact with customers directly, sales teams choose field marketing initiatives. With live events, discover how to run a fruitful field campaign.

How Does Field Marketing Work?

Field marketing is a type of experiential marketing that takes place in person and involves brand representatives interacting with customers in real time to showcase new merchandise and products. Anywhere in "the field" or in public, including supermarkets, campuses of colleges, trade shows, and sidewalks, can be used for field marketing.

To give away freebies or samples, demonstrate products, or make direct sales, marketing teams may use field marketing techniques. While sales are these marketing initiatives' ultimate goal, brand awareness is also crucial. By directly promoting products to a target audience, these guerilla marketing strategies support businesses in fostering strong bonds with their clientele.

Why Do You Need a Field Marketing Strategy?

Any marketing venture needs a plan behind it if you want your campaigns to be successful. You'll be throwing darts in the dark and hoping to hit a few without a field marketing approach.

By developing a field marketing strategy, you can increase the likelihood that you will achieve your goals. Here are some advantages you might experience when you successfully apply field marketing methods.

Four field marketing techniques

The following tactics are available for a field squad to use:

1. Distribute promotional items. Offering flyers or materials to onlookers are examples of field marketing efforts. Print materials with lively visuals and language to pique readers' interests. Include a call to action and make sure to specify the price.

2. Develop a pop-up. Pop-up events are an efficient way to use guerrilla marketing to draw in new clients. Pop-up displays or events draw attention and present chances for social media interaction, which can help you manage brand perception and create buzz.

3. Establish a booth at a trade exhibition.. Exposure may be very effective at roadshows. Find a show that features comparable products, then use special product demos, presentations, or giveaways to promote your product in front of clients.

4.Check out a virtual event. Although public marketing is the norm, field teams can hold virtual events to test out product marketing. Webinars featuring the CEO of the business or other insider access can pique the interest of potential customers in a brand.

5. Use polls. For easier metric collection, allow participants to respond to a few brief questions on-the-spot vocally or with a tablet when given food or other product samples. This involves your clients and gives them a chance to express their thoughts.

Four benefits of mobile marketing

This marketing strategy offers a lot of advantages. Using field marketing techniques, your business can:

1. Return on investment may be measured easily. It's simple to keep track of your workforce, the number of products you took with you, and sales throughout a field marketing day. This can assist in determining which regions or zip codes your products sell best in and can provide a more clear way to calculate return on investment (ROI).

2. Obtain immediate feedback. When personally connecting with customers, you may ask for feedback or opinions on your goods or services, which gives you a better understanding of what your clients are considering and feeling.

3. Get to know your target audience. By researching where your target demographic shops and lives, you can plan where you want to promote to them and create new relationships through conversations, samples, and demonstrations.

4. Increase brand recognition. Customers are more likely to remember your brand if you put it in front of them immediately. Positive customer service will encourage them to think of your business again for future purchases.

Four drawbacks to field marketing

Obstacles might also arise in field marketing. Think about the following negatives:

1. Unfavorable weather can ruin plans. If you have a properly planned strategy and you want to go outside on a particular day, rain or snow can easily ruin everything.

2. There may be little interaction. Engagement might be hit or miss because some customers do not want to interact with sales representatives.

3. The personnel should be experts. It is simple for a sales representative to come across as uninspiring or too upfront in these more private marketing settings. Companies must carefully train field marketing teams and employ staff with great social interaction skills since accurately understanding customers is essential to a successful connection.

4. ROI can be difficult. Some clients will take the gifts and leave. Even if your brand awareness campaign is successful, making sales might be challenging.

Five Pointers for Field Marketing

To create a good field marketing campaign, remember to:

1. bring gifts In order for your customers to remember your brand, you'll want them to leave with something physical, like a piece of literature or a sample. Include relevant details, including online addresses or social networking profiles.

2. Develop a plan for closing Despite the fact that conversations with customers may be brief, you should always end them with a call to action. Whether it's a survey, a purchase, or a social media follow, give your participants the option to get involved further.

3. Know your destination. Do your research to determine where to promote your services most successfully, as some places and demographics might not be as receptive to your product as others.

4. Less is better. The time is not right for a hard sell during field marketing. Instead, it's a chance to interact with customers. Instead of trying to sell them something too hard, be personable and informal.

5. Act engaged. A welcoming disposition that encourages connection and discussion includes a smile and being active.

Create a field marketing plan for 2022

Some brands are finding it difficult to conduct field marketing in the post-pandemic period. You can, however, get beyond these problems if you have the correct methods and techniques. The objective is to make a plan that ensures marketing, sales, and customer support are all on the same page.

Making an impression on clients and prospects can be easier if you incorporate a gifting approach into your field marketing campaign, and you can achieve this using SEO services. One B2B corporate gifting platform for your account-based marketing initiatives is what we provide as the top sending platform. In addition, you can easily manage your promotional items for your tradeshow freebies.

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