9 free mobile apps that will make your life easier

9 free mobile apps that will make your life easier
Apps are widely used. According to research, people use mobile applications for about three hours on average every day, and we typically spend that time on fewer than five different apps. An app had better be worthwhile if you're going to devote so much of your time to creating, listening to, or using it, right?

You want the app to improve your life by accomplishing something no other app can, whether it is free, native to your phone, or costs $15 to purchase. Good news! A lot of applications start working for you. Make some room in your storage device and utilize the benefits that these applications may provide, whether they are for streamlining your daily activities, calming your mind, or simply bringing you joy. Unless otherwise stated, all are for iOS and Android mobile devices.

1. Pixelcut

A monthly or yearly subscription to Pixelcut Pro gives you access to tools that can help you increase sales and develop your company. Unlimited and immediate background removals, hundreds of templates, hundreds of fonts, overlays, and backgrounds, all of which are updated every month, are all included with the Pixelcut Pro subscription.

Three steps to removing picture backgrounds
  • Select or drag a picture.
  • Drag and drop a picture from your computer or choose one by clicking the
  • Start from the photo button as your first action.
Take away the backdrop. Your image's backdrop is immediately removed by our program.
Save your pictures.

2. Capcut

The features of CapCut, a completely free video editing program, are highly commended. With this application, you can quickly produce beautiful films and post them on your preferred social network. CapCut has several benefits over other similar free editing programs, including the fact that it is fully ad-free.

  • It has a variety of editing tools that let you precisely and comfortably edit your videos and photos. You may apply filters, divide the photos, alter the backdrop, add animations, alter the playback speed, and much more.
  • The audio of your clips may be adjusted and modified in a variety of ways with CapCut, including by adding noises or effects. Additionally, you may do voice dubbing or remove the audio from your videos and add it to other videos.
  • You may add a variety of tracks from its vast song repertoire, including unique hits, to your projects.
  • You may use the Auto Subtitles tool to voice-create subtitles automatically.
  • Share your CapCut creations immediately from the app to your preferred social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok, and more.
From the app's main window, select New Project to begin. After that, you can choose one of the various stock videos or import media from your device. You must first add several video clips and/or pictures to the project to create a new montage. Utilize a range of editing tools to unleash your creativity. When you're finished, you may export your work by selecting the icon shown in the following image:

3. Photomath

With the use of a smartphone's camera, users may utilize Photomath, a mobile computer algebra system with an enhanced optical character recognition system, to scan and detect mathematical equations. The app then shows step-by-step explanations on the screen.

4. Audible

Users may buy and stream audiobooks and other types of spoken word content through the American online audiobook and podcast service Audible.

Ways to obtain free Audible books
  • Use a PC or Mac to access audible.com/ep/Free Listens in your browser.
  • Continue scrolling until you locate the audio book you wish to download.
  • Choose "Buy for $0.00"
  • Sign in to your Amazon or Audible account if asked.

5. Spending Tracker 

The Spending Tracker is the most basic and user-friendly personal financial tool available. The best thing is that it is completely free!

Keeping track of your expenditures can help you stay within your budget and eventually save money. For more on Mobile App Development please visit PolandWebDesigner.com - The best Web Designer in Poland

6. Elevate 

You may sharpen your focus, communicate more clearly, absorb information more quickly, and develop other skills with the aid of the brain training software Elevate. A customized training program is given to each person.

Improve your performance in areas like math, reading, writing, speaking, and remembering with the help of more than 40 games. These games are also intended to boost your earning potential.

7. Forest

With the aid of the app Forest, you may focus your attention on what matters most in life.

  • Develop your time management style by making the most of your 30-minute block of time to fully focus on your task and effectively complete it; 
  • A self-motivating and entertaining technique to help you overcome Internet addiction.
  • Tell your friends about your trees.

8. Duolingo

The American educational technology business Duolingo creates applications for learning languages and offers language certification. Users may utilize spaced repetition to learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation on the main app.

9. Kahoot.it

A game-based learning platform called Kahoot! is used in educational establishments, including colleges and universities. It provides "kahoots," which are multiple-choice tests made by users and accessible via the Kahoot! app or a web browser.

These 9 applications are some of the best geared at making life easier, despite the fact that there are thousands of apps available to fulfill our individual demands. By adding artificial intelligence and other intelligent features, they will not only increase the usefulness of your phone but also save you time and, in certain situations, provide you with peace of mind.
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