8 Best Practices to supercharge your URLs with URL shorteners

8 Best Practices to supercharge your URLs with URL shorteners
Any lengthy and awkward website address can be condensed to a few short characters with the push of a button using URL shorteners.

Here are seven best practices for creating any URL to help you boost the effectiveness of every link you share and expand your business.

Since all of these suggestions may be applied to any project, including unpaid campaigns and channels, no additional advertising expenditure is required to reap these advantages.

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1. "Shorten and monitor each URL."
The ability to make short, memorable links without displaying any lengthy UTM parameters and to track the effectiveness of material you share across all marketing channels, particularly for curated third-party content, is the core functionality of URL shortening.


  • Make links easier to manage. Make your links brief and simple to advertise across all of your marketing channels, rather than long and complicated.
  • Boost your marketing material: You may better identify which marketing channels have the highest interaction and what kinds of content people are most interested in by tracking every link you post across those channels. This can then be used as information for your marketing strategies and to inspire new campaign ideas.
2. Brand connections with unique domains
Trust inspires action. Custom links shared by businesses result in more click-throughs. It's straightforward: People are more inclined to click on links if they trust you and are aware of where they will take them.

Bespoke back-halves advance the use of custom links. People can get a glimpse of where you're taking them when the back half of a link is edited, which fosters trust and increases click-throughs.

Use slugs to personalize the ends of your URLs.
You can customize the links you share by modifying the final portion of all your URLs after creating a custom domain or subdomain.

  • Increase CTR and foster trust: People will be able to share their clicks with others in their network and on social media since they will clearly understand what they are doing.
  • Maintain your memory: Make your links easy to remember for users. Particularly for your most important social media platforms, where you have one link to catch their eye (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • People may quickly copy and paste your links from mobile into their browsers if they want to revisit them in the future.

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4. Monitor efficiency using UTM parameters.
You can segment your website traffic by sources, campaigns, and other factors by including UTM parameters (also known as UTM tags) in your links.

  • Identify the channels and content that users interact with the most.
  • Increase your spending on content and marketing platforms that have strong engagement.
  • New campaigns based on content that converts should be launched.
5. Modify and improve the current short links.
It's simple to edit links at any moment after you've generated and shared them.

  • Make modifications after promoting a link: You can edit your link at any moment while keeping your campaigns live and running if you posted a link on social media but later noticed it had an incorrect URL or that UTM tags were missing.
  • Use current short URLs again by simply changing the URL they redirect to, as you can update your destination URL while using short URLs. If you want to promote new material on Instagram, for instance, just use the same short link while changing the destination URL.
6. Links for bulk import
Utilize the Bulk Import function to add numerous links at once to various trackable short links to save time.

7. Create QR codes.
Another tool you may use for offline (or online) marketing that still allows you to monitor its effectiveness online is the creation of QR codes.
Once configured, you can change the destination URL, title, UTMs, or tags without altering the QR code.
Use retargeting pixels to create custom audiences.
Consider a scenario in which you initially prioritize content marketing and SEO but later decide to conduct online advertisements. You can create custom audiences of people who clicked on your links by embedding ad retargeting pixels into each one of them.
In this manner, you will have highly targeted audiences of people who have clicked on your links and can quickly retarget them when you decide to install advertising.

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