All You Need to Know About Before You Order a Custom T-shirt

All You Need to Know About Before You Order a Custom T-shirt
As a fashion enthusiast and stylist, I have come to identify with several customers, from the ones that ask too many questions every time, to the ones that find it soothing to trust my judgment. In all sincerity, I don’t love any of them less. They both want the same thing... a good job. 

Let’s assume we all understand that a good job requires good pay. How about I fill you in on other things that you may want to ask OBL Prints Dubai when you consider printing your next set of T-shirts? 

As we proceed, you must bear in mind that this article has been put together by The Watchtower, a web design agency in Dubai and a leading name in the business of web design and development in Dubai. 

Are all T-shirts the same? 

No, just like human beings are beings but have different names and genders, T-shirts also vary in texture, despite the fabric. In the T-shirt world, what most people come across would be cotton fabric as a preferred choice. 

You need to know that the T-shirt manufacturers are different, and the type of regular cotton you would come across from China would differ in texture from a popular Italian brand. This automatically separates the texture, as well as the cost of the T-shirt, which directly determines the quality of the T-shirt.  

Can I print on any fabric? 

Well, yes, you can! However, the choice of print, the type of ink, and the surface that this print would be placed on are other things to consider. Imagine running a screen print on wool. Yeah, not a pleasant sight. 

It is advised that customers inform the printer/clothing company of their intention of printing and what the graphic work looks like before choosing a fabric for the outfit. 

You can run your creative thoughts through the printer/clothing company before drawing up your conclusion. 

What file format is best to send my graphic work? 

Customers are unique, and while some would do a sketch on paper and hope that you have an idea of what they intend to do, others creatively get a graphic artist to do the task, which they can then forward directly to the printer. 

While this has also experienced some back and forth, especially on the file format, customers are best advised to send their jobs in file format [Adobe Illustrator]. 

The reason is preferred is simply that you can easily resize it into any measurement without ruining the original file size or experiencing distortion. 

Would the size of the graphic differ from the shirt size? 

The size of the graphic is usually a subject of discussion, especially when one needs to run the graphic job in different sizes. You must know that having to run different sizes would simply mean using the same graphic frame for the various sizes of the t-shirt.  

If there is any need to change the size to be bigger, this would require the creation of another frame. 

Can a picture stand in for the shirt size of a person? 

Often, people who intend to give someone a t-shirt say they do not know the shirt size. In this instance, we often ask for a recent picture of the person, usually at least two pictures to be sure of the height and body mass. 

If you are unable to confirm the shirt size, please send recent and clear pictures. 
For further inquiries on screen printing, the best choice of fabric for printing, and other questions related to your print design, you can liaise with OBL Prints Dubai, a top printing press house in Dubai.  

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