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7 Reasons to Consider Being a Web Developer

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There is a new aura in town now, and I certainly love the fragrance. No, it's not the Marc Jacobs perfume, but it's certainly the new flux of youngsters being in the IT [Information Technology] field. 

The truth is clear; there are many possibilities available, including working with algorithms as a data analyst, web designer, or the dreaded software developer. 

However, there is one topic that requires greater study: the untold story of what makes a web developer special. 

Before we proceed, I must thank The Watchtower-Web Design Agency Dubai for making this platform possible to share my article. The Watchtower-Web Design Agency Dubai is a web development company that provides ease in your digital marketing, SEO, web design, and development considerations for your brand. 

OK, let’s get into the real stuff of the unique gifts that come with being a web developer. 

7 reasons to consider being a web developer 

1. Proficiency with the use of Google. 
For web developers, Google and Stack Overflow are like the Bible, and man, do they know how to utilize them properly?
They spent months learning how to write independently, became frustrated, returned to Google, rewrote their code, tested it, realized it didn't look right, returned to Google, and so on. As a result, they became Google specialists. 

2. They are creative thinkers. 
People who don't program have entirely different attitudes than web developers. They may view the world from a different perspective by programming and speaking a completely different language, which enables them to tackle problems that appear to be complex in many facets of life. 

Web developers are simply odd to you, but see beyond the tangible when it comes to insight. They even get the odd joke in those films that you barely understand or consider boring. 

3. Vast use and knowledge of web pages. 
According to someone knowledgeable with the front-end, HTML [Hyper Text Markup Language] and CSS [Cascaded Style Sheets] are used to create the screens in the navigator of a website.

Web developers also use interesting keyboard keys like the F12. Yes, to inspect websites and examine the behavior and source code of online pages. I bet you didn’t know this until now. 

4. Web developers are problem solvers. 
As a result, they have received challenging assignments and incredibly detailed briefs from clients, and they have been forced to eke out what the client wants and also the solution.
Even though this could pose a nightmare for some, web developers have grown to appreciate the challenge and relish the idea of broadening their knowledge and skill sets while completing an excellent job. They simply get better with a new challenging task. 

5. They are mobile workers. 
Web developers can work anywhere in the world because all they need is a laptop. They can be very mobile as long as they have a reliable internet connection. They can work from any place, including home, a coffee shop, a relative’s house, a co-working space, or even in the restroom.  
They also don't need to be close to their client or the other members of their team before they execute their tasks. 

6. Web developers are like artists. 
A splurge of some good colors here and there makes a memorable story and is what makes an artist phenomenal. A similar trend is the web developer who creatively understands the quest of each customer and makes a concise effort to bring the best art out of it. 

They can turn an abstract concept into something concrete. 

7. Web developers are teachable. 
With a trait as golden as this, they are peacemakers and always seek the need to be calm and learn. Web developers are good listeners because every detail counts for something; likewise, anything missed could be the cause of a bottleneck. 

Web developers are always open to learning new stuff and are eager to try out a new path to simplifying the process. 

Well, there you have it. The above are good enough reasons to make you want to consider a change in profession. If you seek guidance on any of these web development services or require clarity on web design, The Watchtower, a Web Design Agency in Dubai, is a leading name in the business of web design and development in Dubai that you should identify with.

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