Acrylic Print Vs Canvas Print - Which is better?

Acrylic Print Vs Canvas Print - Which is better?

Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur taking the ideal shot might take a long time. However, you should also spend time picking the appropriate print to let your photographs shine to their full potential. Acrylic and canvas prints are also wonderful ways to display your final photographs, However, their distinct display advantages vary substantially depending on the picture format you choose to employ.

That is why we have created this detailed tutorial evaluating the distinctions between acrylic and canvas prints. Keep reading to discover the best picture printing choice for you.

How Acrylic prints are made

Acrylic picture printing may be accomplished in two ways.

The first is a face-mount, which is when an image is printed onto a photographic sheet of paper and then sandwiched between two acrylic sheets, front and back. Depending on the picture style, the back may be black and the front might be translucent. The print will be sprayed with air before being sealed to guarantee that every bit of dust is removed from the picture surface and that the acrylic is not destroyed once sealed.

The second approach involves taking your photos and printing them straight onto acrylic, then sealing them with a solid back coating using a high-end printer. Both result in a visual depth to your image that must be seen to be believed.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic print

Acrylic prints give your photographs a 3D look that canvas cannot match. Acrylic prints are more costly than canvas prints. Depending on the size, they might cost between $500 and $1,000.


1.     They're watertight! You may hang them both indoors and outside, and they will be fine.

2.     They have a far longer lifespan than canvas prints.

3.     They are strong enough to withstand being displayed in high-traffic places where people may come into contact with them.


1.   They are pricey.

2.   They will not work with all sorts of décor or images

3.   The majority of acrylic prints have a lot of glare.

4.   Because they are so heavy, they are expensive to ship.

How Canvas prints are made

Canvas prints are made by applying an image to the surface of a canvas, which is then stretched over a frame. During the stretching process, the canvas is wrapped around the frame, or a colour border is placed. Because of the exceptional quality of the wood and materials used in this procedure, the frame and canvas will not warp over time or when exposed to heat and moisture.

You may choose from small, medium, or big canvas prints depending on the size of the space you're decorating (and everything in between). In terms of heat protection, UV laminate (also known as a UV coating) is a common method for shielding pictures from the elements after they have been exhibited. During the canvas printing process, this is used. It is so powerful that it can safeguard image quality for up to 70 years. Without it, the image quality will deteriorate over time as a result of solar damage.

Pros and Cons of Canvas Prints

Canvas earns a lot of points for being around half the price of acrylic.


1.     Their adaptability (they can look at home in just about any room and with any décor)

2.     Almost every image works beautifully on canvas.

3.     They don't have any glare.

4.     They are reasonably priced canvas prints that do not sacrifice longevity or quality.


1.     They are neither waterproof nor scratch resistant (so keep them out of reach of your kid).

2.     Canvas prints may not last as long as acrylic prints if not properly cared for.

Canvas Prints vs Acrylic Prints: Which Is Better?

Unless you're intending on selling your picture at a photographic exhibit, I'd recommend canvas prints due to their cost and size. Affordable canvas prints do not imply poor quality; rather, they are of extremely high quality.

So, in the end, the decision between canvas and acrylic boils down to cost and application. In any case, make sure you do your homework before deciding on a canvas or acrylic printer because it's not just the quality of your image that determines how the print looks, but also the printmaker's craftsmanship.

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