Best Meal Plan Companies in Dubai

Best Meal Plan Companies in Dubai

I guess it is a cliché now to say that ‘you’re what you eat’. There’s absolutely no doubt that how healthy you’re and remain is directly tied to how well you eat. Yet, many people in most parts of the world do not eat well.

However, the same may not be said of citizens of Dubai as people living in this paradise in the Arabian Desert have learnt to feast like kings.  After all, food is the most basic of human needs and getting it right is essential to healthy living.

Unfortunately, not everyone does get it right.


What Is a Meal?

An occasion when mostly food is consumed at a certain time and place is often regarded as a meal. The kind of meal that a person has is often dependent on the cultural practice of the place a person is from; as well as the time of day the meal is had or the size of the meal itself.

Traditionally, meals can be consumed anywhere, but they are frequently consumed at homes, eateries, and cafeterias. There are meals taken regularly every day and sometimes taken several times a day. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions often coincide with special dinners. The size, variety, and filling nature of a meal are the key differences between it and a snack.

With three primary meals in contemporary civilizations—morning, early afternoon, and evening—food presented and consumed varies on regional norms. While some people consider dinner to be the major meal, others refer to midday meals as lunch and early evening meals as supper or dinner. Depending on the family or location, these names can change.


Meal Preparation

Purchasing raw materials, preparing them for consumption, and altering their form through methods like baking and blanching are all parts of the food preparation process. By separating edible portions from inedible ones, ensuring food is digestible through grinding, soaking, and pounding, and detoxifying particular foods like cassava and roots containing prussic acid, it is essential for maintaining human health.


Importance of Meal Preparation

Food safety, allergy prevention, and food quality promotion all depend on proper food preparation. In order to prevent contamination, it entails making sure that substances are handled, stored, and handled properly. To avoid dehydration and gastroenteritis, food preparation personnel must practice good hand hygiene, boil frozen items according to suggested times, and refrigerate perishable goods.

Additionally, you may prevent allergy reactions by labeling items and raising knowledge of which foods are safe to eat. By assuring the safe handling and consumption of food items and lowering the risk of consuming contaminated food, meal preparation also increases food quality.


What Is a Meal Planning?

For anyone who wishes to eat healthy; you should realize that doing so isn’t done by accident. Meal planning must be a conscious effort to prioritize nutrition and plan.

Meal planning is regarded as the action of deciding which meals to prepare in advance based on the schedule you have created, preferences, available foods, seasonality of produce, sale items, etc. As a result, meal planning often leads weekly shopping for grocery that are needed and consulting with other members of the family in creating the menu. You can create your own weekly meal plans If you know how to meal plan.

It is important to distinguish meal planning from meal plan as the latter represents a fixed or static template that tends to dictate what you have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The disadvantage of this is that it is repetitive and does not take into consideration your cooking schedule or leave room for individualized preferences or nutritional needs.

But even at that; not everyone has the capability of creating a meal plan that serves that nutritional needs and individual of family preferences. This is where Meal Plan Companies in Dubai come in.


Best Meal Plan Companies in Dubai

Planning and preparing meals can take a lot of time, especially for people who are already busy. Many Dubai-based businesses offer reliable meal-plan choices, frequently paid on a monthly basis, so customers may save time and avoid pricey daily food orders. Some go so far as to provide supplemental services like nutritionist consultation.

Here are the Top Meal Plan Companies in Dubai in no particular order.


1. Curry Fit

The restaurant focuses on catering to the desi palate with meals that are significantly influenced by Indian food. It asserts that bland foods are often part of healthy diets, and it tries to change that.

There are five packages offered, including keto and vegetarian diet regimens. Among the meals are murgh korma with spring onion fried rice, mutton kebab served with masala rice and chutney, and Kolhapuri fish masala with garlic roti.

A vegetarian weight-loss plan with three meals and two snacks costs Dh115 per day, including delivery. offers delivery in all of the major cities in the UAE.



2. Jetlagged Chef

Jetlagged Chef provides easy meal plans without categorizing them, making it perfect for people who are watching their calorie intake.

The packages are determined by the quantity of meals and delivery frequency. For instance, a standard plan might include lunch and dinner, but you can choose to only have one of those meals.

Every meal comes with a bar code that customers can scan to enter the meal's calories and other macronutrients into the MyFitnessPal app.



3. Energy Meal Plan Dubai

Energy Meal Plans prioritizes your health as we believe leading a healthy lifestyle is a key factor to leading a happy lifestyle. One of the top meal plan providers in the UAE, Energy Meal Plans serves over 500 clients and consistently provides fresh, high-quality meals. Gourmet nutritious cuisine is available from Energy Meal Plans, and our meal plans may be adjusted to accommodate any dietary needs or preferences. Our food is scrumptious, nutritious, and appealing. We are the only business in the UAE to provide a food plan especially created for PCOS-affected ladies.

Price and availability: Five days of lunch and dinner cost Dh575. Deliveries are made by the company in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.



4. Delicut

With pricing starting at Dh700, the brand offers three meal-plan choices: low-calorie, balanced, and gain. The idea is to develop an easy substitute for cooking or eating out. Customers can select from a brand-new menu every week, and based on the bundle they select, they may get up to three meals per day.

International cuisine is offered on the menu, including mushroom risotto and an Asian-style salad with ginger and soy sauce. This also means that Delicut's kitchen uses foods like dairy, gluten, and shellfish, which are not allergen-free.

The customizable bundles start at Dh700, and delivery is free. On a set timetable, meals are delivered twice a week. The UAE-wide company Delicut is available at



5. Fitbar

Fitbar is renowned for its extensive food selection. Plans exist for both people looking to develop muscle mass and those looking to decrease or maintain their weight. The company also provides a vegan meal plan in addition to a keto or low-carb option.

Fitbar offers clients the opportunity to subscribe to a 10-day or 12-day plan instead of the typical monthly package, making their packages among of the most flexible. Depending on their fitness routines, some also offer a post-workout snack for clients to consider.

Price and delivery: Depending on the number of meals and length of the plan, packages start at Dh740 and go up to Dh3,000. Every day, Fitbar delivers to the UAE.



6. iDiet

There are several choices at iDiet, ranging from standard weight-management regimens to customized ones like a food plan for expectant mothers. To determine which plan is best for them, customers must respond to a nine-point questionnaire.

Other alternatives include a package that excludes meat, dairy, and wheat, a package that is plant-based, a plan for pescatarians, and a package that is conducive to intermittent fasting.

Packages start at Dh700, and a full-board option can cost up to Dh5,300 for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks with 1,200–1,400 calories each for 40 days. The UAE is serviced by iDiet; see



7. Zerofat

Customers can select from a variety of packages, including ones created especially for athletes and those for weight control. Since the meals are prepared daily, a daily booking approach is used rather than a set monthly timetable.

Zerofat provides meal plans for vegetarians, people trying to lose weight, and people who just want to develop healthy eating habits as opposed to following a rigorous diet. The menu created specifically for athletes is meant to go along with their workout regimens and any competition-based training plans.

Price and delivery: Three meals each day with 1,000–1,250 calories start at Dh87. Zerofat distributes to the entire UAE.



For all your nutritional needs, Energy Meal Plan Dubai offers a simple meal preparation delivery service to your home or place of business. All around the UAE, the cuisine is freshly prepared and brought to your house each day. Our menus are created on a weekly basis so that our customers never get tired of the cuisine, and our meal plans can be tailored to fit any diet or preference.

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