Benefits of Posting on Google My Business

Benefits of Posting on Google My Business
As a virtual store owner, posting for me is pretty much sensitive and crucial for my survival as a brand. Truth is, we can lay in comfort, singing “Kumbaya” with the clientele base we have and lean on their loyalty and perhaps referrals [viral marketing] which is healthy though, but who says more is murder? 

There is a psychological effect to an advertisement, and left to me, from my little understanding, it does not necessarily have to make sense. [pardon me] What advertisement does is to appeal to your subconscious with good images, color effect, perhaps a good story/plot/script, and more importantly the brand name. So, while the advert did its magic on you and for the sake of good money/airplay which implies the number of times it comes to face/ears, it registers to the inner mind... subconsciously [not intentional] and then when next you have a need and consider shopping, considering your pool of options you are more likely to settle for a known name, this is where the brain plays it role by doing a “fetch request” on your mind [database] and there you go, another successful convert. 

Advertisement, in the context of this article, is likened to posting and therefore garners the same weight and psychology for a business entity.  
How about I get you fired up? 

Imagine telling your friends about your service/products. Imagine sharing flyers and having signages of your business around your demographic. Imagine running adverts on the local radio/TV station and consider the possible ripples. How about running a post on a global platform? I hope you get the picture now, exactly my thoughts! 

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This article would have us carefully review what you stand to gain as a business owner while posting content on the Google My Business platform. 

What you should know about Posting on Google My Business
Posts have a shelf life of 7 days after being posted on the platform, however, there is an extension window provided to show posts for 14 days. With this unique feature, you can post a total of 8 posts to appear in the hierarchy of newest to oldest. 

While the business owner could post more than 8 pictures on the platform, this would interpret that the oldest picture would be phased out before its default expiration date, since the pattern is newest to oldest. 

It is still possible for your viewers to review, access your previous posts by clicking on the “posts” icon and “view previous updates on Google” 
What are the benefits of posting on Google My Business? 

With the aid of Google My Business as leverage, you as a business tends to enjoy greater reach than before, since your ranking has suddenly spiked. This, therefore, implies that you have higher chances of patronage, by learning how to post to Google and create quality Google My Business Posts. 

With the new software tool, you can connect directly with your local customers, which will suddenly spike brand recognition and affinity. As a brand owner, you can now give your audience more information to assist them in their purchasing process and keep them up to speed on pertinent developments such as changes about the business. 

With the deployment of videos, photographs reviews, and postings, interactions with your consumers while searching are enhanced. Therefore, your audience has a better feel of you as a brand than from a distance. It helps you understand shortcomings, make modifications where necessary, and make an overall display for better services. 
Four types of posts could be created through Google My Business, they are: 
1. Offers. 
2. What’s New. 
3. Products. 
4. Events. 
In conclusion, it is pertinent to note that Google My Business and local listings will always change, hence there is a need to keep updating and being visible to increase ranking. With the aid of local search, Google is continuously attempting to ensure users are fed with the best experience. 

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Omonike Adetimehin

Jun 29, 2021

Well done, mr smith. Very refreshing, thank you.

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