Are You Looking Forward to Christmas or the Year's End?

Are You Looking Forward to Christmas or the Year's End?
A new year is always filled with many thoughts, from projections for the new year to all that man could be. Ambitions, new year's resolutions, and the anthem “New Year, New Me” are some of the things you get to see and hear in the first week of the year. Well, this afterthought usually happens after the euphoria of being alive to witness another year settles. 

Waking up to the smell of a good cup of coffee is one of the most beautiful things to ever experience, much like the thoughts of how fast the year is ending and Christmas being just a few blocks away. 

Maybe I have been going to the wrong places, or maybe I haven't been to the right places, but I have barely seen Christmas decorations around this year, which makes me wonder: are people looking forward to Christmas at all, or is it just all about the year coming to an end? 

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Are you looking forward to Christmas? 

I can't throw away the childhood memories of thinking about Christmas being around the corner. It simply is magical; I'm always spelled by the entire thoughts of it. 

From the reason for creatively designing Christmas decorations in my class, back in primary school, to the Christmas choir, new clothes and shoes to be worn, and the thoughts of firecrackers, these are some of the reasons growing up was fun during Christmas. 

But hey, reality check! Man’s all grown, bills keep piling, and the constant need to aspire for a better buck is high. Let alone the demands and expectations out there from family, work, society, and of course the church, all of which can blur one’s sight on what the date is, unless it's payday. Lol!  

The above-listed things are just the norm for most people; let alone that you now have personal projects or commitments that have sapped your energy. Believe me, I can only imagine what you’re going through, and you have my best wishes. 

But then again, are you looking forward to Christmas? Not for the kids alone though, or the harmattan or the snow, or it's just the thoughts of the year reaching its brim and turning a new leaf called 2023 with its high hopes and splendor? 

Looking forward to the year's end is also good. 

Calendars were at some point celebrated for innovative thinking. This is because they met a need, and even though we would like to filter some days, the calendar does enough goodwill by helping us where we are or where we look forward to being. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, it is ok, matter of fact, it is ideal to have projections and detailed foresight on how the year should pan out. Aside from wishful thinking and lazy-ass thoughts, yearly goals [what some mistake for new year resolution] is a good move. If for nothing else, it helps us be better for ourselves and our self-esteem and has a ripple effect on the ecosystem. 

The end of the year symbolizes the end of a phase of your projection cycle, and it is okay to want to sit back and consider how it panned out, either in retrospect or by checking through the report card. 

If I must add, looking forward to the year's end is also good, as it stirs up the whole sense of accountability for us all as individuals. 

We can look forward to Christmas and the year's end. 

It will be a terrible thing to note, seeing that one lived through life living only half-baked of one’s potential. With all that has been seen, having witnessed three decades and some extras, our ability to still find our rhythm and enjoy each milestone and date is essential for our psyche. 

Come Christmas, we bubble, and come year's end, we review our scorecard and project into the coming year. This act is only ideal for those who are willing to think deeper, and I bet you are one of them. 

Never miss life with the cloud of higher hopes that we don’t see the goodie bag in our sight. 

By the way, have you drawn up your Christmas list yet? 
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