A Weekend Getaway in Ohio: Where to Go and What to See

A Weekend Getaway in Ohio: Where to Go and What to See

The Buckeye state is known for many things like passionate sports fans, corn and soybeans, and a rich culture. However, the state is much more famous for the never-ending list of attractions and activities available to the public.

Whether you want to catch some catfish in Lake Erie, fawn over music legends at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or experience the enormous thrills of Cedar Point, you will be anything but bored when visiting Ohio.

Keep reading to find out the best places to go when spending a weekend in Ohio.

Cedar Point

Let’s start with the state's most famous attraction, Cedar Point

This iconic amusement park is the heart and soul of Northeast Ohio. Trips to Cedar Point are the highlights of children, teens, and adults summers. The rides are record-breaking, the food establishes life-long cravings, and Sandusky, the small middle-of-nowhere town that houses the park is filled with unique and affordable hidden gems.

Cedar Point is a whopping 364 acres and contains a total of 72 rides. Additionally, the attraction has a waterpark add-on, themed hotels (with indoor water parks), and live shows.

If you plan to visit Ohio during the fall, you have to check out Cedar Point’s Halloweekends. Each year, the amusement park is turned into a massive haunted house, and at sundown, the park streets begin to fill with smoke and terrifying characters.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Another Ohio classic is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Rock Hall located in Downtown Cleveland, is a museum/hall of fame dedicated to the most talented and influential artists of all time. The 3-hour walk-through contains exhibits featuring artists like Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, The Doors, John Lennon and so many more.

Being a Rock Hall inductee is a highly sought-after accomplishment and once you visit the museum, you understand why. Walking the halls of this establishment, seeing authentic artifacts, listening to classic hits, and learning about each star provides a feeling of nostalgia and unique happiness that is hard to find.


Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills State Park in Logan is where you go when you want to experience nearly everything Ohio’s natural environment has to offer.

Waterfalls, fishing, camping, hiking, wildlife, caves, dense forests, and cliffs, Hocking Hills has it all. This state park is a destination that residents don’t mind traveling from all over the state to visit multiple times each year. One of the glorious things about Hocking Hills is how beautiful and exciting it is throughout the entire year.

The summer is perfect for swimming and hiking, the winter offers views of frozen waterfalls, in the fall you get to enjoy the colorful foliage, and in the spring you see wildlife coming out of hibernation and the blooming of diverse plant life.

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Cincinnati is home to one of the biggest and most impressive zoos and botanical gardens.

With over 3,500 animals from habitats all over the world and 10,000 different types of plants, you get to experience the globe's most interesting ecosystems all in one place.

The zoo encompasses an impressive 73 acres and is the second oldest zoo in America. The entire wildlife watching experience generally takes about four hours to complete but many families like to spend the entire day there.

The Botanical Gardens are home to plants of all types. Small and large shrubs, scaling trees, flowers, cactus, and vines are just a few examples. Additionally, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden has a butterfly aviary that allows you to interact with our most beautiful pollinators.

Other Top Attractions and Activities

Each Ohio town is filled with its own unique activities. Here are some of the lesser-known attractions that are just as noteworthy.

1. A Christmas Story House- Cleveland

2. Franklin Castle-Cleveland

3. Columbus Zoo- Columbus

4. Kings Island- Mason

5. Toledo Museum of Art- Toledo

6. Cleveland Museum of Natural History- Cleveland

7. Ohio Caverns- Salem Township

8. Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway- Cuyahoga Valley

9. Squires Castle- Willoughby Hills

10. Have a Heart Cincy Dispensary (you can obtain an MMJ card here)- Cincinnati

11. African Safari Wildlife Park- Port Clinton

12. Cleveland Museum of Art- Cleveland

13. German Village- Columbus

14. Great Lakes Science Center- Cleveland

As you can see, Cleveland is home to many of the state’s most memorable must-see attractions, so if you are planning a trip to the Buckeye State, be sure to roll through Cleveland for an exciting day of adventure, education, and culture. 

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