Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2022

Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2022
Farming is one profession that has been poorly understood. There had been a perception of who farmers are, how their lifestyle entails, what they look like, and their earning power. What the vast majority didn’t know up until the recent time is that it is an essential ingredient to any business, country, or let's just say GDP [Gross Domestic Product]. 

One of my favourite scriptures as a Christian says: “while I was a child, I spoke as a child”. I like it because the words are metaphorical, which easily makes them applicable to multiple scenarios. How about a waiver for our ignorant self, who at some point assumed traditional farming was all, and not scalable.  

I guess it suddenly dawned on people that farming is lucrative, or can be better harnessed with the aid of new knowledge, mechanism, technology, and of course digital media. 

What is digital marketing media? 
The word media is simply a mode of communication. Digital marketing on the other hand signifies the use of new-age technology from the online space to harness marketing a product or service. Putting it all together, Digital marketing media is the leverage of the internet space/online platform to communicate to an audience reeling out information via images, videos, graphics, or a blend of two or more with a Call to Action [CTA] to drive sales or service. 

What are some examples of digital marketing? 
While marketing is has seen different turns from different generations, in this current dispensation, the world has seen more of digital marketing as a worthy choice to interface with customers and prospects. 

Below are some examples of digital marketing considered in today’s work balance. 
1. Email Marketing.  
2. Social Media Marketing.  
3. SMS Messaging.  
4. Website Marketing.  
5. Content Marketing. 
What are the most effective digital marketing tools? 
1. Google Analytics. 
Google Analytics is a web analytics tool developed by Google that monitors and reports website traffic. As a platform, it's presently part of the Google Marketing Platform.

Buffer is a tool for successfully managing social media.
You may use Buffer to schedule social media postings. It offers a simple UX [user experience] that integrates complete analytics data so that content planning decisions can be made with confidence.

2. MailChimp. 
This is a golden tool considered for email marketing which allows one to keep in touch with clientele through emails, or newsletter dissemination periodically. 

3. SEMRush  
This is an improved SEO strategy that finds use in inputting keywords, and long-tail keywords to optimize your ranking in the digital space. 

4. SentiOne  
SentiOne is a platform for AI-assisted customer service automation. Using proprietary algorithms, the program watches the internet (social media, portals, forums, and blogs) internationally, accumulates public mentions, and analyzes them for consumer insights. 

Is digital marketing worth it in 2022? 
I figured there would be a search in this order, so here it is: digital marketing was worth it in 2021, and would certainly be worth much more of it in 2022. 

If you have followed technology trends, and patterns, you must have realized we are in the digital media age, the digital media revolution, which is paving the way into the 5th industrial revolution in the metaverse, blockchain technology, NFT [Non-Fungible Token], the widespread of AI [Artificial Intelligence], 3D printing, and much more; Digital marketing is worth every ride in 2022. 

What is the most effective form of digital marketing? 
This could be argued for a while, but if you check your statistics, you will identify for yourself that content marketing still surpasses all forms of digital marketing, well, if done articulately. 

Content marketing requires a robust spread of information on a product, service, or case study. With the right dose of information, style of writing, and a remarkable CTA [Call to Action], content marketing is a more effective form of digital marketing. 
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