A step-by-step guide to Guest Blogging

A step-by-step guide to Guest Blogging
You can never get lost when you go step-by-step with one who knows and leads the way. I know it might be hard to hold unto this, especially if you had been swindled by a clairvoyant in time past; not Nostradamus [The man who saw tomorrow] that man sure said them as they were. 

Walking in Nostradamus shoes, perhaps in size 9, I would be guiding you step-by-step on guest blogging for the year 2022, likewise how you can also be a guest blogger at The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai. 

What is Guest blogging? 
Guest blogging is simply the privilege of having a writer/blogger write on another person’s website. While people could easily assume this is a form of collaboration in providing content for the sister platform, guest blogging does more than just provide content but helps increase the visibility and ranking of the blogger using backlinks, likewise the website in question.  

Easy to say, guest blogging is beneficial to both the guest blogger and the blog itself, especially if the content is good and resourceful. 

Does guest blogging still work? 
Guest blogging is a sure way to increase ranking on the SERP [Search Engine Related Pages], hence a viable tool for SEO [Search Engine Optimization] which works for both the blogger and the website optimized. 

Guest blogging still works as this form of digital marketing leverages good content, existing name, backlinks, an existing domain name, and an optimized web page.  

In today’s world, existing brands leverage amazing content writers to reel out amazing content for the information of their audience, and in some cases stir up engagement or call to action [CTA]. While this is possible on the merchant/brand’s platform, guest blogging increases penetration and a wider audience with possible conversion. Again, guest blogging is a viable tool for digital marketing, and it still works in the present day. 

Is guest blogging good for SEO? 
SEO is a clever way of optimizing a website through the aid of keywords, and long-tail words on an article such that when related searches are initiated on a search engine, it is optimized and ranks higher on SERP compared to if left bare without optimization. 

Asides from the use of these long-tail words, or amazing content writing, the spread of guest blogging and inclusion of keywords, long-tail words, name signature, and service or product would help optimize the website ranking always. 

 Is Guest blogging paid? 
Drum rolls... Oh well, not in all scenarios. Guest bloggers get incentives in most cases if they meet certain criteria [there are always terms and conditions], and even if they are paid, the fees are not so celebrated. 

Often guest bloggers just seek backlinks and run a trade by barter service, whereby the blogger gives reasons why the website owner needs his/her services, likewise do the website owner pitch same, and they both seek a truce, having SEO as their reward for a domain name and a good write-up. 

It’s a win-win situation most times if guest bloggers are not paid for their effort. However, please note that there are exceptions where/when bloggers are paid their services, nonetheless, this is usually upon certain criteria being met. 

How do guest bloggers get opportunities? 
Bloggers can get opportunities by identifying with people in their market space for starters. There is a need to always network, and get people to know what one does. 

Bloggers can brag about their portfolios, honing their records as a testament to the services they render. 

Bloggers, like normal humans, apply for positions and are scheduled for interviews, and if they perhaps wore their good luck sneakers, they get the job/opportunity. 

If a blogger is good at what he/she does, it would be easier to get opportunities, as most often jobs would be referred to them, which means they have the copious choice of turning a few offers down. A good content writer blogger would always get opportunities. 

What is the step-by-step guide to guest blogging? 
1. Bloggers should keep a network of friends in the business; trust me it's healthy. 
2. Bloggers should carve out a profile for themselves on platforms. Egg: LinkedIn, about. me, Toptal, Upwork, Instagram, and the likes. 
3. Having a blog for yourself is an edge since it serves as a portfolio for your brand/services. 
4. Be resourceful on the internet space when scouting for guest blogging platforms, and when you do, try to carefully write them. You may not have a second opportunity having the first opportunity. 
5. Write amazing content, including Keywords where necessary, Backlinks, likewise long-tail words to increase ranking. 
Guest blogging is interesting, and it brings more blessings than the perks of being a guest blogger but a position to be excited from a pool of virtual bloggers into special requests for a project or better employment. 
Proudly The Watchtower - Web Design Agency Dubai  
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