6 branches of A.I that would also interest you to know.

6 branches of A.I that would also interest you to know.
Knowledge, they say, is power. I bet it gets interesting when the pursuit for power never ends, just because the more you know, the more you seek to know more as well. 

The discovery of Artificial Intelligence [AI] has simplified the processes of technology and human resources for labor, as well as saved time in procedures. 

We have seen a handful of inventions that bring technology closer to us, especially when the devices make use of sensors and chips to detect and, more importantly, make decisions as we expect of them. 

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you some other parts of AI that would interest you for knowledge's sake and also help you in the place of deploying technologies. 

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What is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence, according to Wikipedia, is the intelligence demonstrated by machines, as opposed to the natural intelligence displayed by animals, including humans. 

They are usually embedded through machine learning such that devices take actions that would usually require a natural intelligence to complete. 

Artificial intelligence is an innovation to simplify the processes of mankind. 

Through the aid of microchips, devices can be taught how to function in different instances. This has been made possible by some branches of artificial intelligence, as seen below. 

There are 6 branches of AI that would also interest you to know. 

1.Neural Network. 
The neural network is a branch of artificial intelligence that relies on neurology, a part of biology that concerns the nerves and nervous system of the human brain. 

A neural network simply replicates the human brain, such that it is used to find the elemental relationships across data via a process that imitates the way the human brain functions. 

Most people easily associate AI with robotics, as that is what they can easily make of it. 

Well, robotics is one of the popular arms of AI, which involves engineering a robot to perform certain tasks obligated to it. 

As such, robots may not necessarily be sizeable machine-humans, as seen in the popular police movie growing up, “Robocop”. It can be in the form of an assembly line for a computer device or a car manufacturing company. Robotics is a branch of AI that uses robots to simplify the boring process of executing tasks. 

3.Expert System 
This is a branch of AI that is designed through the volume of information it is fed to help the user. This system uses information that is expressed, especially in particular of “if-then” rules, instead of the traditional agenda for coding as seen in machine learning.

A good example of an expert system is the use of the Google search engine, which prompts or corrects/suggests spellings or how best to put a word or sentence. 

4. Machine learning 
Machine learning is a technique deployed by AI that equips computers with the potential to learn instead of being programmed as seen in other AI systems. It is the science that enables machines to input, translate, execute, and investigate data to perform dedicated tasks in the real world. 

5.Natural Language Processing [NLP]. 
I doubt if you have heard of this before now. NLP is a method that deals with searching, processing, and deriving information from the text form of data. 

NLP focuses on teaching computers how to extract meaningful information from text data. 

NLP is used in spam detection, where computer algorithms can determine from the subject line of an email whether or not it is spam. 

6. Fuzzy Logic. 
Fuzzy logic is a method for representing and changing ambiguous information by gauging how likely the hypothesis is to be true. Additionally, fuzzy logic is employed for analyzing naturally occurring ideas that appear unclear. 

Artificial intelligence is fun to learn, and so are the 6 arms that comprise it. 

If you look closely enough at your immediate surroundings and daily activities, you will find a place or two where AI has dominated to ease your process flow. 

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