Are New Year resolutions worth the tag?

Are New Year resolutions worth the tag?
The clock striking 12 could mean several things for different people. 

Growing up in my teenage years, the clock striking 12 only meant Break time, where I get to eat my lunch, and also run around doing gymnastics with my friends from the left-over heap of sand just in front of the classroom [memories]. For Cinderella, it counted as a time she ought to be back home, or else she turns back into the poorly dressed girl of the house with the wicked stepmother. 

Well, a few hours before now depending on your time zone, the clock struck 12, which signified us into the New Year; the year 2022 were aspirations, and goals are going to be easily attained as we all want. Anthems like: “New year, new me” are no strange words to period like this. 

While this cut across to everyone, from those who were in the religious houses at the point chanting prayers that their supreme being makes their ways prosperous, down to those who just sat back in their homes for whatever reason best known to them, most often than none with a list of things they intend to do/achieve in the new year. 

But if we are to call a spade nothing other than a spade [even though Shovel sounds good as well], could we say that New Year’s resolutions are worth the tag or reverence we ascribe to it? This view will be considered today in this piece.

What are New Year’s resolutions? 
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Well, for those seated at the back that hasn't heard people say this [which I doubt], let's hear what Wikipedia has to say: A New Year's resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western World but also found in the Eastern World, in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behaviour, accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their life at the start of a new year.  

Are our New Year’s resolutions worth the tag? 
I find it rather absurd to wait an entire year before your review to do better at whatever you represent; be it as an individual or a corporate entity. 

The place of improvement is the place of sincerity that comes with growth naturally. If you pay attention to yourself or in the journey of being true, accept criticism [not to mar you, but to take note] I bet it is easier to turn a supposed new leaf if leaves are your forte [giggles], but I bet you get my point. 

In case you didn’t, may I stress again that you can easily write out your shortcomings, or even projections, and just like every goal, you assume a time frame to it so you can adequately channel your objectives to make it work. 

New Year resolutions are not worth the tag; goals are goals irrespective. Giving it a new name because you got promoted doesn’t make it work/manifest more if that was the narrative. To think life is short. Get in line and stop teasing yourself with fancy names for the cliches, they do no good but console you... and a few weeks after, if not the end of the end, you start doing otherwise. [lol] 

How do I go about my resolutions? 
In the voice of Nicodemus [citing a reference from the Bible], what then must I do to be saved? 

To avoid misconceptions, my bias is not about resolutions, matter of fact resolution is a fusion of two words; the prefix which is “re” which could mean recall, or again. While the latter is the solution, which together clearly have us identify a journey of one seeking to do things newly [being teachable is golden by the way]. 

You can go about your resolutions after you have reviewed, or gotten your feedbacks, or had your eureka moments at any time, but not until a new year. Those things are like weekends, they don’t last.  

Can I have resolutions this New Year? 
Yes, please! You can have resolutions, assessments, which translates into projections. Do yourself the sincere honour of being better at what your case study is, identify them as goals or aims. Give them a time frame. Stay true to it. Consider the parameters to make it work. Consult with your Supreme being where necessary for direction and instruction. Then don’t forget to count your testimonials. 

The truth is, you may not have a sense of achievement or testimonies if you don’t have your resolutions documented, and you don’t have the scale of comparison. 

Resolutions are healthy, they should come in daily, but please I beg of you, don’t wait till the new year fever to give it a name. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy New Year!

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