5 Things Entrepreneurs Must Note Every Morning

5 Things Entrepreneurs Must Note Every Morning
The word "tabula rasa" is a theory that goes with the understanding that individuals are born with a clean slate of thought, no built-in mental content, and therefore all knowledge comes from experience or the place of perception. Quite similarly, the dawn of a new day heralds another opportunity for a fresh start in endeavors, especially if you are your boss in the earning prowess. 

I bet I can get witnesses to the reality that the mood we wake up with or the things we involve ourselves in within the first few minutes could make or mar your plans for the day, unless the actions are not up to you. 

Today’s post is clear as a whistle; however, I would not want you to read each line like you already have an idea of the direction. Believe me, there are words between the lines, and first we must see the lines, then the words, to have a full grasp; likewise, to be a better person after this. 

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5 things to note in the morning as an entrepreneur 

1. Gratitude. 

As Koffee, the Jamaican singer with an eccentrically unique voice, puts it, gratitude is a must. Whatever you believe in for sovereignty, it is essential to be grateful for another gift of life to do better at your game. 

It keeps the mind open and ready to take on the day’s activities. 

2. Plan. 

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to note that you could achieve all you intend to do for the day, but you can achieve more and track your process by having a plan. Maybe nothing too serious, just a mere to-do list. That’s all! 

3. Water. 

May I remind you that our brain is 80% composed of water and that a little deprivation could easily cause fatigue, loss of concentration, brain fog, headaches, and the like? The importance of drinking clean water is essential for an entrepreneur, as you need mental clarity to make the right decisions. 

4. Routines. 

There is a need to engage in physical activity in the morning. For some people it is Yoga, for others, it could be walking their dog, watering the plants, cleaning, or anything engaging that allows you to relax, and more importantly, think.  

5. Time. 

There is a need to always ensure the amount of time put into whatever actions one does. Do you know why? Because if you stay in a house like mine with 

thick window blinds, and white energy-saving bulbs, you may never have an idea how the weather is and how far time has gone in whatever engagement you soak in. 

It is pertinent to note that you could be busy doing nothing or shocked at how much effort was wasted on things that least count on your scale of productivity. 


The trajectory of the day could be determined and decided by the actions that happen within an hour after you wake. If you are conscious about your dealings, chances are high that you will make a good prophet, since you adhere to all you have listed to do for the day. 

Having a daily plan or to-do list is essential in the journey of every entrepreneur. If there is a plan, it is more difficult to be there for everybody’s plan and forget yours. With a plan, you can achieve more milestones, structure your activities, track your progress rate and find fulfillment that comes from achievement. 

Please give it a try today. 

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