All you need to know before launching a Dedicated Web Hosting Server

All you need to know before launching a Dedicated Web Hosting Server

All you need to know before launching a Dedicated Web Hosting Server

Getting ready to launch your website? Have you considered some key factors in making the right decisions regarding that yet? For instance, if you want to ensure your website is running 24/7 without any glitches or hitches,
Then a dedicated web hosting server is your best bang for the buck that you need in your life and business. 

We will be discussing in detail what a dedicated hosting server is, why you should already have one, and how it can benefit your brand, business, and you. 

It’s no secret, launching a professional website can indeed be a very daunting task, especially when you want it to tick all the boxes and take your brand and business to the next level, which is why choosing the right type of hosting server is highly crucial. 

A dedicated web hosting server is a powerful and reliable solution that can help you manage high traffic and handle heavy workloads. With a dedicated web hosting server, you have complete control over your server environment, allowing you to customize it to meet your specific needs. 

So what is a Dedicated Web Hosting Server? 

To a layman, a dedicated web server is a type of server that is dedicated to a single user or organization. Quite unlike shared web hosting, where multiple users share the same server resources, a dedicated web hosting server provides exclusive access to all of the server's resources, including the CPU, RAM, and storage. 

This inevitably means that you have complete control over the server environment and can customize it to meet your specific needs. 

And Exactly Why Do You Need a Dedicated Web Hosting Server? 

Well, for obvious reasons, there are numerous reasons why you might need a dedicated web server. For instance, if you have a high-traffic website, shared hosting may not provide enough resources to handle the traffic.

  1. High Traffic - A good example, will be having a high-traffic website like an eCommerce store selling fresh vegetables, which is in high demand, leading to huge traffic coming in from demanding customers who want to place their orders. In such cases, shared web hosting cannot handle such a volume of traffic and may lead to the e-commerce website crashing because of this, hosting the e-commerce website on a dedicated web hosting server, is your best bet, because it has the resources and capacity to handle such large volumes seamlessly.
  2. Security: - In this day and age where websites are susceptible to attacks from hackers and viruses, security is one major reason you should invest in a dedicated web hosting server. The exclusivity it gives you guarantees that you can even implement your custom security protocols to protect your website.
  3. Better Uptime – this guarantees that with a dedicated web hosting server, you can run your website 24/7 seamlessly, with no fuss whatsoever.

Benefits of using a dedicated web hosting server

The benefits of using a dedicated web hosting server as opposed to a shared web hosting server will be carefully discussed below,

  1. Enhanced Performance - unlike shared web hosting servers which can be limited in their service offerings, a dedicated web hosting server has a vast array of resources at its disposal that you can avail yourself of, which will enable you to optimize the server environment to your unique tastes and specifications. This will in turn maximize your performance with enhanced loading time speed, improve your visitor’s user experience and increase your search engine ranking. Increased Security and Protection from External Threats – imagine having the carte blanche to create and initiate your very own firewall and safety protocols while safe guarding your website from external threats. That and more is what having your own dedicated web hosting server grants you.
  2. Reliability and Dependability - Because they are not influenced by other websites on the same server, dedicated web hosting servers are more dependable than shared web hosting. Dedicated web hosting servers also provide users more control over their hosting environment since they may tailor the server to their requirements.

Obvious Indications that you need a dedicated hosting server

  1. You're Experiencing Frequent Traffic Surges. - this is when your website continues to go down and it is YOUR responsibility. Traffic surges will overburden a shared web hosting server, which is unfair to everyone else on your server and inconvenient for you. Particularly since many traffic spikes are unpredictable. If your post, video, or meme gets viral, your website might be taken offline in minutes. A dedicated Internet hosting server has greater capacity than a dozen shared web hosting server combined, so it can manage traffic spikes.
  2. You want to have your own IP address that you can control - a shared IP address is synonymous with shared web hosting. Controlling your own IP implies that no one else can misuse it. You are no longer sharing the same IP as someone who may be doing something against their host's terms of service. It's also easy to keep your DNS records up to date if your IP never changes. A dedicated web hosting IP address is your internet address.
  3. You want your webpages to load quickly - most dedicated web hosting servers have more processing power than the average shared hosting website requires. This implies that even resource-intensive sites may move at breakneck speed. Mostly because there aren't thousands of other websites competing for the server's resources.
  4. You have more websites/domains than your host can accommodate - the number of websites and domains that may be hosted by most shared web hosting plans is limited. Adding more necessitates a more expensive web hosting package. Save money by hosting as many websites and domains as you want with a dedicated web hosting server. If you're tired of exceeding unreasonable bandwidth quotas imposed by some providers, a dedicated Internet hosting server will literally liberate you.
  5. You desire a greater degree of control - controlling your business, brand, and reputation is critical in this digital age. You can have total control over all areas of your internet business with a dedicated web hosting server.  A dedicated Internet hosting server is a more hands-on solution that is not for everyone, but if your company is in an advantageous position, it may be the best option for you.
  6. You require more than just Webhosting, such as email or app/database hosting - with a dedicated web hosting server, you can do more than just host your website. You are able to run your intranet (An intranet is a private network within an organisation that allows employees to securely exchange company information and computer resources). You can easily set up your own email system. (Without having to rely on a third-party service like Zoho, Google Apps or Outlook). You can run any software that piques your interest and that you wish to try out. You have virtually limitless options for what you can accomplish with a dedicated Internet hosting server as long as it is supported by the operating system you choose.
  7. Your website has grown enormously in size - when you maintain a website for a long time, it becomes enlarged exponentially simply from attrition. This not only takes up space on a shared web hosting server, but it also has an impact on performance. (site load time and server resource usage). If your website has been operating for a long and receives thousands of views each day, a dedicated web hosting server allows you to breathe and, more importantly, expand.
  8. Your host is always restricting you from using the software you work with  - more often than not shared web providers will limit what you may install and operate on your server; alternatively, their shared hosting software packages are restricted and do not include the tools required to execute scripts such as Nodejs, Ghost, or Chevereto. Application-specific web hosting, for example, which only host WordPress sites, will limit some WordPress plugins due to the server load they can generate (or because they are unsafe). With dedicated Internet hosting servers, you can run whatever you want in your own environment.


If your website is having difficulty keeping up with increased traffic, it may be time to convert it to a dedicated web hosting server. This is essentially a server that exclusively hosts your site, and it may not only increase the speed of your site but also improve page loading times and help you optimize security.

When you need extra protection, such as for private development projects or sites employing complex e-commerce technologies not provided by your provider. Your customers may also demand some premium features that cannot be provided without the existence of a server. In such cases, owning a dedicated server meets all of your needs as well as those of your clients.

Due to the high cost of a dedicated server, not everyone can afford to utilize one. However, you should be aware that this type of web hosting service is the most widely used and advanced option, providing a superior experience for its users in terms of both performance and security. As a result, dedicated web hosting is the primary and preferred choice of the majority of successful e-commerce businesses.

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