Answers to the Five Most Popular Questions About Cryptocurrency

Answers to the Five Most Popular Questions About Cryptocurrency
The rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing at an astonishing rate. Not surprisingly, there are a considerable number of questions about virtual assets. We have prepared answers to the five most popular questions to help you figure it out.

What are Cryptocurrency and Blockchain?

First, let's figure out what is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that has no physical form. Coins exist only in the virtual world. Most coins are not backed by anything, and any user can get them.

Blockchain is what cryptocurrency runs on. It is a data system that stores information about all transactions with coins. When buying coins, the cryptocurrency converter transfers information to the Blockchain, after which the cryptocurrency is credited to the user's account. Blockchain is a vast book that consists of blocks. All information about coins is recorded in these blocks.

Why do you Need Cryptocurrency?

There is a misconception that cryptocurrencies can only be used for investments. Virtual currency shows a positive growth in value in the long run. Coins are bought to receive income in a few years.

Some coins are used to pay for goods and services. Today, more and more companies are introducing cryptocurrency as a payment instrument. Fast transactions and minimal commission greatly simplify the cooperation of international companies.

Also, some tokens give you the right to own valuable assets and allow you to make decisions in the development and development of technologies. With the help of coins, you can draw attention to new projects and products.

Cryptocurrency is used for trading. Fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices allow you to make good profits.

How to Buy Coins?

Buying coins is very easy. All it needs is:

  • reliable cryptocurrency converter;
  • cryptocurrency wallet;
  • card from which funds will be debited to pay for tokens.

You only need to select the coins you want to buy, enter the number of tokens and confirm the transaction. If you are concerned about the question, can cryptocurrency be converted to cash? Well, that's also possible. In this case, you need to sell virtual currency through an exchanger to receive money to a bank account or e-wallet.

It is essential to choose a good cryptocurrency exchange service. Before buying, you should compare several sites and view the relevance of the course. Also, remember the amount of the commission that you need to pay. In addition, you need to see what coins the service works with and whether it supports all the necessary financial instruments. We advise you to use the services of the WhiteBIT exchanger. It is a reliable service that will help you exchange cryptocurrency.

After buying a coin, you can simply store it in an electronic wallet or sell it when the rate rises. The use of cryptocurrency depends on its functionality and for what purpose the investor buys coins.

Why are There so Many Cryptocurrencies?

Information about the development of new tokens constantly appears in cryptocurrency news. This phenomenon is easy enough to explain. Users saw how popular Blockchain became and began to create alternative coins. Some of them radically differ from BTC in their functionality and purpose. Some forks are formed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Decentralization, independence from banks, low commissions, and short transaction completion times lead to new cryptocurrencies appearing regularly. Technology allows you to create your own coins in just a few clicks.
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