Al Baik in Dubai, UAE

Al Baik in Dubai, UAE

If you’re in Dubai, I bet there is a new whiff you can now smell or better yet, a piece of news you have just heard. Good news is good news either way, but the conveyor makes it more interesting or less, since they convey based on their depth of understanding... Oh yes! Al Baik is now in town. 

Al Baik, a Saudi Arabia food chain restaurant, headquartered in Jeddah recently opened a restaurant in the heart of UAE, Dubai; precisely Dubai Mall and has enjoyed warm acceptance and embraced good problems for the staff of Al Baik as they have come to see and understand the need to have more outlets to cater for their esteemed customers.

While the long queues observed were almost mistaken as though the meals were free, it was observed that although the complete menu was yet available as people could only order Shrimps, Fillet sandwich and Nuggets; the full menu was promised to be devoured a week after the opening.

In this article, I would be sharing with you the newly opened food restaurant in Dubai mall, Dubai, UAE, and definitely with some unique things known for Al Baik you probably never knew until now. Kindly read through to the end.

Why people like Al Baik?

It is often said from where I come from, that: the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach; however, upon further review, Al Baik enjoys the patronage of both men and women, which makes it obvious that there is more to their services than being limited to a gender who loves good meals.

While we give kudos to the team of skilled chefs that makes those meals enticing and indeed tasty, the Saudi Arabia food company by all Muslim rites ensures that their meals are halal food, which gives customers a reason for no worry upon any meal purchase.

If the brand is notable for anything, one of what comes to mind first should be their chicken, just as the logo is easily identified. Al Baik, unlike many restaurants, have their chicken fried or boiled, well, the broasted chicken is one of the unique selling points for Al Baik.

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What is broasted chicken?

Did we ever get conclusive answers to “why did the chicken cross the road”?

The chicken, for many years, amongst a pool of stories, attribution and escapades have been identified, just like many names to a man. Talking about names, one of the names I had ever come across and had to look up the etymology is the “broasted chicken” which was trademarked by L.A.M Phelan simply because he invented a device that combined parts of a deep fryer and a pressure cooker as a unique way to cook the chicken faster. This mode has been proven to be of fewer calories and about 40-70% less fat since it requires just ¼ of oil compared to the 1 and ½ quantity of oil required for traditional frying.

Al Baik, who has been spreading tentacles to all good food lovers with about 120 branches and about 80 countries of exquisite services to their plaques.

What to expect from Al Baik?

Having had a trail of growth since its inception, Al Baik has been careful enough to ensure that service delivery does not flinch, neither its recipes that have stayed the years after the first step in 1974 and then trademarked 1986 by its founder Shakour Abu Ghazalah, who was a Saudi Entrepreneur.

Al Baik has enjoyed dominance in Saudi Arabia and therefore considered the need for market penetration to locations yet uncovered, this led to the worthy partnership with the Abu Dhabi-based National Holding's subsidiary, ServQuest, hence its launch in Dubai [considering the potential it possesses] and you can rest assured on the opening of more outlets nearest to you in Dubai and other parts of the Emirates.

So, why did the chicken cross the road?

I guess to see what makes Al Baik chickens different.

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