Best Freelance Ebook Writers and Where to Find Them

Best Freelance Ebook Writers and Where to Find Them
When people hear about ebooks, they imagine novels, short stories, or something else of a fictional nature. Yet, with immense availability, a variety of ebooks come as well. Commerce ebooks are an excellent marketing tool from which any business may benefit. 

The critical difference between a marketing ebook and an ebook for publishing is volume. Marketing ebooks usually are up to 3000 words, while books for publishing may reach up to 30000 words. 

Ebooks are an excellent way for a business to build an online presence, keep its audience, and attract new clients. Companies may use ebooks for different purposes: 

Guides. Each new product requires a comprehensive guide. It helps in promotion aims and product distribution. 

FAQ sections. Writing a long and complex Q&A section may be a challenging task. Professional Ebook writers may describe available business features accessible to the audience. 

Instructions. This type of ebook is similar to guides. Yet, if a product has many steps in assembling or requires specific usage conditions, well-written instruction is necessary. There are many failed products that people did not understand how to use appropriately. A well-written instruction means the difference between success and failure. 

Self-Improvement tips. A self-improvement book may be handy if a company provides healthcare services and products. It will diversify the range of available products and will attract new customers. 

A professional ebook writer can be beneficial for any business. If a company specializes in writing content, an ebook writer can save time and deliver necessary products within a short deadline. 

If a business has another focus, an ebook writer will help create engaging promotional contact and keep the audience interested. Besides, the ebook writers will conduct all the necessary research for the compelling material creation. If a company already has the essential content, a professional ebook writer will help polish it and present the highest quality to the clients. 

Where to Find the Best Ebook Writers? 

A business should decide what kind of ebook writer it needs. The best service for searching for writers will be transparent after that. There are several types of ebook writers: 

  1. Copywriter;
  2. Ghostwriter; 
  3. General writer. 
Copywriters specialize in business and marketing content. They create short non-fiction and can provide services in content editing. They also know copywriting tips that help to make content more popular. Ghostwriters are more like regular writers. They may create short novels but also can write pamphlets or blog pages. Companies can use this type of content in promotional materials. 

Finally, general writers combine the specialization of ghostwriters and copywriters. They may look like the best choice, but businesses should consider general writers’ experience. Finding a professional equally good qualified in different content writing areas is problematic. 

There are several types of employment for ebook writers too. A company may hire an indoor writer or independent contractor or apply to a content writing agency. Indoor writers are remote employees. It is a good option if a business needs regular content flow. 

Independent contractors are freelancers that hiring managers can find on specialized resources. The qualification and cost of their services differ from specialist to specialist. Finally, content writing agencies are resources that consist of teams of high-skilled professionals. Their services may be costly compared to other options, but the quality will be higher too. 


Fiverr is a platform for hiring freelancers, including ebook writers. Fiverr’s main feature is flexibility. It is easy to navigate the platform and search for the writer you need. Besides, Fiverr is one of the most budget-friendly resources. The lowest price for an order can be $5. 

Besides, Fiverr features a premium subscription that gives access to the broader talent pool. In general, Fiverr is a competent resource for searching for ebook writers. Yet, it may take some time to find a good one. 

Aston Ghostwriters 

Aston Ghostwriters is one of the oldest professional resources on the market. Its team has proven itself to be competent professionals. Aston Ghostwriters provide a wide range of services regarding ebooks. Their customers can get the following: 

  1. Writing an ebook from scratch;
  2. Cover letter editing;
  3. Design and mark-up;
  4. Ebook publishing. 
All of the packages have reasonable prices. Everything is done in one place, and the resource works around the clock. If you need a complex ebook, Aston Ghostwriters will produce one. 

Writing Studio 

Writing Studio is another excellent ebook writing company. Thorough research of the given topics is their primary strength. The service specializes in non-fiction writing and business content. The platform features specialists in many categories, such as: 

  1. Science;
  2. Technology;
  3. Marketing;
  4. Law;
  5. Medicine. 
The service can provide competent and straightforward content about anything business-related. 


Contentwriters is a resource that will complete any type of work for a reasonable price. A client does not have to contact writers directly or negotiate order conditions. Instead, people submit their orders to the service and pay a fixed price. Then, the ContentWriters team finds fitting specialists and delivers the order before the deadline. 

Besides, clients have access to unlimited revisions and plagiarism checks. All of these features ensure that the work is of the highest quality. Contentwriters is a fantastic resource for quick, qualitative results for reasonable pricing. 


WriterAccess is one of the most costly platforms on the market. It requires from $39 to $390 for a monthly subscription. It gives access to a vast base of the best ebook writers available. The service offers a 30-day free trial period to see if it meets the business requirements. If a company requires extensive, consistent content packages, WriterAccess is an optimal choice. 

Bottom Line

Ebook writers are professionals that create content for marketing purposes. Ebook writers may come in handy if a business needs to save time or money on promotional materials. There are different types of specialists that companies may hire on various platforms. 

Depending on the budget and project’s aim, a company may apply for a professional ebook writing service or find an independent ebook writer to make the job done.  
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