Best Performing Reviews Plugin for WordPress Websites

Best Performing Reviews Plugin for WordPress Websites
We all know how critical reviews are in the business landscape. On the one hand, it helps businesses know the reception of their respective brands and products, and at the same time, it helps consumers make their buying decisions.

With WordPress providing businesses the facility to establish their online presence, businesses are proving their credibility by opting to embed customer reviews on their WordPress website. You have ample review plugins for WordPress that help in this cause. These plugins provide you with ample widgets, such as the Google review widget, testimonial widgets, and more. These widgets enable users to showcase reviews related to their brands.

So, if you want to jump on this bandwagon and look for the best WordPress plugins for this purpose, then you have arrived at the right place. In this blog, we have listed the best customer-reviewed plugins for WordPress, and you can learn about them here and select the one that suits your requirements and needs.

Reviews Plugin for WordPress with High Efficiency

Who doesn’t like to be associated with the best in the business? So, here is the list of the best-rated review plugins for WordPress that enable you to embed reviews on your website. You can easily find them and operate them without breaking a sweat. 

1. Google Review Widget by Tagembed

For a smooth and seamless embedding process, it is important to have a trustworthy plugin that smooths out your whole embedding process. Google reviews The widget by Tagembed is one such plugin. It is one of the best-performing and most trusted review plugins for WordPress. 

The tools help you showcase Google reviews on your WordPress website with the help of the Google review widget. And not only Google, the plugin also enables you to compile content from 20+ platforms, allows you to curate and customize the collected content, and assists in smoothly adding it to your website.

Alongside making the whole embedding process simple and flawless, it also offers various useful features that help you make the most of this strategy. The features include a customization feature that allows you to personalize your widget as per your needs. You can change the font size, font style, widget colors, and more. Moreover, you also have the facility to moderate the content, which means you can choose the reviews that you want to showcase on your website.

Responsive widgets, custom CSS, and analytics are some of the other notable features. 

2. Trustmary
Trustmary is a review platform that allows users to import existing reviews from third-party review sites, collect original text and video reviews, and add them to their websites with stylish and customizable widgets.

With this tool, you can create on-page review widgets, pop-ups, and other useful lead-generation widgets spiced up with reviews. They are easily added to your website with a copy-and-paste HTML code.

They have a plugin for adding reviews to WordPress, making it easy for you to manage your widget codes directly on the WordPress admin panel.

Trustmary is made for business reviews, not product reviews. Thus, it’s the perfect choice for businesses that wish to promote their brand and increase trust with potential customers, converting them into loyal advocates. 

3. Rich Reviews by Starfish

By adding consumer reviews to your website, you can prove your reliability in the market and win the trust of your potential customers and make your website more engaging. People tend to read reviews before making their purchase decisions, and by opting to embed customer reviews on your website, you can keep your customers on your website and help them with their purchase decisions. And this might also help you convert that potential customer into your customer. And with the Rich Review WordPress plugin, you can take a step in this direction.

Like the other plugins in the list, this plugin helps collect reviews related to your business from various platforms and displays them on your WordPress website. It also equips you with some features that help you in the cause. Like, you have a moderate submission option to choose the reviews to display on the website. If you notice that the page load time has slowed down, you might need to select a suitable web hosting for photographers to ensure the stable performance of your website.

Moreover, the plugin is built totally around short codes, which means it provides you the liberty to include any of the three key features on any page, post, sidebar, footer, or widget on your website.

4. Revi.o 

By showcasing reviews on the platform, you can also build a review cycle. Consumers feel respected when brands showcase their reviews on their website; it encourages other users to write reviews and enjoy their limelight on the website.

With the help of, you can easily gather all the reviews related to your brand from various platforms, and by performing a few straightforward steps, you can display them on the website. And once you have installed the plugin on the website, everything is automated. That means you don’t need to follow some steps to display new reviews on the website. The plugin automatically showcases new reviews on the website, and there is no need to refresh the feed or hire a specialist.

The plugin is easy to set up, and you can use it to collect and display reviews on your website with ease.

Over to You

There you have it, and these are currently the best-rated review plugins for WordPress that help you accumulate reviews from different platforms and display them on your website. You can find these plugins on the WordPress plugin store with ease, and as mentioned, they are easy to operate. You can use them with reassurance. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Try these plugins now, build credibility in the market and help your brand grow and prosper.
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