An Essential Guide to the Importance of Stem Education UAE

An Essential Guide to the Importance of Stem Education UAE
STEM education develops fundamental skills in students, fosters science literacy, and equips the next generation of trend-setters. Crazy innovations like driverless cars, drones, and virtual reality are all part of our future. STEM majors, also known as people with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math, are partially to blame for this trend.

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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, have impacted our daily lives in ways that we might not even be aware of. The 'A' in STEAM refers to the arts, which are added in addition to STEM. The more open-ended of the two will be launched shortly as STREAM. Its acronym stands for math, science, robotics, engineering, and the arts.

Employers are looking for candidates with STEM-related talents, including problem-solving, idea generation, and an "engineering or maker's mindset." Although engineering studies can be quite theoretical in nature, there has been a change in the kinds of courses being offered recently. For instance, Harvard has started offering courses that combine engineering and business and are quite practical in nature.

Sometimes, the 4C's, or 21st-century "super skills," are not taught to students (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity). These are required for any assignment or course that begins early in the academic year. For instance, students would not only know how to build but also improve on their communication skills for a successful pitch when developing a prototype to submit to either the teacher or investors.

Who needs STEM?

Everyone does, according to the answer! Almost all jobs nowadays have components that support this.

Science will always play an important role in the world—the sun, moon, and stars... lands and oceans... Climate change, natural disasters, various qualities of nature, organisms (large, small, microbiological), vegetation, and food (the fuel that heats our houses and drives vehicles). The list is virtually infinite.

In this day and age, innovation refers to PCs and cell phones, but it also refers to TV, radio, magnifying glasses, broadcast, telescopes, the compass, and even the steering wheel. Yes, building designs structures, roadways, and extensions, but it also addresses current transportation issues, unnatural weather changes, and condition-friendly machines, apparatuses, and frameworks.

We simply need to look around to notice how far our lives and our homes have come in the past ten years. Math is used in everyday life while managing bets, the family budget, filing taxes, and going to the grocery store or bank. Every other STEM field uses mathematics in some capacity. STEM is significant because it has an impact on every area of our lives.

How can educators teach STEM?

There are numerous free resources and activities available for instructors to use in their classes. Whatever the product, it is the method of instruction that is important, and project-based learning is extremely effective in this scenario, where students are at the centre and teachers take a DIY approach rather than an instructional one.

Some countries are doing an excellent job of instilling STEM concepts through the use of sticks, cardboard rolls, paper, and other readily available loose materials. Look at the Montessori system; they teach with leaves, rocks, and sand. For example, rocks can be used to educate about forms.
Sand can be used to demonstrate porousness or how objects adhere together; children learn effectively from their everyday experiences.

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A student-centered, inquiry-based approach is made possible by having to generate projects, and it is certain to produce outcomes.

We need to encourage the present and upcoming generations of kids to grasp and embrace the technology that touches them every day of their lives since STEM is so crucial for our children, our community, and our nation. The advantages of taking as many math and science classes as you can in middle and high school should be stressed to students. 

These classes must be taught by motivated instructors who are invested in their students' success. Making science and math classes enjoyable and engaging will not only aid students in learning but may also sow the "seed of interest" that may eventually bear fruit.

STEM Impact in the UAE Case Study

1.Boeing, Amideast, and Pure Minds Education team up to establish a cutting-edge STEM initiative.
The five aerospace challenges will be introduced to the children as part of the STEM Pioneers Program, and they will participate in scientific learning activities that include designing and testing model rockets and aeroplanes. A live demonstration of how teachers will lead pupils through three different STEM problems was one of the launch event's highlights.

Along with enhancing the students' problem-solving skills and teamwork, the curriculum will increase their understanding of market demands for aerospace engineering.

2. STEM for Kids UAE
Since 2015, STEM for Kids has offered STEM and Life Skills programs for kids as young as 4 years old, helping them grow from inquisitive youngsters to the next generation of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and leaders.

The STEM for KIDS UAE team has taught over 4,000 kids in the UAE through after-school programmes, Saturday robotics workshops, and their well-liked winter, spring, and summer camps.

Children's STEM Education the UAE Learning beyond Boundaries initiative teaches STEM principles to youngsters from all around the world through a variety of activities involving everyday household items and our animated STEM programmes.
The recent pandemic has just emphasised how crucial technology is. It's more crucial than ever for kids to be prepared to use and develop technology, with more individuals using Zoom, Slack, and other platforms to connect with friends, family, and coworkers.

Many people and workplaces will continue to use some of their new technological habits even after the pandemic is gone. Students will be prepared for success in 2022 and beyond by laying a solid STEM foundation now.

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