8 Reasons Why Your Dubai Visa Got Denied

8 Reasons Why Your Dubai Visa Got Denied
Tell a tale of a land filled with Gold and bright colors to a few, and the world will gradually beat a path to see for itself. These words have been the story of Dubai as dated back from how it all started.  

With warm and enabling laws that make businesses and individuals thrive beyond the space of being mediocre, the ultra-modern city of Dubai has embraced many hands who had sought opportunities for businesses, likewise providing a mesmerizing show for those seeks for that perfect destination for vacation or rest. 

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Why did your Dubai Visa get denied? 

This has to be one of the rare things to see come alive, as Dubai is known to be lenient with their immigration rules; provided your documents are in full compliance. 

Aside from having a governmental policy that publicly states their stance on the process of immigration to Dubai, your chances of entry are higher than your possible worst thoughts. However, in the case of a rare occurrence, here are some possible reasons from the 1% reason why your Dubai Visa got declined. 

1. Application Errors. 
Application errors are possible flaws encountered if there are typographical errors or mistakes with the name, number (s), spelling, codes, and other sensitive information like your date of birth, the year your passport was issued, expiration date, and the like. 

2. Prior visa granted but without use. 
If you had earlier filed for a visa to Dubai but have not entered the nation throughout the visa's validity period, this could be another reason for a decline. It is expected that before applying for a new visa, the existing one from the time of immigration must first be approved by a PRO or agency. 

3. Similar identity from the multiple requests. 
You may increase your chance of not getting your Visa granted when traveling with your family or if several people in your family/group have similar names or dates of birth. 

This act may require more measures for clarity than standard procedures. 

4. Crime or Offense. 
Immigration to the UAE will be denied to applicants who were earlier blacklisted, or have criminal convictions, misbehavior, fraud, or other similar records in the UAE.  

To keep criminals out, the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf States share a blacklist. 

5. Documentation. 
Rejection may also result from incomplete or inaccurate requests, expired or damaged passports, unpaid fees, unresolved paperwork, a discrepancy between the arrival date on the application and the departure date on the aircraft ticket, and other issues.  

If there are discrepancies between the information on the application form and the information on the passport, this may be another reason your visa is denied. 

6. Exceeded the previous stay. 
A visa applicant may experience delays or rejections if they overstayed during a prior visit to Dubai. It has been seen that people could travel to Dubai for leisure and remain there after their visas expire. This act known as aging comes with fines and consequences. 

7. The occupation is not clear. 
If the specified profession meets the requirements but is considered "unskilled," the Dubai visa may be rejected. It has been seen that the UAE government has a history of refusing visas to farmers, workers, and other similar professions that appear unskilled. 

8. New laws were enacted. 
This feat can pose the most difficult challenge one could come by as a traveler, business entity, or anything close. The government of a country could suddenly wake up to pass a new law that sidelines a vital category on your application that immediately renders it void. 

Usually, these laws are seen on the news or have been earlier advised/guided provided they are not just new policies while filing your request. 

Just like with every other thing we do, every detail matters. There is a need for law and order for an economy to thrive exceptionally. Dubai has gained a level of global reputation that has been prevailing from the visible feedback in the economy. It is therefore more than essential that every applicant to Dubai consider all the information provided here as it will serve. Hopefully, you will get your visa to Dubai. 

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