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6 things you never knew about Brave browser

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Driving in Lagos, Nigeria could be a hurdle sometimes. Tough luck!
When you do not know your best and alternative routes, especially when your skill is required when you eyeball traffic, and you still can't navigate through the abysmal potholes, my friend, I'll be praying for you. [LOL] 

Surfing the internet space is not far in analogy to the navigation system in Lagos, Nigeria. Your guarantee as an active internet user is wholly dependent on your web browser, aside from your internet speed and memory size, for instance. 

In today‚Äôs post, I will be sharing with you not just the regular web browsers, but one that has over the years beaten a path for itself as an exceptional type. I mean the Brave Browser! 

What about the Brave browser? 

The brave browser is almost like every other software application programmed to make navigation through the world wide web easier without separate programs. But then again, what makes things unique is the extra features they serve, and this is why the Brave browser is considered unique. 

Wikipedia best describes it as a free and open-source web browser created by Brave Software, Inc. With its default settings, the privacy-focused browser Brave automatically eliminates website trackers and online advertisements. 

Having mentioned that the browser has some uniqueness, below are 6 things that make brave browsers exceptional. 

6 things you never knew about the Brave browser. 

1. Personal time. 
Brave browser is preferred for many reasons, one of which is the assurance of privacy, such that it blocks trackers and creepy ads on websites when the user launches an address. With the Brave browser, one can be assured that ads would not follow one across the Web. 

2. Privacy is assured. 
Imagine having the option to launch a website address and not bother with security, or privacy. 

Brave browser not only guarantees ad-blocking, but even provides incognito windows for private search, and good use of VPN all embedded in a single download. 

Brave incorporates a Firewall and the Guardian VPN into the browser-based system-wide firewall to ensure security when users surf the net using the Brave browser. 

3. One of its kind. 
With the Brave browser, users can experience independent search, offline playlists, customizable news feeds, and free video calls. 

4. You can import a bookmark. 
This browser imports bookmarks, extensions, and saved passwords. It is considered a modification of the old browser, hence only safer. And it only takes a minute to sweep into action. 

5. It has a free edition. 
The free Brave browser is accessible on desktop, Android, and iOS. In addition to this, anyone with a browser can use the Brave browser for free, and it can be selected as the default search engine. 

Brave offers features that need a subscription, such as Brave Talk Premium and Brave Firewall + VPN. 

6. BAT as an edge. 
BAT is known as the Basic Attention Token. It is a crypto asset and an essential part of the Brave Rewards ecosystem. While the user surfs, one may choose to view first-party, privacy-protecting adverts thanks to this Brave Reward. 

BAT can be stored like any other cryptocurrency asset. Since it offers a safe place to hold BAT and other crypto assets with Brave Wallet, one might use it to reward the content creators they enjoy. 

In conclusion, the Brave browser is more than any other web browser that one could come across. It has provided unique features that have made it stand out in the trail of others. Asides from its privacy function that enjoys good buzz, the VPN [Virtual Private Network] extra feature, and the firewall are reasons why people choose the Brave browser over others. 

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