8 Quick Tips for Innovative QR Code Menu

8 Quick Tips for Innovative QR Code Menu

QR menu codes have made a resurgence in recent years, proving to be useful tools for a variety of small businesses, including restaurants. If you've lately dined out, you've undoubtedly come across a QR Code Menu. What more can these codes accomplish, though?

When the lockdown orders were ultimately released, there were a lot of limitations in place, and eateries had to make huge decisions.

They could either provide actual menus that would need to be laminated and cleaned off after each visitor, or they could post a QR code on the table or table tent that would let clients to view the restaurant menus using their mobile device.

QR codes not only allow customers to browse the menu without involving the server, but they also make the server's work easier. They can take a little longer to approach a table if they don't have to worry about dropping off a menu, allowing them the opportunity to network.

Get ideas about how to utilize QR codes in your restaurant, café, or bar here

1. Take reservations

Make it simple for visitors to make a reservation or join your waitlist by displaying a QR code on a window sticker or poster in your storefront. When a potential customer scans the code, they should be sent to your reservation or waitlist page, where they may swiftly join. If you don't take bookings online, instead direct them to your contact page, where they may contact you through email or phone.

2. Make your menu easily accessible to diners

When restaurants and cafés reopened, QR Code Menu became quite popular. It's a low-cost choice for restaurant owners, and it gives guests a secure, simple, and touch-free option.

Plus, rather than printing new menus every time your menu or price changes, company owners may simply update the PDF or web page that the QR code connects to.

This makes promoting special specials, new menu items, and limited-edition products easier than ever. For quick scanning, you may put your QR menu code on a retractable banner or even a sticker.

3. Gather consumer feedback

It's never simple to request feedback, however, a QR menu code can help to make the process smoother. You may include it on the same table tent as your social QR code, at the bottom of the customer's receipt, or on 'thank-you' postcards.

This code may be used to link to your restaurant's Yelp page, Facebook page, or Google for Business page - or wherever else you want to improve your online evaluations.

In the same way that you may reward social followers, you can motivate diners to leave a review by providing them a discount or a freebie the next time they visit.

4. Stay connected at all times

Even if your restaurant is closed, people are likely to pass by. So, with an instructive QR Code Menu on your eatery's window, provide visitors a quick method to obtain information about your company hours, contact information, menu, and more.

5. Interactive & Engaging Games

Giving your clients a fortunate day is a terrific approach to create a memorable takeaway experience. Make a raffle or lottery for three free dinners or another reward. Connect to a raffle ticket system where clients may purchase lottery tickets. Game participation increases the probability that they will order again.

6. Live Streaming Video

Customers may be transported to your restaurant through live cameras. Set up a live camera where consumers would normally see food preparation with the approval of your personnel. Sushi restaurants, oyster bars, and other eateries that include a food assembly line as part of the dining experience benefit from live cameras.

7. Maximize Multimedia Digital Contents via,
  • Videos

Do you want to share a behind-the-scenes peek at your chef preparing one of your most popular dishes? Teach a fundamental culinary technique? Is a new product or menu item being introduced?

A video showcasing these kind of updates is an excellent method to engage your consumers and keep them returning to see what you're up to. Create a YouTube channel and attach your QR menu codes to it.

  • Photos

Include a QR menu code on your menus or marketing materials that directs clients to photographs of your cuisine that are mouth-watering. This provides consumers a taste of what they may expect from your dining experience, allowing them to imagine (more than descriptions can) what your menu items would be like.

8. Promotions & Loyalty Programs

Include QR Code Menu on receipts or packaged items that connect to your discounts so consumers may receive a discount on their next purchase, rewarding their business and getting them enthusiastic to order again soon.

Alternatively, give new customers a discount by placing a QR menu code on your takeout menus, posters, leaflets, and other marketing materials. You may also use this method to advertise seasonal or specialty commodities.


Your takeaway clientele, like your in-person diners, deserve to experience the soul of your business. This aim may be achieved by including a QR code on your takeaway menus, which allows clients to engage with a piece of your restaurant from the comfort of their own homes. While a QR code on a folded menu can't replace the in-person experience, it may be used in a unique way to make a lasting impression.

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