9 Cutting-edge Mobile Logistics Apps That Benefit Any Business

9 Cutting-edge Mobile Logistics Apps That Benefit Any Business
Over ten years ago, warehouse and transportation activities were managed by expensive, robust equipment. Those days are long gone. This equipment is no longer necessary thanks to current technology and software since supply chain and logistics workers may now access these services instantly and for a considerably lower cost straight from their phones.

Cost, however, is not the only factor influencing the rise in popularity of mobile applications. Other advantages are:
  1. Better control over operations and inventories with real-time updates
  2. Portability
  3. Precise observation
  4. Speed improves productivity and efficiency.
  5. Better customer service comes with enhanced efficiency.

The following list of 8 mobile applications is for supply chain experts. Every app provides different approaches to supply-chain and logistics procedures.

1. ShipStation

ShipStation is able to save merchants time and money by increasing their shipping efficiency. It powers thousands of businesses and processes millions of shipping labels each month. 

ShipStation makes it simple to manage all of your orders from a single platform thanks to direct connections with more than 70 of the most popular selling channels.

Obtain total command over and understanding of all of your orders at each stage of the shipping procedure from all of your various selling channels. By automatically applying actions to orders depending on the parameters you provide, you may save time. By connecting a selling channel, manually entering orders, uploading a CSV, or entering through an API, you may sync as many orders as you like, from as many sources as you use.

2. Logistimo Plus

Anyone can simply manage supply chains and logistics in remote, developing areas thanks to Logistimo. designed to address the widest range of real-world difficulties throughout the value chain, automate & promote the best choices-not only for efficiency, but also to expand and use your partner network for commercial benefit.

Retailers, distributors, transporters, and agents may all benefit from Logistimo's real-time inventory and order visibility, as well as the ability to simply report on sales, purchases, and demand data via the mobile application.

3. Mobile SCM

Mobile SCM assists in cost-effectively managing trade and logistics activities. By keeping an eye on client shipments, inventory reconciliation, and stock movement from the warehouse, this software helps support your company's return on investment.

For the following NetSuite features and SuiteApps, the SCM Mobile SuiteApp offers the mobile app functionality and user interface:

For your warehouse, NetSuite WMS enables incoming, inventory, and outbound processing. Consult the NetSuite WMS Overview.

Data gathering for work order assignments and reporting of consumption and production data is made possible by manufacturing mobile. See Overview of Manufacturing Mobile.

Pack Station facilitates carton and pallet packaging and is designed for kiosk devices.

4. EazyStock

While on the road, the EazyStock Mobile App provides immediate access to anything you need from your ERP system data. EazyStock includes comprehensive inventory dashboards and reports that provide senior executives, financial controllers, and purchasing managers with a 360-degree perspective of their inventory.

5. AscendTMS Logistics Software

Using a unified platform, AscendTMS, a logistics and shipping management tool, assists companies of all sizes in streamlining activities relating to dispatching, accounting, commissions, asset management, and other areas. The automatic workflow engine updates load information and statuses using the If This Then That (IFTTT) algorithm and notifies staff members as needed.

The load finance module in AscendTMS enables supervisors to apply budgets and spending to particular loads and track total profit or loss over certain time frames. Team leaders may add or modify pickups and drop-offs, compute travel lengths, and provide ETAs depending on weather and traffic conditions using the route optimization tool. Payroll can be calculated by managers using a variety of approaches, including pay per mile, pay per hour, pay per case, pay per pallet, and commissions configured for certain actions.

6. Logi-Sys 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software called Logi-Sys assists companies that handle freight forwarding and logistics in managing sales, purchase orders, delivery, customer support, transportation, and other activities. The platform's freight forwarding module gives businesses the ability to manage both domestic and international operations, as well as import and export via land, air, and sea transportation.

By optimizing processes related to advance ship notice (ASN), goods receipts (GR), pickup, goods issue order (GIO), invoicing, and inventory management, Logi-Sys' warehouse management system enables businesses to automate multiple internal and external activities. Managers may create balance sheets and track accounts receivable and payable, the general ledger, credits, and more with the integrated financial management module. The complete sales lifecycle, including marketing campaigns, revenue targeting, lead and opportunity management, client acquisition, and customer care, may be managed by administrators using the sales and service module.

7. Fishbowl

Medium and large enterprises may manage supply challenges and address demand patterns with the aid of Fishbowl, a comprehensive production and inventory management system. Fishbowl has elements like work planning tools and orders designed to automate the manufacturing process and increase production efficiency.

With Fishbowl's comprehensive manufacturing and warehouse inventory management software, you can transform and improve your production process. The inventory-centric methodology used by Fishbowl increases productivity through deliberate automation, giving your expanding firm the control it needs to save costs and optimize output.

With the help of Fishbowl's technology, you can make precise and prompt pricing decisions because it offers real-time insights and data gathering to give business owners complete transparency at every stage of the process.

8. NetSuite

NetSuite enables businesses to get a clear view of their information and control over their business with a single, integrated suite of apps for managing accounting, order processing, inventory management, manufacturing, supply chain, and warehousing operations.

Work more productively by automating critical operations and obtaining real-time insights into operational and financial performance by utilizing NetSuite.

  1. Automated financial procedures boost productivity, efficiency, and financial operations.
  2. Become aware of your inventory. monitor inventory levels, save expenses associated with carrying inventory, and deliver orders quickly.
  3. Optimization of the supply chain. Manage the movement of products along the whole value chain, from suppliers to customers.
  4. Perfect Order Management is to streamline the procurement and order management procedures.
  5. Boost warehouse productivity. Improve the put-away procedure and reduce picking mistakes.

9. Quickbase

Quickbase is a no-code operational agility platform that helps businesses optimize operations by leveraging real-time data and automation across complicated processes and different platforms. Our mission is to assist businesses in achieving operational agility: being more responsive to customers, engaging to staff, and flexible to what comes next. Quickbase serves almost 6,000 customers, including more than 80% of the Fortune 50.

Quickbase's main advantages
  1. Make wiser decisions quickly by adding agility and insight to your company's unique operational procedures at the edge.
  2. Uncover hidden operational insights by connecting data from disparate systems and putting it to use in solutions suited to your needs.


Innovative mobile applications are being used by astute supply chain businesses to keep one step ahead of the competition. These smartphone applications for logistics and transportation let businesses do pretty much anything, from managing their inventory to working with their external supply partners.

The ability of logistics management applications to send and receive information and the like is possibly their biggest benefit. You can acquire important information from these applications in real time. Mobile apps for logistics and transportation might be helpful for both you and your staff. These may also be used to capture, organize, and retain important data that can assist you in making more timely business choices.

These applications not only simplify the process of keeping accounts, billing, and other related tasks, but they also eliminate the need for manual labor and reduce human error. Your profitability increases as a result.

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