5 ways to avoid smelly feet when you take off your shoes.

5 ways to avoid smelly feet when you take off your shoes.
Over my five years of experience running a fashion store by the name EzekielSmith&Co., I have come to understand that people only buy things based on conviction. 

I doubt if you got that, so I will clarify. People will only buy a piece of an item from you if they value it. If money were not available, this would be a great determinant to stir their conviction to buy, duck, or plan towards purchasing the item. 

Ever wondered why a rich person buys a Rolls Royce and yet another rich person sticks with a regular Ford, perhaps a space bus to carry him and the family? Value! 

In this post today I will be dribbling between the place of value, conviction, and the five ways to avoid smelly feet when one takes off their shoes. 

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Is value the price attached to the product or service? 

No! Value is not the price attached to the product for purchase or service as perceived. Value [in this context] is not dependent on the seller, either, but on the buyer. 

This act affords them the opportunity to review how they perceive the cost of the product or service to be sold. The customer immediately does a quick run through his/her head to consider how much value is placed on the product/service, and then he/she either makes a closing deal or otherwise. 

In some other views, the buyer might be an entire novice to the product/service; this now depends on the parlance of the salesman/woman/front desk officer/marketers that the customer interacts with while attempting to purchase. 

Five ways to avoid smelly feet when you take your shoes off. 

1. Ensure your toenails are nicely done. 
Please cut your toe's nails too, it is not up to just your fingernails to ensure a healthy lifestyle. 

What most people are unaware of is that long toenails can breed dirt, especially if you are always sweating on the foot. The sweat from the leg drains down to the feet and seeks cover in the nails if long. 

2.  Buy and wear quality socks. 
Whatever is one doing in any way, please be sure to do it very well. [Positive things though] There is a need to buy quality over quantity at any time. 

It is advised that one uses good vendors [@EzekielSmith&Co] to help with your purchase, and if you have to visit the store yourself, please ensure they are quality cotton socks. 

Quality socks will save you someday, I can guarantee you. 

After wearing your socks and using them, please be sure to wash them adequately. 

3. Keep your shoes at a warm room temperature. 
Shoes are meant to be treated well always since they play an active role in style and persona. After you have worn your shoes and have taken them off, kindly ensure that they are aired to avoid stench from the heat. 

If you had your shoes in the water or just heat, please keep them open, and avoid putting them back in the box. 

4. Moisturize your feet. 
Now, there is a need for balance here if you don’t want to be the reason for this post itself. 

Avoid putting too much moisturizer or body cream on your feet if you have to. 

Your feet deserve so much care and tenderness, therefore you owe that to your feet. 

5. Make use of a Desiccant where necessary. 
You must have come across a Desiccant at some point, either for your shoes, leather wallet, or some other items that require a good amount of air. It helps extract fleas and any form of foul smell from the shoes. 

The Desiccant is also known as Silica Gel. 

In conclusion, some things are within our reach of control, and we owe it to ourselves to do it well enough. If after we have tried and it remains the same, we can at least know that we have tried. 

Foul shoe smell can be avoided by the above carefully listed pointers. 

Kindly ensure that these are kept and you will enjoy the dividends. 

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