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Best Printers for Making Vinyl Stickers

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There is a theory called the Veblen effect which simply shows an unexplainable demand for priced commodities compared to the average or low-priced commodities or goods. While this is almost unexplainable, it is safe to say that there is an unwritten law that the mark of quality is displayed in its value, which is costly in this context. More insight into this has us see that low priced commodities/goods/services could have a spike in demand initially, however as time goes on it suddenly declines, on the other hand, has a different toll with Veblen commodities which have a mark in cost and continually experience growth in the chart.

The above theory finds application in our everyday decision, where we subconsciously place a priced object directly proportional to the mark of quality or its ability to serve well. Well, while this is almost true, for this article I will not recommend that a choice of the priced printer would signify that it would be best or ideal for your Vinyl sticker. Just like a farmer would not consider the choice 2021 Rolls Royce Phantom while picking the best automobile for his mechanized farming. I bet you get the idea.

Because the cost of a printer doesn’t validate its proficiency to serve your bespoke need, there is a greater need to research and find what is ideal to serve your purpose. below is a list of the best printers to make Vinyl stickers for that professional effect.

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5 Best Printers for Making Vinyl Stickers


This wireless inkjet printer had been considered for many reasons other than its ability to deliver a quality print. For lovers of Black and White print, this printer has a special ink tank for grayscale to make your work of art come out sharp. With its two-way paper feeder mechanism, one side can fit the most often used medium, while the other side for a thicker paper, or in this case, vinyl.

It possesses an 8-individual Dye-based ink tank that makes what you see on your computer/device the exact output as intended. The Canon PIXMA Pro 100 supports Airprint which implies you can connect with the printer from your smartphone without the installation of a driver. With the Optimum Image Generating [OIG] system that is smart enough to identify the right colour blends and ideal resolution to mirror an output from the input design.

2. HP OFFICE JET 5255.

This HP series has a user-friendly touchscreen to navigate through the settings, which makes it easy to use, considering its convenience. With its exceptional printing speed, you can conveniently print your stickers faster without hampering the place of quality. The HP Office Jet 5255 is also affordable.


This unique printer is all shade of amazing, if not for anything you would save a great dose of your ink while in the use. It is often regarded as the INKvestment Tank, as it has special internal ink storage aside from that of the cartridge to last about a year [well, it depends on your volume though] 

Asides from this unique feature, these printer series enable you to print from your device using wireless transmission. You can also never be caught unaware of your ink tank, as you can see the gauge and foresight on how many more stickers you can print before the ink goes out.


With a printer that is compatible with both the Microsoft Windows and MAC Operating System, you have fewer things to worry about. The Epson ET 2750 is one of the Epson Eco Tank printers designed for large volume yet requires low-cost printing. This printer your needs because it has a continuous ink supply. One of its unique features is that it also functions as a copier and scanner.


For my large Vinyl stickers designers, this should interest you as this printer can print up to 13-inch work of art you intend.

It has an 8 Ultra Chrome HD pigment ink that guarantees quality and professional output. 

Don’t forget, it is never about the cost of the printer, but what the printer can best do for your service.

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