Best Film Production House in Dubai

Best Film Production House in Dubai

Many of us are film enthusiasts. We love to watch films from all parts of the world; but especially those from the top filmmaking countries in the world: Bollywood, Nollywood and Hollywood (by volume). For some of us, we are not picky as what genre a film belongs. We just love a good film that appeals to our emotions, fantasy or one that leaves us pulsating with adrenaline of excitement or fear. For some others, they are a little more choosey regarding the kind of movie they can be bothered to watch. Still, others only have time for TV productions.

But whatever is our area of interest, very few of us bother to find out how film production is carried out and the processes involved in getting a film or TV production of the scripts to TV or the main screen in cinema houses. Or even more so, which film production house (company) is responsible for some of the box office blockbusters that leaves us feeling blown away for some time after we see them. And some we end up classifying as classics.

Film production (sometimes also referred to as Filmmaking), refers to the processes or distinct stages involved in the complex getting a film idea from the commissioning stage through screenwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording and pre-production, as well as post-production activities such as editing and the screening of the final production that may result in a film release.

As we may have noticed, there are quite a number of filmmaking houses around; especially from the major filmmaking industries like Hollywood and Bollywood. Some of these filmmaking houses are very famous, like Twentieth Century Fox, Metro-Godwyn-Meyer (MGM), LightHouse, Miramax, TriStar, etc., while others are not such household names as the ones just mentioned above. But in all, these and many other films production houses bring us the entertainment that we all seek from movies.

In this article, we take a look at some of the best filmmaking houses in Dubai as a city that is fast coming into its own as a filmmaking district in the Middle-East given its popularity as a filming territory because of its inviting terrains of both contemporary and desert features that are often used as doubles for some other similar locations, coupled with its attractive financial incentives amongst other attributes; as well as whether deciding on using Freelance agent or an Agency for your Film production.

1.      Film District Dubai:

Film District Dubai is an award-winning Video Production Company in Dubai that specializes in video production services, film production services, corporate video production services, promotional video production services, commercial video production services, live event video streaming services, virtual function event streaming services, live event video production services, virtual event video production services, social media video production services, testimonial video production and animated explainer video production services.

2.      Saluki Media:

Saluki Media is a media services company in Dubai that provides a full range of film production services to clients within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and even outside of the UAE. The company has shown considerable capacity in creating engaging content for top brands as well as producing full-length features such as documentaries, series, and films. The media house has a team made up of senior producers, directors, animators, writers and editor that is experienced, creative, and expert at translating your idea to life.

3.      The  Company Films:

A company founded over a decade ago in Dubai and with over forty international recognitions for their work, this company possesses both the infrastructure and the manpower to create different genres of films that meet the requirements and visions of their client. In addition to having the capacity to produce full-length feature films; this company also produces corporate videos, documentaries, travel series, motion graphic animation videos and several other services.

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