Best laptop for Software Engineering Students in Dubai

Best laptop for Software Engineering Students in Dubai

As a Software Engineering student in Dubai, you can believe that most laptop computers are incapable of running all of the various software applications that engineers experience at work or during their studies.

and it is for this reason that we have written this post. We would show you the right laptop for a student in software engineering in Dubai. Just like in any faculty, you will have tasks related to the essay. In such cases, we are ready to recommend you Essaypro best essay writing app, they will help you concentrate on the main occupation of your studies.

Hardware Recommendations for Software Engineering Students

SSD Service

TIME management is the secret to success in any class; if you want to save TIME, get an SSD (this will max out productivity because everything will load up in less than a second including the time it takes to boot your laptop). Only double-check, almost all laptops in 2021 will have an SSD.


Any software engineer should strive for 8GB of RAM. This would eliminate any slowdown caused by any program or the number of browser tabs you have open.


Size: Since you'll be staring at this thing for days, why not be gentle on your eyes? If possible, get a 13-inch monitor with a matte finish (or set brightness to low levels).

All engineers' resolution is 1080p. This will provide you with sufficient workspace and will scale well with any applications available. Avoid using screens of 4k resolution


If you are a student, this is probably the most important feature. As light as possible. Maintain a weight of around 3lb (unfortunately powerful ultra-lightweight laptops are expensive ).

Top 3 Best Laptops For software Engineering Students in Dubai

The Surface Book 3

If you are a Software Engineer who despises moving into a computer lab, or if CAD/CAE simulation/modelling would be a major part of your studies (perhaps also your specialization)

The Surface Book 3 then offers all of the advantages of the Surface Pro while still enabling you to run Every 3D model.

The Surface Book 3 has the same architecture as the Surface Pro, but it is much more powerful in terms of speed due to a much stronger CPU and a mid-range or high-end GPU (depending on which and how you configure yours).

It can accommodate a CPU with a clock speed of up to 5 GHz, which is around the maximum clock speed available in laptops.

In contrast to the Surface Pro, you can select between two display sizes: 13 and 15.

Both versions have the same insanely high resolution, which matches the resolution of the MacBook Pro Retina (3000x2000).

Despite the GPU, the battery life is still impressive, lasting 6–8 hours at most.

The Dell XPS 13 9360

The Dell XPS 13 is one of the best Windows luxury Ultrabook on the market. If you want portability but don't need a folding notebook, this is the laptop for you.

It begins with a Core i3 processor with 4GB RAM and a 128GB SSD and progresses to a core i7 1TB SSD 16GB RAM configuration.

If you are not running 3D CAD/CAE applications, a Core i3 would suffice. Also without a dedicated GPU, a Core i5 gives you enough power to run some small 3D games.

You may be asking why this thing is so costly if it lacks a dedicated GPU.

Simply put, thinness, form factor, portability, and battery life are all important considerations.

MacBook Pro

In terms of results, MacBook are not outperformed by strong Windows laptops. Apple is constantly looking for new opportunities to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into its products.

Apple is constantly looking for new opportunities to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into its products.

The model I'm displaying here is the most recent and strong MacBook Pro. It's just good for 3D software engineers who want to do it all on their desktop.

If you cannot afford any of these options, you can try purchasing a refurbished MacBook Pro.

No, they are not repaired or faulty. Refurbished MacBook don't qualify as "used" because they look and sound brand new.

They would almost certainly last you the whole 4-5 years of education, and you will even be able to resell them afterward.

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