Beauty Salon in Dubai 2021

Beauty Salon in Dubai 2021
A well-cared-for appearance and a tidy haircut are essential characteristics of a modern-day member of society. Many investors now recognize that this enthusiasm may serve as the foundation for a successful business, such as starting a beauty salon. Because this service is in high demand, regardless of where the company is located. 

The UAE is not susceptible to this, since the beauty sector is the most sought-after market segment, particularly in Dubai. Opening a beauty salon in Dubai might be a wonderful idea because there is always a need for this service. People emphasize their personal hygiene when they have a good quality of life and a discretionary individual income.

What Are the Benefits of Opening a Beauty Salon in Dubai? 
If you have been contemplating establishing a company in Dubai for some time and are interested in the salon industry, now is the time to proceed with your plans. The UAE's steadfast National Policy for international entrepreneurs, as well as many corporate perks, will be a welcome addition to your company. Not only that, but the services provided by a beauty salon in Dubai are constantly in great demand, and you can also set up a variety of additional services such as training and make-up classes.

The Steps to Opening a Beauty Salon in Dubai 
Dubai The Mainland is the preferred alternative for establishing your salon company in Dubai since it will provide more business chances than a free zone business setting. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the governing agency for all sorts of enterprises in Dubai Mainland, and its procedures include the following: 

  1. The first step is to provide copies of the passports of the partners who are investing in the firm.
  2. Along with the passport documents, they must also provide all of the partners' visa copies.
  3. Following that, you could actually decide on a name for your beauty salon.
  4. Submit the name you chose to the DED for approval.
  5. You can now Draft and then sign the Memorandum of Association or to a Local Service Agent after you have received the initial clearance from the Department of Economic Development.
  6. Rent a salon shop following the necessary infrastructure and reach an agreement with the renter. 
  7. Obtain the tenancy contract as well as the Ejari number. 
  8. Obtain clearance from the Dubai Municipality's Planning Section. 
  9. You will need to xkGet permission from the Dubai Municipality's Health and Safety Division. 
  10. Submit all of the aforementioned papers and obtain the necessary DED license. 
It takes around 2-4 weeks to complete all of the aforementioned processes. Once you have received a DED license clearance, you are ready to open your beauty salon in Dubai.
Beauty Salon License Types in Dubai 
In Dubai, there are two categories of beauty salon licenses. They are as follows: 
  1. Women's Salon Permit
  2. Men's Salon Permit 
1. A ladies salon or women's beauty salon in Dubai is licensed for beautifying and hair treatment. Haircare services might include washing, cutting, dyeing, straightening, wave, hair mending, and henna treatments. Cosmetic treatments can also involve cosmetics and skin cleaning. They can also provide skin hair removal, facial aesthetics, foot care, nail manicures, and therapy.

2. They can conduct hairdressing and other beautifying services with a men's beauty salon license in Dubai. Trimming, cutting, weaving, dyeing, straightening, hair setting up, and hair strength support are all examples of haircare. Skin purification, hair removal from the skin, foot care, and facial aesthetics are examples of cosmetic treatments.
Dubai Beauty Salon Requirements 
1. The site of the beauty salon in Dubai must be approved by the Dubai Municipality's planning department. 
2. A sign must be put in front of the beauty salon. 
3. The lighting in the salon must be adequate, and the furnishings must be clean and suitable.
4. In terms of dressing chairs, they must be at least 3.0m broad by 3.5m long and cannot be any smaller. 
5. The distance between the beauty salon's ceiling and the floor must be greater than 2.30m. 
6. A separate space must be set aside for beauty services such as pedicures, manicures, hair removal, and henna design. Each such area must be larger than 2.50m x 1.50m with a suitable partition. 
7. For face treatments, there must be a washbasin nearby. 
8. For the preparation area for hair removal products, fireproof materials must be used. 
9. A water heater must be installed in the beauty salon. 
10. There must be cabinets and drawers to store towels.

Still unsure how to proceed? You can always seek the assistance of a professional who is familiar with a Beauty Salon in Dubai. We at The Watchtower not only answer your questions regarding opening a Beauty Salon in Dubai, but we also assist you in navigating the process. Our experts will research your requirements and cater to them. Furthermore, we provide services that could aid you in growing your business.

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